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Missing Pets, Threatening Texts and an Arrest

From the Greenburgh Police: News! Greenburgh has a new police chief!  Chief John Kapica will officially retire on November 27th and Jospeh DeCarlo will take his place as the new chief.  Marijuana: Michael Ballen, age 23 of White Plains, was stopped for a traffic violation on Central Avenue on 11-19 and police detected the strong smell of marijuana coming from the car.  When the driver opened the glove box to retrieve his registration police found a clear plastic bag containing what appeared to be marijuana.  He was taken to police headquarters were he was booked, mugged, given a court date and released.

Threats: A Central Avenue resident reported that her husband has been receiving threatening emails from a man to whom he sold a 2002 Nissan Altima about a month ago. The emails claim that the car is no good and that the man is going to come to New York and settle the dispute with her, as the woman’s husband is in China and will not return for several months.

Theft: Three phones were stolen from the Verizon store on Central Avenue on 11-19. The phones were removed from their security harnesses and the suspect bypassed the sensors which are set to trigger an alarm. Thestolen items are valued at over $1,500.

Injured: Maria Tsipenyuk of East Hartsdale Avenue was found sitting on the road on Hartsdale Avenue around 6 PM on Friday November 20th. An observer thought that Ms. Tsipenyuk had been hit by a car, but the victim explained that she was trying to cross East Hartsdale Avenue when a Westside Taxi sped by her, then slammed on his brakes and caused her to fall. She was not struck by the car but did injure her knee. The cab driver returned to the scene to let the police know that he was involved.

Keyed: Lawrence Migliore of Fieldstone Circle reported that someone keyed his Mitsubishi Gallant sometime during the evening of 11/23 when it was parked at 59 Fieldstone Drive. Damage was estimated at $1,500

From the Scarsdale Police:

Arrest: A group of noisy teens were partying on Valley Road at 1 am on November 22nd and police were called to break up the party. Though most of the kids agreed to go home, one boy, who appeared to be drunk, became hostile and argumentative and refused to call his folks.  Police arrested the 18 year-old Scarsdale boy for disorderly conduct and called his parents to take him home.

Engine Running: A 2003 red Toyota Camry was found parked, unlocked, with the engine running on East Parkway around noon on 11/19.  Inside police found a purse.  The car was registered to residents on Garth Road but police were unable to reach them at home.  Around 45 minutes later, the owner returned and said she was having coffee and forgot to turn off the car or lock it. The girl was issued a ticket for leaving the car running, unattended and unlocked.

Missing Wall Street Journal: Mr. Stanley Sakellson of 5 Chateaux Circle, reported that he suspected that his neighbor, James Cemprola, had been taking his copies of the Wall Street Journal. Mrs. Cemprola claimed that she had no knowledge of the missing papers.  Mr. Cemprola called police later that day to report that he was having problems with Mr. Sakellson and that he had complained to the board of the building about ongoing noise from the apartment. He also said that he did not take the Wall Street Journal.

Missing Black Lab: Ann Galvani reported a foul odor coming from her yard on Sharon Lane on 11/16 and upon investigation police found the remains of a black lab on Popham Road.  Police investigated and found that a black lab had been reported missing on 10/31 by the Conde Family on Sherbrooke Road. Police contacted the Condes to let them know that they suspected that their dog had been found.

Injured Cat: Stanley Ryerson found a wounded cat on Crane Road on 11/16 and summoned police to stop traffic while he retrieved it to take it to the humane society. Police assisted and Mr. Ryerson corralled the cat and took it away.

Ongoing Dispute: This week, in his ongoing dispute with his neighbor, Mr. Soldatenko filed a complaint claiming that he was receiving anonymous annoyance letters.

Burglary: A home at 72 Walworth Avenue was robbed sometime during the day on November 18th.   Two laptop computers, jewelry and a video game system were taken. The house was not tossed and there were no signs of a forced entry.  Police suspect that someone with access to the house may be involved.

Party: Just after midnight on November 19th a group of teens from Scarsdale and Pelham were partying on the third floor of the Freightway Garage. Police arrived and the party broke up without an incident.

Impersonation: A Scarsdale boy came to the police station on November 19th to report that his cousin, who lives in Eastchester, was using his driver’s license. The cousin had been pulled over twice for traffic violations and the boy was wondering if he should press charges against him.

Confused: A Lyons Road resident was found lying on the corner of Boulevard and Gaylor Roads.  She suffers from Alzheimers and said she left home to escape her caretaker. Police were unable to communicate with the woman or her caretaker due to a language barrier, but they reached the woman’s daughter by phone who convinced her mother to return home.

Car Break-in
: A Claremont Road resident reported that his 2008 Mercedes Benz was entered during the night of November 21st. He had left the car unlocked in his driveway.  Thieves made away with an apple iPhone and a Sharper Image massage chair.

Threatening Text
: A Scarsdale man received a threatening text message from his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend that said “you’ll be in the ICU when I see you again.”

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