Wednesday, Aug 10th

Severe Rainstorm Causes Flooding in Scarsdale

KleinThe severe rainstorm on July 8 caused flooding, road closures and trouble for drivers and homeowners. Police, firemen and staff from the highway department set up barricades on flooded streets to prevent cars from getting stuck in deep water.

We received the photo above of a car swamped in the high school parking lot and a report of kids swimming in the flooded lot just before midnight on July 8, 2021.

Also reported were:

At 3:03 pm --Flooding on Rugby Lane where a resident thought a water main had broken – but the problem was the rain.

At 3:30 pm - A tree branch fell on a power line at the intersection of Heathcote and Post Roads

At 3:40 pm – a car flooded on Brookby Road and had to be towed away.

At 3:42 pm - a car flooded at Popham Road and Depot Place and was towed away.

At 3:50 pm – a telephone pole at 2 Weaver Street was struck by lightening.

At 3:53 pm – a car was stuck in high water at the intersection of Paddington and Fox Meadow Roads and was towed.

At 4:07 pm – Greendale Road flooded and was closed.

At 4:20 pm – the intersection of Sprague and Clarence Road flooded and the road was closed.

At 4:32 pm – a car got stuck at the intersection of Sprague and Clarence Roads.

At 5:45 pm –a bus got stuck at the same location and had to be evacuated All the passengers were driven to their destinations and the bus was towed.

At 7:45 am on July 9 – a large tree fell on the Bypass.

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