Friday, Jul 12th

Lose The Plastic Bag

Trashbin.jpeg(Submitted by the Scarsdale Conservation Advisory Council)

Reminder: Don’t Line Recycling Bins with Plastic Bags

Please place commingled recyclables LOOSE in bins.
Plastic bags should not line or be placed in recycling bins. They cannot be recycled with your recyclables and worse yet they get tangled in the recyclingequipment at Westchester's Material Recovery Facility (where our recycling is processed) which damages the equipment and causes the machinery to break and be shut down. By keeping plastic bags out of recycling bins, residents play an important role in making Scarsdale's recycling program a continued success.

What to do with plastic bags?
Scarsdale has established a plastic bag and plastic film recycling program. Residents can recycle these items by bringing them to Scarsdale's Recycling Center (110 Secor Road) which is open Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm. A list of what is considered plastic film can be found here

For more information on Scarsdale's recycling programs, visit here.