Wednesday, Jun 19th

Scarsdale Procedure Committee Seeks New Members

ScarsdadleCircular LogoThe Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC) is a non-partisan, elected group of Scarsdale residents who nominate a slate of non-partisan candidates for the offices of mayor, trustee and village justice. Each of the five elementary school neighborhoods elect six representatives to sit on the CNC for staggered terms of three years. In a CNC member’s fourth year, that member serves on the CNC’s Procedure Committee (PC). The PC is responsible for administering the procedures governing Scarsdale's non-partisan election system, including publicizing and recruiting candidates for the CNC, providing election information and administering elections, and recommending any changes to the guidelines of the CNC.

The PC is comprised of fourth year members of the CNC as well as residents who volunteer to sit on the committee. The PC invites members of the community to join and participate in Scarsdale’s non-partisan system of government. It is a wonderful way to learn more about Scarsdale form of government and to contribute. The PC will meet over the course of the next several months online. If you are interested in joining please contact Heath Sroka ( or Ralph Geer ( for more information.

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