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Give Your Feedback on the Condition of Scarsdale's Fields, Courts, Parks and Playgrounds

fieldsThough residents have been asking for field improvements, additional fields and updated recreational facilities for years, with so many sites and so many needs, it was difficult for the Village of Scarsdale and the Scarsdale Schools to assign priorities for what should be done first.

In order to get an inventory of the work that needs to be done and a wish list for improvements, Scarsdale Village and the Scarsdale School District retained consultants from CHA to thoroughly analyze the issue. Since some fields, courts, parks and playgrounds are the property of the Village and others are owned by the schools, the two entities joined forces to tackle the problem.

As a first step, CHA visited each facility, accompanied by personnel from the Village and the schools. They studied each site and did an analysis of the condition of the fields and amenities. Consultants held focus groups with village and school staff and then conducted a series of interviews with stakeholders from the independent sports organizations that use the fields as well as representatives from high school booster organization Maroon and White.

Using the feedback from those session, they created poster size aerial views of each site and identified issues on these boards so that the public could see areas that need improvement. You can see these site plans here:

On Thursday night May 23 the community was invited to the first of two public outreach sessions with the consultants. They explained that they will continue to solicit public input and use what they learn to define priorities for work on these facilities.

The large posters of each facility were placed on tables around the room – and participants were asked to use stickies and pens to mark what they feel is needed or what they would like to see improved – at each site.

For those who did attend the meeting, a google sheet has been set up online and you can use it to submit your feedback here:

Asked what some of the issues were that had already been identified, the consultants said:

Most of the field have drainage issues.

Some feel that field allocation for some sports is inadequate.

Consultants heard that there are not enough outdoor basketball courts and some would like an indoor court facility – or a gym for general indoor use.

Some sites lack amenities.

In terms of resident requests, consultants heard:

Some think the Scarsdale Middle School fields have potential to be repurposed.

People asked for equitable distribution of spending for genders and sports.

People want a clear road map to implement the changes.

The consultants said they will be looking for the most efficient uses of funding so that the most people will benefit from the work. The goal is to make a road map for work on these sites in the years to come.

Take a look at the presentation and give your input here.

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