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Girls Flag Football Team Proceeds to the Finals

FlagMahopac1Ivy Boockvar (10) leaps to evade two would-be tacklers from MahopacScarsdale and Mahopac High battled in the semifinals of the Section 1 Division 1 Girls Flag Football playoffs at Scarsdale High School on May 15, 2024. Mahopac jumped out to an early lead but the top-seeded Raiders eventually got rolling and came away with the win 31-18.

The two-time section champs continued their winning streak and will continue to the finals on May 18, 2024.

FlagMahopac2Talia Arovas (14) takes the handoff on a sweep and gains 10+ yardsThough the Raiders usually make a strong start, it wasn’t the case in the semi-final game on Wednesday May 15, 2024. Mahopac got the ball first and despite forcing them to third downs, the away team went up first with a touchdown, but a failed extra point. This early dominance by Mahopac continued on their first drive defensively. On the first play, they forced the Raiders to throw an interception and had great field position. As a result, they scored another touchdown but failed to get the extra point again. The score at this point was 12-0 and Mahopac was in control, but the Raiders had other plans.

FlagMahopac3Naomi Fischer (5) breaks free and goes all the way for a touchdown

The offense was slowly moving up the field where they got around the mid-field right before the momentum of the game shifted. Boockvar threw a screen pass to #5 Naomi Fischer who ran 40 yards to the endzone. They failed to get the extra point making the score 12-6. Back on defense, the Raiders started off strong with some key tackles by #2 Asen, but it wasn’t enough to stop Mahopac from getting another touchdown. However, for the third time Scarsdale contained the extra point making the score 18-6.

FlagMahopac4Talia Arovas (14) and Brady Silberfein (11), help Naomi Fischer (5) celebrate her touchdown

The next drive for the Raiders was by far their most interesting when Boockvar became a receiver and #4 Lilly Tessler became quarterback. Tessler was able to find Boockvar for a 20 yard pass and a pass interference was called on the defense. After this, Boockvar returned to quarterback and Tessler to receiver. The drive ended with Boockvar finding Asen for a 10 yard touchdown pass, but failing the extra point. The score was 18-12 and the Raiders were coming back.

The rest of the first half consisted of strong defense from both sides as Scarsdale’s Asen, #7 Yuri Sato and #19 Leah Brown tackled almost every play the Mahopac offense ran. The clock wound down and it was halftime. Despite mistakes early on, the Raiders looked like the better team and the second half would prove that.

The Raiders offense started with the ball and got off to a hot start. The team decided to continue their dual strategy where Boockvar would pass to Tessler and vice-versa. Boockvar had two long scrambles that resulted in the team getting to the goal line. To finish the drive, she connected with Asen for a short touchdown pass, but they weren’t able to take the lead due to failing the extra point again. The score was all tied up 18-18 and the cushion Mahopac had was gone.

FlagMahopac5Emilia Gomez (6) and Yuri Sato (7) make a valiant effort to grab the flag from a Mahopac runner

Mahopac was moving quickly down the field and it looked like they were going to score, but the defense was able to contain every run play at goal line. As a result, it was a turnover on downs and the defense held Mahopac from a touchdown by only a few yards. The offense finally had a chance to take the lead. Due to a few screen passes to Asen, the offense was able to get into the red zone. Boockvar scrambled for ten yards to get the touchdown and finally succeeded in the extra point, due to #11 Brady Silberfein making the score 18-25.

FlagMahopac6Lilly Tessler (4) evades getting her flagged pulled and makes a jump pass

The defense continued to hold the line where they forced a turnover on downs and it was clear that the game was almost guaranteed to go the Raiders. The Raiders were able to capitalize when Boockvar had a 20 yard touchdown pass to #12 Sekana Slivjanovski, making the score 18-31.

AsenGianna Asen (2) is all smiles after scoring a touchdown 

FlagMahopac7Brady Silberfein (11) fights for additional yards

The game ended with #18 Reese Newman intercepting the Mahopac quarterback in a good representation of defensive dominance. Time ran out and with a final score of 18-31, Scarsdale is going to the Section 1 Finals for the third consecutive time.

Scarsdale next plays New Rochelle in the finals on Saturday, May 18 at Lakeland High School in Shrub Oak. 

(Update) The Raiders proceeded to the section final against New Rochelle at Lakeland High School where they again triumphed 21-8. The Raiders utilized Boockvar and Tessler at quarterback and when one of them wasn’t throwing, they were catching. Scarsdale was up 21-2 for much of the second half. When New Rochelle finally put a touchdown up late in the second half, it was too little too late. The Raiders now move on to the regional finals where they will play at Hendrick Hudson High School against Brewster High School. Game time is at 5 pm on May 23. If Scarsdale wins regionals, they will go on to the state finals and play in Cortland.

Photos by Dave Taber of Shots of the Game
To see more game photos and/or download photos, please click here

flagMahopac10Emilia Gomez (6) and Leah Brown (19) fight to get the flag of a tough Mahopac runner

 FlagMahopac11Chloe Paquin (9) gains additional yards after making a reception

FlagMahopac8Ivy Boockvar (10) leaps and makes a great catch

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