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Police Report: Drivers Arrested, Drunk Driver Flips Pick Up Truck and BMW Stolen

escaladeArrested : On Jan. 16, police observed a 2015 Prius travel on Mamaroneck Road with both front and back license plate obscured. Police conducted a traffic stop and checked the driver’s credentials. They learned the driver did not have a valid license. Police arrested the driver – Carina Susana Veloso, 45, of Tolland, CT, on charges of operation of a motor vehicle with obstructed vision, two registration plate display violations, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, and operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver. Veloso was released on her own recognizance and ordered to appear at Village Justice Court later that day.

On Jan. 16, police observed a 2010 Honda Civic on Depot Place operating with a fake temporary Georgia tag. Police conducted a traffic stop and also discovered that the driver’s license was fraudulent. Police arrested the driver – Jeremy C. Benites, 19, of Yonkers – on charges of second-degree possession of a forged instrument, operation of a motor vehicle with improper plates and operation of a motor vehicle without insurance. He was released on his own recognizance and ordered to appear at Village Justice Court later that day.

On Jan. 21, around 4:45 a.m., police were dispatched to Post Road and Lorraine Place on a report of an overturned car. There, they found a 2003 Cadillac Escalade pickup truck resting on its side, in the roadway after striking a tree. Several other drivers stopped and assisted the driver self extricate the vehicle in a stable condition. Firefighters stabilized the car with step chocks, cleaned up spilled oils in roadway and opened the car’s hood latch to disconnect the battery. Police impounded the car and arrested the driver – Jose R. Costa, 51, of Tuckahoe – on charges of first-degree driving while intoxicated, moving from a lane unsafely and operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of more than .08 of one percent.

Mail theft
On Jan. 19, a sticky substance was found on mail slots of three public mailboxes – at Nelson Road and Boulevard, at Brewster Road and Huntington Avenue and on Depot Place. The substance indicated that glue traps had recently been used to fish out mail, a tactic used by criminals engaged in “check washing.” Police informed the Postal Inspector about the incidents. As mail fraud and check washing is becoming a prevalent crime, police are urging the public to send their mail from the secure inside collection windows of the post office.

Stolen cars
On Jan. 20, a Wynmor Road resident reported his 2022 BMW X5, valued at $60,000, was stolen from his driveway. The owner said the car had been left unlocked with the key inside.

A Honda Civic, reported as stolen, was recovered on Wynmor Road Jan. 20. It was found with the windows open and personal items inside. It had been reported as being stolen out of Connecticut. It was towed to the police impound lot. Police contacted police in the reporting jurisdiction and the car was recovered.

On Jan. 17, a Chase Road storeowner reported that a $375 belt and buckle had been stolen from the store on Jan. 14.

On Jan. 18, a driver reported the emblem from his Subaru had been stolen from his car while it was parked in the Christie Place garage. The grille was cracked, but no pry marks were evident.

Identity theft
On Jan. 18, a Myrtledale Road woman reported that an unknown person withdrew $60 from her account. She also reported it to her bank.

On Jan. 19, a caller reported her debit card had been stolen and funds totaling $2,000 were taken from her account approximately 15 minutes ago in the past.

Bank fraud
On Jan. 21, a Madison Road man advised that a person cashed checks against his checking account without his knowledge or permission Jan. 21. The total of the fraudulent checks was $2,500. In addition, the man reported fraudulent activity on his Capital One account.

Domestic matter
On Jan. 21, a woman reported that a woman who was a friend of her ex-boyfriend was following her. She went into a Carman Road church and saw the woman inside; so she called the police. Police spoke with the accused woman, and she said she neither knew the woman nor her ex-boyfriend. Church staff confirmed the woman was there to speak with them.

A Paddington Road woman reported a man wearing a reflective yellow vest knocked on her door and advised he was from Con Edison Jan. 18. He said he wanted to perform a task that would take 45 minutes. She did not let him in, and he continued on his way. She called police.

A Village Center business owner called police to report that she saw a man in the Village who has a reputation of becoming aggressive Jan. 18. Police went to the scene but did not find a man matching the description.

A Griffen Avenue resident reported seeing two individuals on his rear deck, via a security camera. Patrol contacted Town of Mamaroneck police, who said that they were investigating a confirmed burglary at a nearby Murdock Woods address. Both jurisdictions are investigating.

A car with a woman and two children pulled into a Cooper Road driveway, and the homeowner called police Jan. 19. The driver said she was picking up her mother, who worked as a home health aide, and she inadvertently entered the wrong driveway because of inclement weather.

A man dressed in gray, holding a brown paper bag, was reported to be “pacing back and forth suspiciously” on Fairview Road Jan. 21. Police went to the scene and did not find the man.

Police noticed a woman searching for her car on East Parkway, while also showing signs of intoxication Jan. 18. Police seized the woman’s car keys and gave her a courtesy ride home.

An Edgewood man reported his intoxicated wife was trying to move her car Jan. 20. Police arrived on scene and convinced the woman to allow her husband to move her car for her and give him the keys for the night.

Cars and roadways
On Jan. 16, police called a tow for a disabled car at Post and Crane roads.

A man with a hoodie reported to be walking on Ardmore and Carthage roads was waiting for a Lyft, he told police, Jan. 16.

On Jan. 16, police issued summonses to a 29-year-old New Jersey driver for an uninspected motor vehicle and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, following a traffic stop on Post Road.

Tire marks on a Fox Meadow Road lawn and related damage to a stonewall indicated a car accident had taken place at that location.

Police notified the highway department about two potholes on Popham Road Jan. 17.

On Jan. 17, police conducted a traffic stop of an electric motorcycle near Bypass and Weaver Street and issued the 31-year-old White Plains driver summonses for an uninspected motor vehicle, an unregistered motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, a motorcycle face shield violation, two on a seat for one motorcycle violation, a motorcycle helmet violation and a registered plate display violation.

A Fox Meadow Road woman complained that construction workers parked their van in front of her house Jan. 18. Police informed the workers, and they said they would no longer park in that location, as a courtesy.
Police asked construction workers to remove a six-inch spike found on Greenacres Avenue, near their work site, Jan. 18.

Patrol provided traffic control for a motorist with a flat tire at Post and Mamaroneck roads.

Police collected road signs from a previous road closure at Stratton Road and Carthage Lane and placed them in a patrol car to return to the highway department Jan. 19.

Police taped of a flooded area of Sprague Road Jan. 19.

Police notified Con Edison about a fallen wire at Popham and Post roads, and then realized it was a metal support cable, and not a fallen wire Jan 20. Police secured the wire and updated Con Edison.

Police assisted a driver with a disabled car at Mamaroneck and Murray Hill roads Jan. 20.

On Jan. 21, police were conducting traffic enforcement and saw a 2021 Honda HRV speed by on Post Road. They conducted a traffic stop and issued the 32-year-old White Plains driver summonses for operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and speeding.

A driver partially parked in front of a Gaylor Road driveway Jan. 22. Police advised the driver to move her car. She apologized. Police will step up parking enforcement in the area.

Police responded to a Secor Road parking lot to check on a driver with a disabled car, at the request of the driver’s brother, Jan. 22.

Four car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

A wild deer was reported to be running loose on Morris Lane and Heathcote Road Jan. 19.

A Rectory Lane woman reported a sick raccoon on her back porch Jan. 20. Police arrived and noted that the raccoon was dead. The woman said she had already contacted a trapper to remove the animal’s carcass.

A leashed dog chased after a rabbit and ended up loose in the street in the area of Wayside Lane and Carstensen Road Jan. 20. The owner successfully retrieved the dog.

Village code
Police informed a tree-cutting service that it could not perform work prior to designated hours in the Village Jan. 16.

On Jan. 16, police dispersed a group of kids from closed Huntington Avenue fields.

Police removed an illegally posted sign at Mamaroneck Road and Palmer Avenue and discarded it.

Someone disposed of a black trash bag filled with garbage near a recreation department site on Mamaroneck Road, in violation of Village code, Jan. 17.

On Jan. 21, police advised a homeowner that a posted sign on their Mamaroneck Road property was in violated of Village code.

Police advised a Wayside Lane resident that neighbors complained of noise coming from the house Jan. 21. The resident advised he would lower the volume and close his doors and windows.

Lost and found
A wallet was found on East Parkway and brought into a bank Jan. 20. A bank employee informed police. Police were able to connect the wallet with its owner, who had called police to report the wallet missing. The owner said he could only pick up the wallet after five days.

A generator and two lawnmowers in a Potter Road garage were leaking gasoline and causing an odor, although there was no evidence of pooling gasoline, Jan. 19. Firefighters moved the equipment outside and recommending calling for service.

Grease caught fire in a cooking pan in a Stratton Road kitchen Jan. 18. The resident extinguished the fire before firefighters arrived.

Firefighters advised a Hillview Drive resident to open windows to alleviate a skunk odor inside the house Jan. 19.

Firefighters assisted at a three-car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway Jan. 19. On occupant was transported to White Plains Hospital. All others refused medical attention.

Firefighters advised a Weaver Street resident to open windows to alleviate a “rotten egg” odor, caused by floor refinishing chemicals, inside the resident’s apartment Jan. 19.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident at Mamaroneck and Post roads Jan. 21.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway Jan. 21. Injured occupants were taken to the hospital.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 16 – 22 has been compiled from official information.

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