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fall5On Friday, Nov. 20, Westchester County police received 911 calls starting at 4:31 p.m. reporting an oil sheen and strong odor on the Bronx River near Harney Road. Patrol officers and members of the WCPD Special Operations Division responded and confirmed there was a noxious substance in the water resembling home heating oil. WCPD officers deployed containment booms in an effort to keep the spill confined to its area of origin and prevent oil from going further downstream. Eastchester officials and neighboring jurisdictions were notified as a precaution. By 5 p.m., the Eastchester fire department and Eastchester highway department were on scene. EFD members placed additional containment booms in the river. Town officials traced the source of the leak to a building on Garth Road that had received a heating oil delivery earlier in the day. EFD requested mutual aid assistance from Yonkers FD with deploying even more containment booms. At 7:50 p.m., a Department of Environmental Conservation response team was on site and took responsibility for the cleanup and the follow-up investigation. The State brought in a private contractor to conduct cleanup work. WCPD personnel cleared the scene a short time later.

Robbery at Central Avenue Shell Station
Greenburgh Police report a clerk at the Shell Station was assaulted and the station was robbed at around 9 pm on Thursday night November 19, 2020. The clerk told police that two males entered the store, went behind the counter and repeatedly struck him in the face as they forced him towards the back room. The suspects then pulled the cash register off the counter and broke it and took approximately $500 in cash. The left the store and ran south on Central Avenue. One of the suspects kept his hand in his pocket “as if he had a weapon,” though none was displayed.

Greenburgh and Westchester County Police and a K9 unit arrived and treated the victim. An investigation by the Greenburgh Police results in the arrest of two suspects, ages 16 and 17, in New York City. Both were charged with robbery and criminal mischief in the second degrees and send to Woodfield Cottage Juvenile Detention Facility pending future court dates.

Missing package
On Nov. 18, a Post Road woman reported that she never received a package that was supposedly delivered in October. She believes the package was stolen.

Car break-in
A Cooper Road resident reported an unlocked car in her driveway had been unlawfully entered and rummaged through overnight Nov 21 into the morning of Nov. 22.

Identity theft
On Nov. 17, after receiving a bank debit card for the payment of unemployment benefits in the mail, a Tunstall Road resident discovered someone had fraudulently applied for unemployment compensation from the State of Ohio in her name.

On Nov. 20, a Franklin Road woman reported she received a letter, addressed to her using her maiden name, regarding her eligibility for unemployment benefits. Since she did not remember filing for unemployment, she believed the letter indicated that her identity had possibly been compromised. She needed a policed report for her identity protection service agency to follow up.

On Nov. 20, a Wynmor Road woman reported someone fraudulently opened a motorcycle insurance policy in her name.

On Nov. 21, a Fox Meadow Road resident reported someone fraudulently filed for unemployment benefits in his name.

Online scam attempt
On Nov. 22, a Madison Road man reported he engaged in an online video chat with a subject he met through social media and that the subject is now requesting money from him. The man said the subject is unknown to him outside of social media and he has since blocked the subject’s accounts.

Consumer fraud
A Fox Meadow Road resident received a package containing a watch that he did not order Nov. 17. The resident contacted the vendor and was in the process of correcting the matter and canceling the order. Police advised the resident to alert the credit bureaus because of possible identity theft.

On Nov. 22, A Bradford Road resident reported people in cars have been hanging out on the street in front of an empty lot. Police suggested the resident could install spotlights to deter people from loitering. Ridebys of the street will be increased.

On Nov. 17, a man rang the doorbell of a Springdale Road house looking to serve legal papers to a person who did not live at the house. Police arrived on scene after the homeowner called asking for help because she found the situation suspicious. Police spoke with the process server and the lawyer responsible for the papers, and it was determined that the papers contained incorrect pedigree information.

A person called Scarsdale police asking for medical help Nov. 18. The person, however, was located in Eastchester and had refused help from Eastchester police and Eastchester EMS. Scarsdale police reached out to Eastchester police to assist.

Blue bag
A caller reported seeing a blue bag, containing what she believed to be clothing, in a wooded area off Greendale Road Nov. 18. Police investigated and found the described blue bag. It contained trash and was discarded.

Unknown substance
On Nov. 21, patrol responded to the Scarsdale train station to assist MTA police with an investigation of an unknown substance. MTA investigation experts arrived on scene and concluded that the substance was ammonium sulfate, which does not pose any harm to the public. MTA police removed the substance with water.

A Boulevard resident reported s group of young adults approached his house, banged on a window and ran away, fleeing via a small SUV, possibly a Ford Escape, Nov. 21.

Locked in
A Cayuga Road father called police after his car’s locking mechanism accidentally locked all car doors with the key and his child locked inside Nov. 21. Police and firefighters arrived, and firefighters used hand tools to open the car door. The child was in good health but crying. Medical attention was declined.

Missing bicycle
On Nov. 21, a Brittany Close caller reported that a white male, approximately 17 years old wearing a jacket and a mask, knocked on her front door inquiring about his bike which he said had been left on her property. When the caller advised she knew nothing about the bike, the male left the scene and got into a black Audi. The Audi was last seen turning onto Barker Road.

On Nov. 21, a caller advised that she was almost struck by a car while crossing Drake Road in the crosswalk. The caller said she was not injured in any way. Patrol informed her that because the violation was not observed by patrol, a summons could not be issued. Shortly thereafter the driver of the car contacted the police desk to address this incident. The driver said she did not see the pedestrian crossing at the time she drove through the crosswalk. She advised that she apologized to the pedestrian multiple times on scene and that her actions were neither malicious nor intentional. Patrol spoke further with her about the importance of being aware of pedestrian crosswalks going forward. The operator understood and said she will be more cautious in the future.

Bicyclist hit
On Nov. 21, police received a report of a bicyclist hit by a truck at Butler and Fox Meadow roads. Witnesses said that after the collision the driver picked the bicyclist off of the ground and placed him in his truck. The driver then put the bike in the back of his truck and proceeded to travel south on Paddington Road. The witnesses were unable to provide the vehicle's license plate, but stated it was a navy blue pickup truck. Witnesses identified the driver and the bicyclist as “adult men.” Witnesses said the bicyclist did not appear to have any visible injuries. White Plains Hospital, Lawrence Hospital and Westchester County Medical Center were contacted to see if anyone fitting the description or mechanism of injury was present at the hospital, but none were.

Cars and roadways
A stop sign fell over during stormy weather on Swarthmore Road Nov. 16. Police put up a temporary stop sign and notified the highway department for repair. Police directed traffic around a trailer unloading a car on Mamaroneck Road Nov. 16.

Police notified Con Edison about a sparking wire on Eton Road and stood by for Con Edison Nov. 16.

Patrol blocked off River Road so highway workers could safely remove an abundance of leaves Nov. 16.

Police stood by on East Parkway and Popham Road while the driver of a disabled car waited for a tow Nov. 17.

After a TV was reported by the side of the road, police advised a Crane Road resident that televisions could not be placed on the curb for sanitation pickup Nov. 18.

On Nov. 19, police contacted Verizon about a coiled wire on Brite Avenue.

On Nov. 20, police helped a driver move a disabled car from Post Road onto Sherbrooke Road so the driver could safely wait for a tow.

On Nov. 20, police contacted Verizon about a fallen wire on Hamilton Road.

Police tightened a loose sewer cap on Hamilton Road Nov. 21.

Civil matter
On Nov. 20, a Gaylor Road resident reported a licensed plumber did some work for her but was not satisfied with the $500 she paid him, causing him to “aggressively snatch the money out of her hand.” The resident felt the plumber might come back because no receipt was given for the cash payment. The resident further stated that she was paying the plumber $500 on behalf of her friend, who had her water pressure checked out by him at her residence in Queens, NY, on Nov. 19. The resident said the agreement was to fix the water pressure in her building for $1,500. She advised that the plumber diagnosed the issue and deemed the City would have to grant him access to clear the corrosion causing the blockage. The plumber then responded to Gaylor Road to collect payment. The resident reiterated that she believes the plumber may return to collect the rest of the money, and she said she further believes the plumber is not owed the money due to the job not being completed. Police advised the resident that it was a civil matter.

Village code
Police issued a summons to a Black Birch Lane resident and a Thornwood Place resident because of a leaf piles blocking fire hydrants in front of the residents’ houses Nov. 17.

A Greenacres Avenue resident was issued a summons for a leaf pile placed in violation of Village code Nov. 17. The leaf pile was placed in a location that blocked visibility at a three-way intersection.

After neighbors complained of noise after dark, Nov. 17, an Aspen Road man was advised to stop splitting wood outdoors with an ax at that time of the night. The man stopped chopping wood and went inside.

Police issued a summons to a landscaper making very large leaf piles on Innes Road that were blocking storm drains Nov. 18.

On Nov. 19, police issued a summons to a Walworth Avenue homeowner who was responsible for a large pile of leaves obstructing traffic in the roadway. The leaf pile was described as measuring 15 feet long and three feet high, and it reportedly extended into the roadway by five feet.

At 8 a.m., Nov. 21, a contractor was issued a summons for using power tools before 10 a.m. on a weekend.

Police dispersed kids from Edgewood School grounds after dark Nov. 21.

A Sycamore Road homeowner turned off loud music at 1 a.m., Nov. 22, after police reported neighbors had complained about noise.

On Nov. 22, policed issued a summons to a Brite Avenue homeowner for a leaf pile that blocked an entire lane of traffic on the street. It reportedly measured over 25 feet in length and four feet in height, and it extended into the roadway by approximately six feet.

Lost and found
On Nov. 16, a Shawnee Road woman reported losing her passport and marriage license in a rental car that she already returned.

On Nov. 18, a Weaver Street resident reported losing his driver’s license somewhere in the Village. He last saw it during the first week of November.

A damaged Apple iPhone was found on Post Road Nov. 20.

Police picked up an abandoned Huffy bicycle with two flat tires from Greendale Road Nov. 21, after a caller had reported seeing it there “for days.”

Patrol returned a lost license plate to its owner after finding it on Sprague Road and correctly identifying the owner using database information Nov. 21.

On Nov. 16, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Firefighters stood by at the site of a sparking electrical wire on Eton Road, while waiting for Con Edison to arrive Nov. 16.

Firefighters examined an electrical issue with a stove and lights in a Ridgecrest West kitchen Nov. 19. Con Edison also examined the situation and advised the homeowner to contact an electrician.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway Nov. 19.

A White Birch Lane resident reported accidentally leaving his car running in his garage for three hours Nov. 20. The resident was outside his house, with a nanny and his three children when firefighters arrived. Carbon monoxide was detected inside the house. Firefighters ventilated the house until air quality returned to normal. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps checked the family to make sure everyone was OK.

On Nov. 20, firefighters helped check Murray Hill Road houses after a gas leak was detected on the street. All houses were clear of gas.

Firefighters opened the door to a Hampton Road bathroom to free a child who accidentally got locked inside the bathroom Nov. 21.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 16-22 has been compiled from official information.

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BraytonRoadA tree fell on Brayton Road during a strong storm on Sunday night November 15. Photo credit Dawn Knief.Dangerous leaf piles: This week, police issued at least 10 summonses to residents who were responsible for large and obstructive piles of leaves in the street. These summonses were issues when the leaf piles were placed in such a way that they obstructed traffic flow, blocked visibility in a roadway curve, blocked access to a fire hydrant or impeded the flow of water into a street catch basin. Starting on Oct. 9. The highway department was notified, for cleanup, about leaves that had been placed on Cushman Road, Greenacres Avenue and Oxford Road. Warnings and summons were issued, as appropriate. Highway department cleanup and Village code enforcement continued for leaf piles blocking traffic lanes on Wheelock Road and Black Birch Lane Nov. 10, Birchall Drive and Colonial Drive Nov. 11 and Kensington and Garden roads Nov. 15.

Interrupted burglary near Eastchester border
On Nov. 14, around 4:30 p.m., Eastchester police requested assistance on Grand Boulevard, to investigate the report of a person in a resident’s backyard and an interrupted burglary. Scarsdale police assisted Eastchester police in canvassing the area for the two suspects, described as black men, dressed in black and approximately 5'5” and 5'6” tall. The suspects reportedly fled on foot toward Lee Road. The canvass yielded negative results. Eastchester police remained on scene to investigate.

Identity theft
On Nov. 10, a Fox Meadow Road man reported that he received two shipments of items he had not ordered via FedEx – a Samsung phone and a security camera. After speaking to the vendor, the man learned someone had opened a credit account in his name on Nov. 1 and purchased the items. After learning of the fraud, the vendor stated the account would be closed and the charges would be cancelled, following the return of the items.

On Nov. 12, a Heathcote Road resident reported someone had attempted to open a fraudulent account in his name. It did not go through, however, because the bank flagged it as suspicious.

On Nov. 12, an Olmsted Road resident reported someone had filed for fraudulent unemployment assistance, using the resident’s personal information.

Check fraud
An Archer Lane woman reported her bank informed her that a forged check had been written against her account in the amount of $3,000 Nov. 10. According to investigation, it was one of three checks that had been removed from the woman’s possession.

Domestic matter
A Fox Meadow man called police because his adult son, who had moved out, returned to the man’s house and requested to stay there for the night Nov. 10. The man said the son was not welcome to stay at the house. The son left without incident after police arrived and said he would stay with a friend in New York City. Police provided a courtesy ride to the train station.

A Circle Road resident reported that his contractor sent messages that the resident felt were threatening Nov. 14. The contractor and resident were having a dispute over renovation work performed on the resident’s property. The resident told police he advised the contractor to cease communication and to stay away from the property.

A caller advised of a large gathering of people and vehicles in a Mamaroneck Road parking lot exchanging food items from their cars Nov. 10. Upon arrival, patrol observed a soccer clinic underway at Crossway fields. Patrol did not observe any exchange of food and was unable to determine if the alleged food had been sold or if had merely been shared and consumed by the parents of the soccer players.

Missing person
After a White Plains woman with dementia was reported missing from her home in White Plains, she was found by Scarsdale police on East Parkway Nov. 9. It seemed that she had wandered from White Plains in the direction of a family member’s house in Scarsdale. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps checked her condition and she refused further medical attention. A family member picked her up.

Masks and social distancing
Police spoke to the manager of the youth soccer program about reminding kids to wear masks while playing on the field Nov. 9. The manager said he was aware of the mandate, but he also said he understood that the mandate included additional language stating that kids who could not tolerate wearing masks while playing were permitted to remove masks.

A neighbor reported a large and possibly unsafe gathering on Brewster Road Nov. 14. Police spoke with the hostess and advised her she must adhere to NYS and local guidelines governing public activity during the current pandemic. She told police she understood and would end the gathering.

Police reminded a Catherine Road homeowner of pandemic restrictions and public health guidelines after a caller complained about a gathering at the homeowner’s address Nov. 15.

Neighbors on Meadow and Bradford roads reported being engaged in a dispute about noise from work being conducted at one of the properties, possibly outside allowed hours, Nov. 9. Police provided Village code information and advised the neighbors to abide by code and contact police should enforcement be necessary.
On Nov. 11, the Meadow Road neighbor reported that her Bradford Road neighbor was bothering workers on her property.

Cars and roadways
Fifteen construction vehicles were parked on Park and Oxford roads, blocking one lane of traffic, and two landscaping trucks were parked blocking traffic on Cooper Road Nov. 9. Police asked the drivers to move their vehicles, and the drivers did so without complication.

On Tuesday November 10 at 7:59 am, a 17 year old girl in a new jeep was blinded by the sun while driving on Ogden Road. She struck a parked 2012 Toyota and the Jeep flipped over and landed on its roof. The Toyota was pushed into an Ogden Road driveway.

Con Edison was notified about a large frayed wires hanging above Brewster and Kingston Roads Nov. 9.

Responding to a notice from the highway department, a Harvest Drive resident claimed yard debris in front of his property did not belong to him, but rather to his neighbor, Nov. 9. The neighbor said the debris did not come from his property either, but he would ask his landscaper to remove it.

Parked cars were blocking traffic at Park and Mamaroneck roads Nov. 10 and 11. Police asked the drivers to move their cars.

A commercial-style washing machine was dumped by the side of Greenacres Avenue and Fountain Terrace Nov. 11. Police asked highway workers to remove it. Extra ridebys will be conducted to dissuade future dumping.

On Nov. 11, a car with a CT license plate was found parked and unoccupied in a private parking lot on Heathcote Road. Police left a message for the owner of the car, instructing the owner to move the car.

A Meadow Road resident reported a car drove over her lawn and moved rocks into the roadway Nov. 11. Police cleaned up the rocks.

Highway workers removed a fallen tree from Wayside Lane Nov. 11.

A car ran out of gas on Weaver Street Nov. 11. Police stood by until the driver’s husband brought gasoline to the scene to refuel the car.

Patrol removed a fallen branch from Wayside Lane Nov. 12.

A “Slow Children” sign had been placed on Brookby Road and stabilized with rocks Nov. 12. Police advised the owner of the sign that she could not place the sign in the roadway, and it was moved onto the sidewalk.

A White Plains woman left a disabled car on Montrose Road on Oct. 17. On Nov. 12, police contacted her and asked he to move the vehicle. She first said she could not have it towed due to financial problems. Police advised her the car was in violation of public parking rules and it could be impounded, which would be more expensive. At that point, she elected to have the car towed to a mechanic’s shop in Yonkers.

On Nov. 14, police directed traffic around a broken-down car at Popham Road and Scarsdale Avenue, while the driver waited for a tow truck to arrive.

Patrol removed a fallen branch from Greendale Road Nov. 15.

Con Edison was notified about a leaning utility pole at Heathcote Road and Weaver Street, and the highway department was notified about a fallen tree on Autenreith Road Nov. 15.

Three car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

Civil matter
On Nov. 11, an Overhill Road business owner alleged that an employee who was in the process of being terminated had exported the company’s email mailing list for personal use. The owner believes that the employee intends to open a similar business and will solicit by utilizing the contact list. Police advised the owner to contact her attorney to investigate the alleged breach of contract.

Village code
Power equipment was being used on Dolma Road before 10 a.m. on a holiday, Nov. 11, and water was being illegally pumped into the street at the same house. Police issued summonses for the violations.

Following up on a noise complaint, police encountered youth on bicycles at Edgewood School grounds after dark Nov. 14. Police asked the kids to leave the area, and they rode away on their bikes.

On Nov. 9, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On Nov. 10, firefighters were dispatched to a Lyons Road house for a reported water problem and a possible gas odor. Firefighters shut the water and gas connections to a leaking hot water heater, drained the tank and advised the homeowner to call a plumber. There was no gas or carbon monoxide detected in the air of the house, as per firefighters’ readings.

On Nov. 11, an overheated motor in a residential sewage ejector pump caused smoke to collect in a Circle Road basement. Firefighters ventilated the structure and checked the structure for elevated carbon monoxide levels. Air quality was found to be good. Investigation showed that the circuit breaker for the sewage ejector pump had tripped at some point during the event, and an unrelated circuit on the first floor was also tripped for unknown reasons. The homeowner was advised to refrain from using the equipment until it could be serviced.

On Nov. 11, an unknown odor was reported in a Fox Meadow Road basement. Firefighters found a slight mechanical odor in the laundry room, possibly coming from the dryer. After Con Edison ruled out any gas leaks, the homeowner was advised to call an electrician.

On Nov. 11. Firefighters assisted at a rollover car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 9-15 has been compiled from official information.

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blacklivesmatterStolen signs: On Oct. 27, an Old Orchard Lane resident reported that someone stole two political signs from his yard. The signs were for the Biden/Harris campaign, and the resident said he had purchased them.

On Oct. 28, a Church Lane woman reported two Black Lives Matter signs had been stolen from her yard.

On Oct. 31, a Stonehouse Road woman reported that she saw a woman walk onto her lawn and remove a Trump/Pence sign from her yard. The suspect was described as a woman in her 20s with light-colored hair, wearing a blue jacket. The suspect was reported to have placed the sign into the back of a newer-model black pickup truck and then leave the area by bicycle with another young woman. Police went to the packing lot where the pickup truck was last observed, but it was no longer there. The Stonehouse Road woman said she wished to press charges against the woman who stole her political sign, if police were able to find the woman.

Identity theft
On Oct. 26, a Huntington Avenue woman reported her Social Security number and name had been used by a person to obtain a fraudulent Small Business Administration loan in her name. The SBA was alerted.

On Oct. 27, a Meadow Road woman reported that someone used her identifying information to attempt to open a fraudulent Citibank credit card in the woman’s name.
On Oct. 29, a Richelieu Road woman reported that someone attempted to change the password on her online banking account without her permission.

Property sale
Police were called to investigate a possible property sale, being conducted out of the back of a BMW with NJ license plates, at Fox Meadow and Paddington roads Oct. 31. After speaking with the driver, police learned that resident had purchased sneakers online, and the driver was delivering them.

Suspicious call
A Brite Avenue man received a voicemail in which the caller stated he was a Covid-19 contact tracer Oct. 26. In the voicemail, the caller alleged that one of his customer’s tested positive for Covid-19, and the Brite Avenue man’s business should be closed. Follow-up with both the Westchester County department of health and the New York State department of health indicated no record of the alert. Therefore, the man was allowed to continue open operation of his business.

Civil matter
On Oct. 27, police were called to intervene in a dispute that two Harvest Drive neighbors were having over trees and plants on the property line. Police advised them to cease direct and indirect communication over the matter and to seek to handle it through the proper Village offices or civil court.

On Oct. 29, a Meadow Road woman reported she was having an ongoing issue with a Bradford Road neighbor who kept “bothering workers” on her property. Police interview determined that neither party actually crossed the property line and stepped onto the other person’s property. Police informed the woman that it was a civil matter and not a police matter because no crime had been committed. Police advised the parties to cease direct and indirect communication over the matter and to seek to handle it through the proper Village offices or civil court.

Cars and roadways
On Oct. 27, a driver ran out of gas at Post and Burgess roads. Police stood by and directed traffic while the driver waited for a tow service provider to arrive on scene and provide gasoline for refilling.

A car was parked in obstruction of a Putnam Road driveway, and police asked the driver to move it Oct. 27.

On Oct. 27, police straightened a metal identification rod attached to a fire hydrant on Hampton Road, after a passerby complained that the rod had fallen down and was obstructing pedestrians’ safety when walking on the sidewalk.

On Oct. 28, a witness reported seeing a white pickup truck with a empty trailer back into a street sign at the intersection of Garden and Oxford roads. The street sign fell over, and a passenger of the truck picked it up and removed it from the roadway.

Police moved a large pile of brush to the side of Heathcote Road and removed a trashcan from Fenimore Road to eliminate roadway obstructions Oct. 28.

A caller reported that his car was struck by a white pickup truck on Heathcote Road, which then left the scene, Oct. 30.

Police stood by until a disabled car was removed from Post Road by a tow Oct. 31.
A driver got out of her car at the intersection of Post and Heathcote roads to check if something was wrong with her driver’s side tire Oct. 31. When she tried to get back in her car, she realized she was locked out of her car, and the engine was running. Another driver called police for her, as a courtesy. Police called a tow truck company to help her unlock her car door and get back in the car to drive it away.

A Brite Avenue resident reported an unknown car was parked in her driveway Nov. 1. Police spoke with the driver, and the driver said he had accidentally arrived at the wrong address to perform scheduled work. He checked for the correct address and left the resident’s driveway.

People checking in kids for Scarsdale Little League on Mamaroneck Road placed a card table in the street Nov. 1. Police asked the people to move the table to the sidewalk.

On Nov. 1, Greenburgh police asked Scarsdale police to help locate the registered owner of a car involved in a hit-and-run accident in their jurisdiction. Police went to the house of the registered owner and observed recent damage to the car parked in the driveway. A language barrier prevented police from speaking with the elderly registered owner. Police spoke with the registered owner’s son by phone, and he said he would convey the message to his mother and assist her with contacting Greenburgh police.

A driver got a flat tire on Post Road Nov. 1. Police helped the driver move her rental car to the Village Hall parking lot to safely wait for a tow. Four hours later, the driver called police again to say she was still waiting for the tow truck. Eventually, the tow arrived, and the driver took a taxi to the rental car location.
Three car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

Noise complaints
On Oct. 27, a Crane Road homeowner complained about an unknown loud noise coming from an unknown source. Upon arrival, patrol could hear a leaf blower in use on a neighboring property. The homeowner insisted that the sound was not that of a leaf blower, so patrol circled the block and took a photo of landscapers working, to show the homeowner. Patrol advised the homeowner that leaf blowers and construction equipment are allowed to be used during the day and that the noise was not a village code violation.

A complaint of noise from a youth gathering on Garden Road was received on Oct. 30. Police went to the house, and a resident said a group of friends had just left.

After neighbors complained of noise, police advised a Tompkins Road homeowner to lower the volume of music in the backyard Oct. 31. The homeowner told police that he would tell his daughter and her friends to do so.

On November 4, the day after the election kept many up until the wee hours, Scarsdale10583 received the following from a distressed Fox Meadow reader. She said, "According to the Village noise ordinance no machines, such as leaf blowers, may be used before 8AM or after 9PM on weekdays. I was awakened at 7:30 this morning by one which continued for almost an hour."

A caller found a dog on Clarence Road Oct. 27. Police provided the caller with contact information for New Rochelle Humane Society.

Lost and found
On Oct. 30, a Hanover Road man reported he lost his wallet and driver’s license. Police issued him an official form in order to request a replacement license.

On Oct. 27, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On Oct. 30, firefighters assisted with a rollover car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On Nov. 1, Brewster Road homeowners reported smoke coming from their fireplace. Firefighters examined the fireplace and observed it to be functionally normally. They advised the homeowners to call again for any future concerns.

On Nov. 1, firefighters assisted with a car accident at Mamaroneck and Stratton roads.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 26 – Nov. 1 has been compiled from official information.

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squirrelArrested: On Nov. 4, police arrested Donald M. Bennett, 61, of Mount Vernon, on a charge of third-degree criminal trespassing. Bennett is accused of unlawfully entering Immaculate Heart of Mary School and staying in the school at some point in the past, after deceiving a staff member about his purpose for entry. The original trespassing offense was reported by IHM staff on February 28. Police conducted the arrest after Bennett appeared in Eastchester Town Court for another unrelated arrest in Eastchester Nov. 4. Bennett was released on his own recognizance, pending a future court date of Nov. 18.

On Nov. 4, defendant Alexis Portilla, 55, of New York City, presented himself at headquarters to answer a charge of fourth-degree stalking, with intent to cause mental or emotional harm. Based on investigation leading to this charge, it was determined that Portilla contacted the complainant on several occasions via text messages and emails that contained material that prompted her to fear for her physical safety and endure stress and anxiety. Despite the fact that the complainant made it clear that she wanted communication to cease, Portilla continued to contact her. As a result of this investigation and the subsequent listed charge, police arrested Portilla at headquarters and released him on his own recognizance, pending a future court date.

Pedestrian struck
Another pedestrian was struck in the Village this week, on Nov. 6, shortly before noon, at the intersection of Popham and Garth roads. A work van hit the pedestrian – a 69-year-old Garth Road man – in the crosswalk while turning left from Depot Place onto Popham Road. The crosswalk was displaying a “walk” signal when the accident occurred. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps tended to the pedestrian and treated an abrasion to his knee. The driver of the van – a 38-year-old West Harrison man – was issued two summonses: first, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle due to a license suspension, and second, failing to yield to a pedestrian.

Car break-in
An unlocked, parked car in an Old Lyme Road driveway was broken into overnight, and approximately six dollars was discovered missing the morning of Nov. 3.

Police came across a parked car with its glove box open and the car alarm sounding on Secor Road Nov. 7. The car’s owner said he did not leave the car that way. He checked the car and did not think anything was stolen.

Identity theft
A Wynmor Road resident reported several fraudulent accounts were attempted to be opened in his name Nov. 2. The resident also said a fraudulent attempt to claim unemployment benefits also occurred. All attempts were flagged as suspicious and did not go through.

On Nov. 3, a Heathcote Road man reported a fraudulent checking account was opened in his name at Key Bank on Nov. 1. He requested a police report to be able to close the account with Key Bank.

On Nov. 5, a Rock Creek Lane man reported 61 Social Security checks that he was supposed to have received were being deposited into a fraudulent account since 2015. The total amount of money lost, over the years, amounted to $157,990. He discovered the crime after receiving a letter from Social Security that one check had been returned to SSA.

On Nov. 6, a Murray Hill Road caller reported fraudulent purchases were made using an Internet Citibank account, and merchandise was being shipped, via her FedEx account, to an address out of state. Charges amounted to approximately $380.

An Old Lyme Road resident reported that a woman whom he had been helping was demanding money from him Nov. 4. According to the resident, the woman said if the resident did not give her $80, she would send her friends to come over and get it. The resident asked police to perform extra ridebys.

On Nov. 7, an Edgewood woman reported receiving 11 calls from an unknown person with a blocked number. On the occasions when she has answered the phone, an unknown male voice stated, “Hey, baby.” Police advised the woman to tell the caller she has called the police and does not wish to receive his calls, if the caller calls again.

Two Popham Road restaurant employees got into a verbal dispute over their workload, deliveries and working hours Nov. 4. They said it is an ongoing issue. Police attempted to contact the business owner to ask that the dispute be addressed from a supervisory perspective, but the owner did not answer the phone. The employees were advised to find a better way to work through the problem in the meantime. Later, the business owner called headquarters and said he would address the matter.

A Chesterfield Road resident reported receiving a prank text message Nov. 2.

On Nov. 7, a Lyons Road woman reported concern over what she thought was a camera in a neighbor’s window pointed at her backyard Police looked at the object in question and identified it as a chime, not a camera.

A Fenimore Road resident saw a car in her driveway and was afraid to approach the driver because she did not recognize the car Nov. 7. Police spoke with the driver who said he was a friend of the resident and he was dropping off food as a courtesy. The resident confirmed she knew the friend.

A Walworth Avenue resident reported an unknown person rang is doorbell and asked for a donation to an unknown organization based in Chicago Nov. 3. Police canvassed the area for the solicitor but did not encounter him.

A 92-year old Brite Avenue man passed away in his sleep Nov. 5.

Cars and roadways
Verizon was notified about separate incidents involving fallen wires on Heathcote Road and Weaver Street Nov. 2, Police also removed fallen branches from Heathcote Road that day.

A tent got loose and was blowing around on Christie Place Nov. 2. Police went to the scene to provide public safety and noted that an employee taken control of the tent and was securing it.

Police notified Con Edison about a fallen wire on Chesterfield Road Nov. 2.

The highway department removed fallen branches from Eton Road and Windmill Lane Nov. 2.

A car sideswiped a parked vehicle on Cohawney Road and caused the side mirror to break off Nov. 2.

Cohawney Drive residents complained about a U-Haul truck parked on the street for at least one day Nov. 4. Police spoke with a homeowner who said her brother was using the truck to move furniture. At police request, she asked him to park it in her driveway to eliminate disturbance for neighbors.

Police notified Verizon about fallen wires on Elmdorf Road Nov. 4.

Police spoke with a driver accused off scofflaw, for an accumulation of unpaid parking tickets, after the driver’s car was observed on East Parkway Nov. 4. The driver said he would rectify the fines with Village Hall that day.

A caller said she thought she saw a USPS van being driven by a person who was not in uniform on Cartage Lane, and she found this odd Nov. 5. Police canvassed the area for the van but did not locate it.

Teens in two idling SUVs on White Road told police they had stopped to have a conversation Nov. 5.

Police noticed a car without illuminated headlights or taillights driving on Mamaroneck and Brookby roads at 7 p.m., Nov. 6. Police helped the driver turn on the lights to make the car roadworthy.

Police pushed a disabled car off Popham Road and onto Church Lane South to await a tow Nov. 7.

Police stood by and directed traffic around a disabled car while a tire was changed on Hutchinson Avenue Nov. 7.

A caller complained about a possible sick squirrel on Roosevelt Place Nov. 3. Police went to the scene and did not see any sick animals. Police spoke with a custodian of Edgewood School who said the squirrel in question has been observed in the area for about a month. The custodian said he squirrel appeared healthy because it was eating and growing.

Neighbors complained of loud music coming from a Fayette Road house Nov. 6. A bar mitzvah was taking place for less than 50 people, with everyone wearing masks. Police told the homeowner and party planner to lower the volume of music, but the homeowner shut off the music.

A Wildwood Road family was listening to loud outdoor music in the backyard, and neighbors complained Nov. 6. Police advised the family, and they lowered the volume.

Adults talking loudly on Jefferson Road were asked to keep their voices down after neighbors complained Nov. 6.

Noise at a Hamilton Road gathering was not deemed to be excessive, despite a neighbor’s complaint, Nov. 7. However, the host was advised to follow social distancing and mask guidelines.

After numerous reports of a loud bang in the area near Fox Meadow Road and Highland Way Nov. 7, a witness told police that he saw a group of kids light a firework and run away. Police looked for the kids but did not find them.
Police reminded an Aspen Road resident about noise ordinances following a complaint about the resident’s wood cutting project Nov. 7.

Lost and found
A passerby found a car key at Catherine and Kelwynne roads Nov. 8. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

This report covering public safety activity in the Village from Nov. 2-8 has been compiled from official information.

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fall6Stores burglarized: A burglary was reported from a Scarsdale Avenue business Oct. 24. According to the report, an employee arrived on scene, observed an open window and discovered that approximately $100 cash was missing from the register. Detectives are investigating.

A Christie Place business owner reported, on Oct. 24, that the store had been burglarized overnight and $150 cash had been stolen. During investigation, police found a “hammer with a broken claw” on scene.

Stolen cars
On the morning of Oct. 20, a Spier Road woman woke up to find her 2018 Audi had been stolen from her driveway overnight. She told police the car’s keys were in her gym bag, which she believed had been accidentally left near the car on her driveway.

A second incident of auto theft also was reported on Innes Road the morning of Oct. 20, following the discovery of a 2017 Audi abandoned on Innes Road following an apparent accident. The owner of the stolen car, an Innes Road resident, said she did not give anyone permission to drive the car, nor had she driven it there herself.

Check fraud
On Oct. 20, a Colonial Road resident reported a check was taken from her mailbox and cashed in another person’s name for the amount of $4,800. The resident’s bank is investigating.

Identity theft
On Oct. 22, a Benedict Road woman reported someone had fraudulently used her Bloomingdale’s card to make online purchases in excess of $3,700. She was able to cancel the purchases before any items shipped out. The creditor is following up with an investigation.

On Oct. 19, police assisted Westchester County police with a reported case of assault that involved three individuals fighting in the parking lot of Saxon Woods Golf Course. Police were able to contact the three individuals and instructed them to return to the scene for investigation by WCPD.

On Oct. 24, a Colvin Road caller alleged her sister stole a painting, belonging to her mother, from her house. The caller was unable to identify of describe the painting, but she insisted the painting had either been moved within the house or removed from the house. Patrol then spoke with the caller’s sister and mother who stated they were unaware of any paintings being moved or removed. The mother further stated that she did not believe any of her property was missing from the house. Patrol then advised the caller to develop a system to better organize and document items in the house.

Responding to a report of a man and woman arguing at Boniface Circle and Spencer Place Oct. 20, police encountered a couple who reported they were arguing over the ending of their relationship. Police advised them to find a better time and place to have their conversation, and the arguing couple left the scene.

On Oct. 25, Westchester County police advised, via hotline, that they were pursuing an individual who had failed to comply with police orders, and the individual’s car was found unoccupied behind Quaker Ridge School. Assistance from Scarsdale police was requested. Patrol responded and canvassed the area for suspects. Patrol found one suspect in a Meadow Road driveway. The suspect claimed he was staying at a nearby Meadow Road house. The homeowners of that house said the suspect neither resided there nor was a guest. WCPD notified patrol that upon a positive identification by their K9 unit, the suspect was placed under arrest. Patrol did not observe any damage to the grass at Quaker Ridge School, caused by the suspect’s vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

On Oct. 21, a Chase Road business owner reported a suspicious incident that occurred the previous day. According to the owner, an unknown person entered the store, shortly before closing time, to inquire about the value of a gold chain. The person was told the chain could not be valued at that time because the store’s bookkeeper had already left for the day. At that point, the person left the store and entered a gray minivan with Pennsylvania license plates, parked outside. The doors to the store were closed and locked. Shortly thereafter, a second person exited the gray minivan and attempted to enter the store. The employee said the store was closed and did not open the door. The second person then became agitated and accused the employee of lying about the store’s closing time. Then, the second person appeared to call the first person on the phone, and they both left the area in the gray minivan.

At 5:45 a.m., Oct. 20, a Kelwynne Road resident called police to report that a “person dressed as a delivery driver was knocking on his door.” He was concerned because of the early hour and did not open the door. When police arrived on scene, they observed an Amazon delivery truck leaving the street and a large package outside the resident’s front door. Everything as deemed to be in good order and the package delivery appeared to have been legitimate, despite the unusual hour.

On Oct. 24, a Mamaroneck Road caller reported that a bald white man, approximately 5'8" tall and wearing a yellow shirt and khaki shorts, walked through his property without permission. The caller advised he spoke with the man and was told that he walked through the property because there was no sidewalk. The reported the matter to police.
On Oct. 25, a Scarsdale Avenue caller reported that she just closed her business for the day and observed a man sitting reclined in a car, parked across the street from her business. The caller reported he was watching her and on the phone. The caller believed this to be suspicious and did not feel comfortable. Patrol responded and noticed the vehicle parked opposite the listed address in the permit-only parking lot. Upon patrol’s arrival, the vehicle left the permit-only parking lot and legally parked in front of the listed address. The driver exited the car and walked north on Scarsdale Ave past the caller’s place of business. Patrol did not deem this to be suspicious activity.

Civil matters
On Oct. 23, a caller advised that movers would be arriving at a Spier Road house to perform a cleanout. The caller also advised her two brothers were on scene and she requested they leave at noon, before the movers arrive at 1 p.m. The caller said she was the executor of the estate. Patrol spoke with one of the brothers, who advised that he and his brother, who had already left the house, have been helping their sister during the process and were granted access to the property. He produced a recent letter from an attorney, which granted him access to the property. The letter outlined that he had permission to assist with the preparation and valuation of the property before sale. Since no cause was shown to prove that he was not allowed to remain on the scene, patrol advised him that his sister wished him to not get involved with the moving company and to stay out of their way while they are working. He said he had no intention to interfere and only wished to help his sister with the process. There was no reason to believe that the brother had any ill intentions with any of the contents of the home. The caller was advised of this. She was aware of and acknowledged the letter in question and did not request anything further. Both parties were advised that any future disagreement involving the property or its contents would have to be handled in civil court.

Heathcote Road neighbors called police over a matter involving trees near the property line that were in danger of falling over Oct. 23. The neighbors were able to work the matter out through conversation.

Cars and roadways
A Carstensen Road woman reported a truck backing out of her driveway struck a stone post and broke it in half Oct. 19. She did not witness the incident, but it was captured by a neighbor’s video surveillance camera. Police looked at the footage but were unable to discern the truck’s license plate number or other identifying information.

Police asked the owner of a trailer parked on School Lane to move it to a different location in order to increase traffic flow and maintain a safe roadway Oct. 19. Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street Oct. 20.

On Oct. 20, a driver reported the mirror of his car had been struck by a passing car and broke, while the car was parked on Griffen Avenue.

On Oct. 20, police advised the highway department that a crosswalk sign at Brewster and Fenimore roads was on the ground and needed to be replaced.
Police removed a garbage bag from Post Road and contacted the highway department to pick up spilled litter Oct. 20.

Police asked workers to move their cars from Park Road and park in a more organized fashion because they was causing traffic congestion Oct. 21 and 23.

On Oct. 21, a caller reported finding envelopes on a parking machine on East Parkway. Police examined the envelopes, noted they were empty and discarded them.

On Oct. 21, a caller reported seeing the same car pass by his residence for a fourth time. The description of the vehicle was a white hatchback, possibly a Subaru. Shortly thereafter, the caller called back to notify police that he realized he knew the driver of the vehicle. The driver was reported to be a friend who was trying to surprise the caller and kept circling because the caller could be seen by the door.

After a neighbor complained, police placed a note on the windshield of a legally parked car on Montrose Road Oct. 21. The note asked the driver to leave more room near the caller’s driveway, as a courtesy, in the future.

Checking out a report of two people sleeping in a parked car on Fox Meadow Road Oct. 23, police discovered two people sitting in a car talking. They said they were area workers taking a lunch break in the car.

Police assisted a driver with a disabled car on Popham Road after 1 a.m., Oct. 24. The driver’s husband asked police to leave the car safely parked in the Village, so he could address the problem and remove the car when he finished work at 7 a.m. that day.

On Oct. 25, police informed the highway department about a damaged parking sign on Overhill Road.

A parked Mercedes was blocking traffic flow on Brook Lane Oct. 25. Police asked the driver to move the car.

One car accident was officially reported in the Village this week.

Village code
On Oct. 21, a Crane Road woman reported hearing a saw in operation, daily since April. She believed the saw was located at a neighboring house, possibly on Woodland Place. She said the saw was being used during permissible hours, but she found the noise to be disturbing because of its frequency.

On Oct. 21, police advised a solicitor on Cushman Road that he needed a permit to solicit in the Village.

A generator was running at a Dolma Road construction site at 7:30 a.m., Oct. 22.

Police advised the workers of the permissible start times for construction work, and the workers turned off the generator.

A caller complained of noise coming from Davis Park Oct. 23. Police observed the noise there and found it to be reasonable. Police advised the dance instructor there to lower the volume as a courtesy, and she complied.

On Oct. 24, police advised workers on a Manor Lane job site to refrain from using power tools outside of permissible hours, as per Village code.

A noise complaint prompted a Sycamore Road woman to turn off party music at a small gathering at 11:30 p.m., Oct. 24.

Lost and found
On Oct. 19, a passerby found a wallet on Chase Road and gave it to police. Police were unable to contact the owner and vouchered the wallet for safekeeping.

On Oct. 22, a person reported losing a chain on the platform of the Scarsdale train station. Police called MTA police who contacted the man to handle the report.

A Village resident lost a set of keys somewhere in Village center Oct. 23. She reported the matter to police in case the keys were found. Police advised her to change her locks in the meantime.

On Oct. 19, firefighters assisted at a car accident on Fenimore Road.

On Oct. 22, firefighters traced a burning odor in a Richbell Road house to a phone charger wire that had overheated and melted. Firefighters checked the breaker, which had tripped. Firefighters left the breaker in the "off" position and advised the resident to have the breaker and outlet checked by an electrician.

On Oct. 22, a power line was down and burning outside the Scarsdale Woman’s Club on Drake Road. Con Edison was dispatched, and firefighters stabilized the scene while standing by for arrival.

On Oct. 23, firefighters detected minor carbon monoxide and gas readings in a Brewster Road house, caused when the oven reached high temperatures. Con Edison was notified and advised the homeowner to call a repair service.

On Oct. 24, a plastic drinking straw came in contact with a dishwasher’s heating element and partially melted, emitting a burning odor in a Brewster Road house. The homeowner was advised.

Firefighters assisted with a rollover car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway Oct. 25.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 19-25 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their websiteThis police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

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