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pinkscooterStolen car: A black 2015 Jeep Cherokee was stolen from a Thies Court driveway Oct. 11.

The CVS Popham Road store manager reported a man on a pink scooter stole items, including headphones and sunblock, from his store Oct. 15. The suspect was observed by a witness who saw him attempting to place a candle in his backpack, which caused the witness to confront the suspect. At that time, she saw additional items in his bag. The suspect ran out of the store and fled.

Car break-ins
A Sprague Road resident reported that someone entered his parked cars around 3:15 a.m., Oct. 11. However, nothing was taken.

On Oct. 11, a Johnson Road resident reported items had been stolen out of his car overnight.

On Oct. 12, another Johnson Road man reported that loose change had been stolen out of his car sometime while it was parked and unused during the past three or four days.

On Oct. 13 around 1:20 p.m., a Fenimore Road woman reported that she was sitting in her kitchen and observed a man pull up to her house in a black older-model sedan. The man got out of the sedan and approached her red Mercedes-Benz parked in her driveway. He attempted to open the door handle. She screamed at him, and he ran away, fleeing in his sedan. He was described as a black man in his 20s, wearing black pants, a black hoodie and white gloves.

At 1:23, a Garden Road woman reported a skinny black man with black curly hair wearing a dark sweat suit and a yellow mask attempted to enter two parked cars in her driveway. One car was unlocked, and the man entered it. However, he did not take anything. The second car was locked; so it could not be entered. When the man realized that the woman was looking at him through the window, he fled the scene in a dark gray sedan. The woman said she would send detectives surveillance footage of the incident.

Identity theft
An Ardmore Road woman received a package containing a $4,900 bracelet from Macy’s, addressed to her at her address Oct. 13. The bracelet was also billed to her Amex card. However, she did not order the bracelet.

On Oct. 14, a Heathcote Road man reported someone used his personal information to attempt to open several fraudulent lines of credit. The attempts were denied, and no financial loss was incurred.

On Oct. 14, a Meadow Road man reported his Apple ID was fraudulently being used to make purchases from China. The perpetrator had also succeeded in locking the man out of his account. The man is working with Apple to restore access to his account.

A fraudulent FEMA assistance loan was filed in a Brewster Road resident’s name. The resident reported it to police Oct. 15.

On Oct. 15, a Spencer Place business owner reported a customer placed an order for two scooters over the phone and paid for them with a credit card on Sept. 20. Shortly thereafter a woman in her 30s picked up the scooters. Later, the charge was disputed and the transaction was cancelled.

Check fraud
A Broadmoor Road woman reported someone stole a blank check from her checkbook and cashed it for $26,703 out of state Oct. 14.

On Oct. 11, a Vanderbilt Road man said he received an email from someone who he believed was a friend. The email requested the man to send some Visa gift cards. The man realized it was a scam and informed police and his friend.

Trip and fall
An elderly woman tripped and fell on East Parkway Oct. 12. She hit her head and was bleeding. She declined medical attention.

Police mediated an argument between two housemates on Post Road Oct. 14. The argument was about throwing out items in the house.

On Oct. 14, police checked a Normandy Lane house after the homeowner came home and found her front door open. No sign of criminality was observed.

On Oct. 14, police, fire and water department personnel assisted a Bradford Road resident turn off water in his house due to a broken valve that was causing some flooding. The resident was advised to call a plumber.

A driver could not find her parked car in the Village Oct. 14. Police found it on Chase Road and provided the driver with a courtesy transport to her car from Scarsdale Ave.

Police stood by while two women assisted another woman who had been out walking on Mamaroneck Road. Police called an ambulance for additional help, but the woman who needed assistance refused medical attention.

A Palmer Avenue woman reported something was “wrong” with her car Oct. 16. She showed police a loose piece of rubber near the passenger side roof. She explained the windshield had recently been replaced. Police advised her that the loose piece of rubber might have been the result of that work or normal wear and tear. It was not a criminal matter.

Pedestrians hit
On Oct. 14, a car struck an 80-year-old Yonkers pedestrian and a 60-year old New Rochelle pedestrian on Scarsdale Avenue around 6:30 p.m. The pedestrians stepped onto the road to cross the street, believing the oncoming car would stop, they said. The driver, a 76-year-old Bronx woman, said she tried to stop as soon as she saw the pedestrians but was not able to stop in time. The pedestrians were evaluated by SVAV and refused further medical attention.

Cars and roadways
Police helped a driver moved his disabled car from Barry Road to Edgewood Road to safely wait for a tow Oct. 11.

A driver was sitting in a parked car with the seat reclined at Whig and Berwick roads Oct. 11. Police spoke with the driver and he said he was dropping off his girlfriend who is a resident of the neighborhood.

Police issued a summons to the owner of a car parked in violation of the three-hour limit on Brook Lane Oct. 12.

On Oct. 13, police informed Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Elmdorf Drive.
Police spoke to the driver of a parked car on Oak Lane Oct. 13. The driver said he was having car trouble and was waiting for a tow.

A man leaving a car in the Quaker Ridge School parking lot explained he was dropping off a car for his wife, who works at the school, Oct. 15. School security confirmed the wife works for the school.

Police set up portable stop signs at Griffen Avenue and Weaver Street due to a defective traffic light Oct. 15.

Police notified Con Edison and Town of Mamaroneck police about fallen live wires on Griffen Avenue Oct. 16. A car drove over the wires, and the incident caused minor damage to the car, without injuring the driver.

A Hutchinson Avenue man reported a woman had parked her disabled car in his driveway and was “refusing to leave” Oct. 16. The car was gone when police arrived on scene.

Five car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

A caller reported a raccoon was walking on East Parkway Oct. 11.

A medium-sized, loose, black dog was reported on Murray Hill Road Oct. 15.

Police tried to catch a loose, shorthaired dog wearing a yellow harness on Clarence Road, but the dog was too fast and kept running away Oct. 15. Trappers’ contact information was shared with the caller who reported the loose dog.

An Edgewood Road woman reported an animal in her house Oct. 16. Police arrived and observed a house cat chasing a mouse. The mouse ran into a small hole and could not be caught. The woman said she thought the mouse had been a larger animal, and she felt better knowing it was just a “small mouse.” An exterminator was being provided by her son to remove the mouse.

Village code
On Oct. 13, police dispersed two people from a park on Huntington Avenue after dark.

On Oct. 15, police advised Walworth Avenue parents that neighbors had complained that their kids were being too loud in the backyard after dark.

Police twice advised a Shaw Road homeowner of a noise complaint, and the volume of music was promptly lowered Oct. 15.

On Oct. 15, police dispersed kids from the Edgewood School playground after dark.

At patrol’s request, a landscaper moved bundled branches to the curb of the yard from which the branches originated Oct. 16. He had previously placed them near the edge of Butler Woods, but patrol explained this was in violation of Village code.
Police advised Secord Road staff of a noise complaint, and the volume of music was lowered Oct. 16.

Disorderly youth were reported inside the 7-Eleven store on Scarsdale Avenue Oct. 16. The youths were already outside the store when police arrived. The clerk did not request additional assistance.

Lost and found
An Acura car key was found on Montrose Road and Huntington Avenue Oct. 13.
A wallet was found in the Village downtown area Oct. 14. Police contacted the owner, and she picked it up from headquarters.

A check was found at Village Hall Oct. 15. Police contacted the owner of the check, who advised he had most likely dropped it at Village Hall. He asked police to shred the check.

On Oct. 11, firefighters assisted with a three-car accident involving injuries at Garden and Oxford roads.

Firefighters assisted Hartsdale firefighters with a call in their jurisdiction Oct. 11.
On Oct. 13, firefighters assisted with a two-car accident involving injuries at Fenimore Road and Brite Avenue.

On Oct. 14, a gas stovetop in a Montrose Road house would not shut off. Firefighters found a small gas leak under the stovetop and igniters that would not shut off. Power and gas were shut to the appliance. The resident was advised to call for appliance repair.

On Oct. 14, a Torrence Place resident called for help because her Dachshund was stuck under a shed in driveway. Firefighters were able to see the dog under one side of the shed. It would not come out on its own. The resident wanted the dog out and was very concerned for its safety. Firefighters removed and cut the center floorboard of the shed to attempt to access the animal. While firefighters were removing the floorboard, the dog ran out from under the shed and was returned to owner, unharmed.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas boiler malfunction with carbon monoxide release in a Graham Road house Oct. 14. Con-Ed red-tagged and shut down boiler. They advised the resident to call a heating contractor for repairs.
Firefighters helped jogger who fell while running in the Village and sustained facial injuries Oct. 15. Firefighters provided basic first aid, applied dressings to affected areas to stop bleeding and simultaneously notified SVAC to take over care and transport to the hospital

On Oct. 15, firefighters assisted at a two-car accident on the Bronx River Parkway entrance ramp at Fenimore Road.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 11-17 has been compiled from official information.

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Porsche911Burglaries: On Oct. 8, Innes Road residents came home and found their rear door broken. They discovered their house had been burglarized. Approximately $50,000 in jewelry, including diamond earrings, a diamond and platinum ring, a diamond pendant necklace along with personal documents were stolen.

On Oct. 8, a Brookfield Lane resident reported finding her second-floor balcony door window shattered and her house burglarized. Approximately $9,000 worth of jewelry, including earrings and a Movado watch, were stolen. Police are reviewing video surveillance as part of their investigation.

Car theft
Around 10 p.m., Oct. 5, a caller reported his friend’s black 2018 Porsche 911 had been stolen from in front of his Archer Lane house, while the friend was over for dinner. It occurred within a two-hour time span. Stolen with the car were also $3,300 cash, credit cards, an EZ Pass and golf clubs valued at $4,200. The car was later recovered in New Jersey.

A 2020 Tesla was stolen from Forest Lane overnight. The theft was reported the morning of Oct.10. The car was later recovered in Connecticut.

Car break-ins
On Oct. 5, around 12:20 a.m., a caller reported seeing a few people looking into parked cars Farley Road near Greenacres Avenue. The alleged people were not there when police arrived.

On Oct. 10, an Edgewood Road resident reported someone stole loose change from his unlocked car overnight.

On Oct. 10, a Sycamore Road resident reported a pair of silver and blue cufflinks were stolen from her unlocked, parked car in the driveway.

On Oct. 10, another Edgewood Road resident reported a rose-colored, 11-inch MacBook Air was stolen out of her car while it was parked in her driveway.

Identity theft
On Oct. 5, a Lyons Road caller reported his identity had been stolen. He discovered it after noticing that his credit score had significantly dropped. Further investigation revealed that unknown credit lines had been fraudulently opened in his name, and several late payments had been made.

On Oct. 6, a Huntington Avenue resident reported he received an email from, stating that his password had been changed. He did not authorize the change. In looking into the matter, he learned $98 had been transferred to another account without his permission. He also received text messages from Verizon regarding changes to his cell phone account that he did not authorize. These changes him made him unable to send or receive text messages and calls and unable to use apps. He reported the fraudulent activity to Verizon and

On Oct. 8, a caller reported that two fraudulent Bank of America accounts were opened in his name. The bank’s fraud department identified and closed the suspicious accounts, and no financial loss was incurred.

FEMA fraud
On Oct. 4, a Heathcote Road woman reported that a man rang her doorbell and left a note stating a FEMA claim had been filed in her name and he was there to follow up with inspection services. Since the woman did not actually file a claim, she reported it to FEMA’s fraud department.

On Oct. 8, a Springdale Road resident reported she received an email from someone posing as a vendor to whom she owed money. She wired over $14,000 to this imposter’s account, for payment of money owed to the vendor. Later she learned that the actual vendor’s email had been hacked, and the vendor never received the funds.

A Walworth Avenue woman reported that someone from New Jersey listed a car for sale and fraudulently used the woman’s address in the listing Oct. 10. It was determined to be a scam to collect a “deposit” for the car through a payment app.

A Saxon Woods Road resident reported a man dressed in a black tracksuit, wearing a black ski mask, was observed on his property Oct. 6. Upon seeing the resident, the man allegedly fled in a white Porsche SUV, driven by another man. The resident tried to run after the suspect, fell and suffered minor injury to his legs.

A man was found sleeping in bushes on Secor Road at 9 p.m., Oct. 6. He refused to provide his name, and he was uncooperative. He refused medical attention and assistance. He left the area by foot.

On Oct. 6, at 11:30 p.m., a homeless person flagged down a police car outside headquarters. The person said he had walked an unknown number of miles, could walk no further and would like transport to a shelter. Police gave the person some food and a bottle of water. Police drove the person to a shelter, where they were informed the person could not enter without a negative Covid-19 test. The person was then dropped off at White Plains Hospital Center, in the care of a nurse. He was provided with directions on how to get back to the shelter, for after he received negative test results.

False accusation
A woman called police to report that a 7-Eleven employee was falsely accusing her boyfriend and her of shoplifting and would not let them leave the store. She felt the situation could escalate and requested help. The employee alleged the woman stole a phone charger, but the employee did not physically prevent the couple from leaving the store. The manger reviewed video surveillance, and it was determined that no shoplifting crime had taken place. The couple left the scene without incident.

Civil matter
A landscaper kicked up a rock with a mower, and the rock cracked the rear window of a parked Escalade in a Brewster Road driveway Oct. 6. The homeowner said she would follow up with the landscaper.

Road rage
On Oct. 5, a female driver called from her car to report a male driver was following her in a black Ford Escape on Post Road. Police arrived on scene and spoke separately to both motorists. They each said they had been yelling at each other over a traffic incident on Wayside Lane. They each told a different account of the incident, stating the other party had been the initial aggressor. Police calmed down the parties and sent them on their ways.

A driver reported she was obeying the school zone speed limit on Mamaroneck Road when another driver sped around her, gave her the middle finger and drove off Oct. 6.

A driver reported having an argument with another driver on Garth Road Oct. 9. The other driver left the scene before police arrived.

On Oct. 11, a black sedan cut off an Eastchester ambulance on Post Road. The driver of the black sedan also entered oncoming traffic, brake-checked the ambulance and gave the ambulance driver the finger. Police canvassed the area for the sedan, but it was already gone.

Cars and roadways
Police taped up low-hanging wires on Wayside Lane and notified Verizon Oct. 4.
Errant traffic cones were cleared from Fenimore Road and Walworth Avenue Oct. 4.
Cars were parked in a no standing zone on East Parkway Oct. 5. The parking enforcement officer corrected the situation and issued one summons.
Police notified a work crew to replace a fallen crosswalk sign that fell from its pole at Weaver Street and Hutchinson Avenue Oct. 6.
A loose sewer cap was scheduled to be replaced on Old Lyme Road Oct. 6.
A contractor was cutting gutters on Lyons Road and briefly blocked a neighbor’s driveway Oct. 7. The contractor said he was finishing up within the hour.
A work crew did not have proper permits to close Kingston Road to perform trench work Oct. 7. Police shut down the job and notified the Village engineering department.
A high school student parked on Hampton Road, blocking a resident’s driveway Oct. 8. Police issued a summons, and high school staff notified the student to move her car.

A Texas car dealership mistakenly destroyed the NYS license plates that were on a Fox Meadow Road man’s car. The matter was reported to police Oct. 8.

A tenant of a Fenimore Road house parked in a neighbor’s driveway by mistake Oct. 8. Police cleared up the parking confusion.

A report of a loud boom on Ridgecrest West was determined to be fireworks in a neighboring jurisdiction Oct. 9.

On Oct. 9, police advised Secor Road party staff of a noise complaint. Staff said they would lower the volume of the music.

A passerby reported she saw a dog jump out of a car, and she was able to catch it Oct. 4. She brought the dog to headquarters, and police put in their kennel. It did not have a collar. Police contacted New Rochelle Humane Society, but the dog’s owner contacted police, looking for the dog, in the meantime. A summons was issued to the owner when the dog was picked up.

A Brite Avenue resident reported a possibly sick skunk outside her house Oct. 4.

Police canvassed the immediate area for the animal but could not find it.

A light brown dog ran out of an Edgewood house and was reported to be loose in the area of Nelson and Sprague roads Oct. 6. It was reunited with its owner.

A loose dog ran across Post Road Oct. 7. Police picked it up and put it in the kennel area with water. It had a nametag stating “Charlie.” Police contacted the owner, who retrieved the dog. Police also issued the owner a summons.

Chesterfield Road residents found a loose dog on their property and brought it to headquarters Oct. 7. It did not have a collar. Police put it in the kennel area with water. The owner came to headquarters to report the dog as missing, and they retrieved it. Police also issued the owner a summons.

On Oct. 10, a Cushman Road man reported losing two license plates. He said he might have accidentally disposed of them.

On Oct. 5, firefighters detected outdoor natural gas readings on Spier Road and dispatched Con Edison.

On Oct. 7, firefighters assisted at a rollover car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On Oct. 8, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the sites of small, unrelated gas leaks outside houses on Greenacres Avenue and Ridgecrest East.

On Oct. 9, firefighters cleaned up spilled coolant and oil on Brewster Road.

A Jeep Cherokee caught fire on the southbound Hutchinson River Parkway, south of the Mamaroneck Road exit, Oct. 10. Firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire in the driver side front wheel well. The fire impacted some electrical components, as well. Water was applied to the affected area, to cool down the components. The car was removed by tow.

On Oct. 11, firefighters assisted at a car accident at Garden and Oxford roads.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 4-11 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

refrigeratorIdentity theft: On Sept. 22, a Heathcote Road man reported his Social Security number was fraudulently used to open an illegitimate account linked to his Wells Fargo bank account.

On Sept. 23, a Greenacres Avenue resident reported someone used his information to open up accounts without permission. He discovered this after receiving a package he did not order. Investigation showed the package had been billed to one of his credit cards. After the credit card company was notified and the package was returned, one of the resident’s business employees received a call from someone alleging to be a bank representative. The person claimed a suspicious check had been issued from the resident’s account and requested personal verifying information. The resident instead contacted a personal banking rep directly and learned that the call had been fraudulent.

On Sept. 24, a Hamilton Road woman reported fraudulent purchases totaling $1,100 had been made with her debit card.

A Springdale Road resident was throwing out a refrigerator and placed it at the curb with its doors still attached Sept. 22. Police advised the resident to remove the doors for safety.

A Brite Avenue resident asked to retroactively report flood damage to his house resulting from the storm on Sept. 2.

A report of “something burning” at a Fox Meadow Road construction site was revealed to be evaporation vapor coming from wet soil – not smoke – Sept. 25.

Cars and roadways
On Sept. 20 and 21, police called residents to ask them to move legally parked cars that were in the way of Village roadwork on Valley Road. No signs about parking restrictions or roadwork had been posted.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Dobbs Terrace Sept. 21.

Police re-secured a loose manhole cover at Brite Avenue and Chesterfield Road Sept. 22.

The owner of a car parked for more than three hours on Greenacres Avenue told police he lives inside a current construction zone and was not able to access his driveway Sept. 22.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire, taken down by a passing truck, on Scarsdale Avenue Sept. 22.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Fox Meadow Road Sept. 22.

Police assisted the highway department tow a fire truck from Mamaroneck and Murray Hill roads Sept. 23.

A Nissan was parked at the high school with its engine running Sept. 23. The owner told police he would instruct his son to turn off the engine.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Boulder Brook Road Sept. 23.

On Sept.23, policed called a tow for a driver that ran out of gas on Post Road near Huntington Avenue. Patrol also helped the driver move the car to a safe location.

Police set up temporary stop signs at the intersection of Heathcote Road and Palmer Avenue after a caller reported the traffic light was out due to a power outage Sept. 24.

Workers were asked to park their trucks on Church Lane in a way that did not impeded traffic flow Sept. 24.

Police cleared improperly cars parked on lawns and on both sides of Murray Hill Road to increase traffic flow Sept. 24.

Police stood by while a driver waited for his rental truck’s dead battery to be jumped on Popham Road Sept. 24.

Police helped a driver find his parked car on Murray Hill Road Sept. 24.

On Sept. 25, police provided a courtesy ride to a gas station after a driver ran out of gas. The driver used a small gas can to get some gas for the car.

Police informed the highway department of a dead raccoon at Heathcote and Duck Pond roads Sept. 26.

Police assisted Greenburgh Police with a traffic stop at Popham and Garth roads during which a driver was failing to comply Sept. 26.

Three car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

Dog struck by car
A woman called police at 9:19 a.m., Sept. 20, to report that her Husky dog had been struck by a car on Mamaroneck Road and Deerfield Lane. It was found dead on the road near the sidewalk. A witness reported that the driver of the car that struck the dog left the scene of the accident.

Lost and found
On Sept. 20, a Fairview Court woman reported losing two license plates somewhere in the Village.

On Sept. 21 and 23, two different people walked into headquarters to report losing two license plates. One person said she recently returned the plates to the DMV, but there was no record of the transaction.

A license plate was found on Scarsdale Avenue Sept. 22. Police contacted the owner for the plate’s return.

Village code
Police issued three landscapers and one employing homeowner summonses because the landscapers were using gas-powered blowers in violation of Village code Sept. 21. Police also issued summonses to a landscaper and a homeowner on Tunstall Road for the same violation.

A group of people was playing soccer on a Quaker Ridge School field without a permit or proper permission from the Board of Education Sept. 21. Police asked them to disperse and advised them of proper requirements. On Sept. 22, police had to return to the field to disperse the same group of soccer players. They were again advised on proper procedure for obtaining a permit.

A caller complained of a loud lawn mower sound at Montrose and Gorham roads Sept. 25. Police went to the scene and did not hear any lawn mowers. Instead, they saw kids playing with an electric car. They sound was not loud enough to be considered a noise violation.

On Sept. 25, police advised a party manager on Drake Road to lower the volume of music three times after people complained of noise.

On Sept. 25, police advised an Olmsted Road resident to lower the volume of music after neighbors complained. A verbal warning was issued.

On Sept. 25, police advised a Carthage Road resident that neighbors had complained of noise. The resident said his son’s gathering was breaking up.

On Sept. 25, a Heathcote Road resident advised he would be turning off music after police informed him of noise complaints.

On Sept. 26, a Rural Drive party host advised she would be turning off music after police informed her of noise complaints.

On Sept. 23, a natural gas detector was activated in a Bethel Road basement. During investigation, plumbing contractors reported that the alarm went off while they were attempting to shut down and remove the meter for an integrity test.

Firefighters observed a light odor and combustible gas readings of up to 600 ppm in the area of the meter. No odors or readings were observed on the first and second floors. Firefighters ventilated the structure. Con Ed Gas checked for leaks and locked out and tagged the meter due to improper actions of the contractors.

On Sept. 25, reported smoke on Fox Meadow Road was determined to be evaporation of morning dew.

On Sept. 26, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Post Road.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 20-26 has been complied from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

umbrellaAssault arrest: On Oct.1, police responded to Johnson Road on the report of an assault in progress. There, police found an older white man and woman in the yard. The woman was bleeding from the head with heavy bruising and swelling of the face. The man told police that his son had just assaulted his wife and him. According to the father, the son had used a metal umbrella to strike his wife. His son had also punched the father, the father said. Police and Eastchester police began a search for the son – Andrew Killourhy, 38, of Merritt Park, Florida – who was described as a 6’5” tall white man wearing an aqua shirt. He was found by Eastchester police and picked up by Scarsdale police who arrested him on charges of second-degree assault and third-degree assault, both with intent to cause physical injury. He was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court. He was remanded to Westchester County Jail on $15,000 bail. He is due back in court on Oct. 6.

After observing a2005 Jeep speeding on Post Road near Huntington Avenue Oct. 2, police conducted a traffic stop. The driver – Maycon A. Borges, 28, of Mount Vernon – was determined to be driving with an expired license. Furthermore, Borges’s driving privileges had been revoked in January 2021 for failing to submit to a chemical test. Police arrested Borges on charges of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, driving an uninsured vehicle, speeding and failure to notify the DMV of a change of address. His car was towed to the police impound lot. He was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court on Oct. 20.

On Sept. 29, a man reported his electric scooter and lock had been stolen from an East Parkway bike rack on Sept. 23.

A boy’s silver trek bike was reported to have been stolen after it was left unsecured near a high school fence Oct. 2.

Damaged window
An Olmsted Road employee reported the driver’s side window of her car was found smashed while she was at work Sept. 30. Grass clipping were observed near the car, as a result of landscaping work that day. It was deduced that the broken window was most likely the result of a rock kicked up during the course of landscaping work.

On Sept. 27, graffiti caused by spray paint was found on a brick building on Depot Place.

Domestic matter
A Fox Meadow father reported his adult son was intoxicated and at his doorstep, and the father did not want the son to come into his house due to substance abuse issues Oct. 3. Police went to the house and asked the son to leave. The son refused medical attention. The son accidentally left his phone behind, and police gave it to the father.

On Oct. 3, a Cayuga Road resident reported DHL attempted to deliver packages to her, but she refused them due to the fact that she had not ordered anything. Later a man called her asking for his packages, which he claimed had been delivered to her address by mistake. He said he got her phone number online. Police advised the resident to check her accounts to make sure there were not any unauthorized charges.

A person was reportedly causing a disturbance by “antagonizing a restaurant server” at an establishment located at Garth and Freightway roads Sept. 28. He was reportedly yelling and screaming, even after he was told to leave the restaurant. He was gone by the time police arrived on scene.

Police helped a Palmer Avenue woman get back to her house after a neighbor called to report the woman needed assistance Sept. 29.

Police checked the welfare of a 91-year-old Popham Road man at the request of his son Sept. 29.

A Saxon Woods Road resident called police to complain that a ten-foot hose appeared on her property without her permission Sept. 29. Investigation showed that the property was split between Scarsdale and White Plains and also had a waterway running through the backyard. White Plains police were notified and it was determined that the hose had been placed their by White Plains department of public works, as part of a Hurricane Ida remediation effort.

A caller reported she was having an “uncomfortable feeling” entering her Brook Lane house after midnight Sept. 30. She could not provide an articulate reason for why she was feeling uncomfortable, except to say that she thought someone or something might be inside. Police checked the exterior and interior and found no sign of criminality.

A Wakefield Road woman reported she thought someone might be in her house, possibly exiting her upstairs bathroom, Oct. 2. Police checked the exterior and interior and found no sign of anyone.

A woman rang a Palmer Avenue doorbell claiming to be a FEMA representative investigating a claim Sept. 30. The homeowner said no FEMA claim had been filed.

A man spoke with a resident of an Eton Road house claiming to be a FEMA representative investigating a claim Oct. 3. The homeowner said no FEMA claim had been filed.

Shortly after midnight, Oct. 4, a Volkswagen Passat crashed into fencing at Weaver Street and Stratton Road. It was on the New Rochelle side of Weaver Street, so NRPD was called. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps was called to evaluate the condition of the car. It was determined that four occupants of the car had been involved in the accident, but two occupants had already started to walk away from the scene of the accident by the time police arrived. Police canvassed the area for them but did not find them. The two remaining occupants -- the driver and a passenger – refused medical attention.

Road rage
A caller reported a livery taxi cut her off on Heathcote Road, and the driver got out of his car at a traffic light, started yelling and hit her car with his hand Sept. 30. Prior to the yelling, the caller said she took a picture of the driver, who was a man in his 50s wearing a white shirt with graying hair. After the driver slapped the caller’s car, he allegedly photographed her car before he returned to his vehicle and drove away. The incident was classified as minor road rage.

Junk car
A Weaver Street business owner reported a car had been abandoned on his property since Sept. 10. Police contacted the registered owner of the car who said the car “was junk” and he would be willing to transfer ownership of the car to the business owner. He further said he had left his car at a junkyard in Port Chester to be salvaged. He claimed he had no idea how the car ended up on Weaver Street.

Cars and roadways
On Sept. 27, a driver misjudged the driveway at Fenway Golf Club and drove onto the green and into a sand trap, causing his car to become lodged. The car was pulled out and towed off site. The driver did not report any injuries.

Police tape was cleared from the Brewster Road side of the high school Sept. 27.
An electrical transformer at Foxhall Road and Palmer Avenue was reported to be making popping noises Sept. 28.

A sedan on a jack was reported to be parked on Bradley Road, “in danger of falling” Sept. 28. Police attempted to talk with the owner of the car, who started yelling at police to get off his property and get a court order, without allowing police to explain their reason for being there. A police supervisor arrived on scene to assist. The supervisor explained the reason for the visit and determined the car on the jack was not an immediate hazard.

Police helped a driver start her temporarily disabled car in Freightway Garage Sept. 28.

A tree came in contact with wires on Herkimer Road and caused an explosion-like noise and cut power to the area Sept. 28. Police stood by for Con Edison.

A MacDonald Place resident reported a neighbor’s car was parked too close to her driveway Sept. 29. The car was determined to be legally parked. Police informed the owner of the complaint. The owner said she could not move the car due to a religious holiday that day.

On Sept. 29, a disabled car was parked on Lenox Place awaiting a tow scheduled for the next day.

Police asked a driver to move a car that was parked too close to a stop sign Sept. 30.

A contractor told police he would move his car if a resident needed more space to mow his lawn on Brookby Road, after the resident complained on Sept. 30.

A caller complained of a car with frontend damage parked on Bradley Road for over a month, Sept. 30. The car was legally parked near the registered owner’s address.
The owner was informed about the complaint. No summonses were issue because no violations were observed.

A driver got a flat tire at Post and Popham roads and was awaiting a tow Sept. 30. Police assisted the driver in moving his car to a safer location.

A pedestrian on Post Road was advised to use the sidewalk Oct. 1.

A car ran out of gas on Weaver Street Oct. 2. While police were looking into the matter, the driver returned with a gas can.

Police helped the driver of a disabled car move the car from Mamaroneck Road to Catherine Road to be safer Oct. 2.

Police put up traffic cones around a shifted roadway plate at Greenacres and Walworth avenues Oct. 3.

Police informed Verizon about a fallen wire on Mamaroneck Road Oct. 3.

One car was repossessed in the Village this week.

Civil matter
On Sept. 28. An Overhill Road woman reported she was having a problem with the owner/developer of a property next to hers. She claimed that person was possibly going to remove several trees on the property line and brought over papers for her to sign indicating her agreement to remove the trees. She asked him to leave her property, she said. Patrol advised her to contact police again if the owner/developer was on scene and she was having an immediate problem with him. The issue involving their disagreement over tree removal was civil in nature, police advised.

Village code
Police issued a landscaper and a homeowner summonses for using a gas-powered blower on Murray Hill Road Sept. 27.

A Franklin Road resident was advised a permit was required to drain pool water onto the street Sept.28.

On Oct. 1, police dispersed noisy kids from middle school grounds on Mamaroneck Road.

Police advised a security guard at a Mamaroneck Road party that a noise complaint had come in about the party Oct. 2. The guard advised he would tell the coordinator to turn down the music.

A Fox Meadow Road party host was twice advised about Village code regarding noise Oct. 2. The host turned down the music.

Fenway Golf Club staff and Westchester Reform Temple were advised of unrelated noise complaints Oct. 2.

A Griffen Avenue host was advised about a complaint about loud music Oct. 3. The host turned down the music.

Lost and found
On Sept. 27, a Chesterfield Road woman reported losing her wallet, which also contained her driver’s license.

On Sept.27, a Bronx woman reported losing her passport in the Village earlier in the month.

On Sept. 28, a woman reported losing her pocketbook in the vicinity of Chase Road Park.

On Sept.29, a Garth Road resident reported losing a license plate during a recent storm event earlier in September.

A Bradley Road parent said his son lost a flute in Edgewood School Oct.1.

A daily planner was found on Weaver Street near Quaker Ridge School Oct. 1. Police contacted the owner who agreed to pick up the planner from headquarters.

On Sept. 27, a Fairview Road man reported a sick opossum on his property. When police arrived, they noticed a raccoon lying motionless on the man’s pea gravel. It was not in a safe location to shoot it. So, the homeowner reported he would address this issue himself.

Two dogs were reported to be off leash near the public library Sept. 29. The caller claimed she had been attacked by one of the dogs. No one was on scene when police arrived. Police spoke with library employees who said they had only observed a German Shepard off leash in the parking lot, but the dog had been subsequently put back on leash and was taken away.

A dead raccoon was removed from Saxon Woods Road Oct. 2, and a dead squirrel was also removed from Lincoln Road the same day.

A seriously injured raccoon was reported on Richbell Road Oct. 3. Police shot it due to its grave condition, and its dead body was picked up by the sanitation department for disposal.

On Sept. 27, a Carthage Road resident reported smoke in the house. Firefighters did not observe any smoke, but rather they observed vapor beneath recessed lighting in the living room. The vapor was accompanied by a strong floral fragrance. The homeowner reported the presence of an HVAC aroma diffuser in the basement. Firefighters shut the unit down and advised the homeowner to allow vapor to disperse prior to adjusting settings and resuming use. No hazards or readings were observed within the house.

On Sept. 28, a natural gas detector went off inside a Barry Road house. Plumbers were changing out a gas-fired hot water heater and purged the gas from the lines, activating the alarm. Firefighters ventilated the basement using an electric powered fan. Con Ed Gas was released after ventilation was completed.

On Sept. 29, investigation of a gas odor on Christie Place led firefighters to discover that a restaurant worker had accidentally left an outdoor patio heater with its gas valve in the open position. Firefighters closed the valve.

On Oct. 1, firefighters assisted at a three-car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway and, later, at a two-car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 27 – Oct. 3 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

holdingcellAssault: On Sept. 16, while police were patrolling Mamaroneck Road, they observed a man removing items from the trunk of a BMW parked in the parking lot of the Scarsdale pool. The man said he had gotten a flat tire and had unsuccessfully attempted to order a tow. Police attempted to call numerous tow companies, but many were not answering. When one company answered, the man became combative and argumentative with the tow truck dispatcher. At that point, police began to look further into the man’s physical state. In continuing to talk with the man, police discerned signs of intoxication, including the smell of alcohol on his breath and glassy eyes. A further examination of the man’s car revealed that it was unregistered and bearing a Connecticut license plate that was assigned to a different car and owner. A check of his identity revealed he was named Raeshone J. Foote, 34, of Mt. Vernon. Foote said he would be registering the car the next day. He also told police he had a valid pistol permit and then lifted his shirt to show police he was not carrying a gun. Police informed Foote his car would be impounded, and he became combative. Police backup arrived on scene, and Foote grew increasingly agitated. With several officers on scene, Foote attempted to grab a 3-4 foot long metal pipe located in the back of his car. Officers told Foote not to grab the pipe, and he disregarded their commands. While Foote was attempting to grab the pipe, an officer put his foot on the pipe to hold it down. Foote pulled up on the pipe and attempted to gain control of it. The officer then grabbed the pip, pulled it from Foote’s hands and threw it approximately five to ten feet away. At this point, all officers on the scene used restraining force to bring Foote to the ground. Foote continued to resist being placed in cuffs and also resisted all commands. Once Foote was cuffed, he was placed in the back of a patrol car. There, he used his back and his cuffed wrists to attempt to break the protective glass panel separating the front and rear passenger seats. Foote was irate and verbally threatened the lives of the officers on scene. At headquarters, he continued to make threats and repeatedly kicked the door of his holding cell. The force of his kicks caused the lock on the cell door to become broken, and the cell wall became slightly bent. Firefighters were called to remove the lock, so Foote could be relocated to a jail cell. Foot was charged with second-degree menacing with a weapon, disorderly conduct, second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, third-degree criminal mischief with intent to damage property, assault with the intent to cause injury to an officer, driving while intoxicated, having an unregistered motor vehicle, operation of a motor vehicle with improper plates. In lieu of $5,000 bail, Foote was remanded to Westchester County Jail.

On Sept. 18, police arrested Emiliano Catemaxcatemich, 27, of White Plains, on charges of driving while intoxicated – first offense, aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol level of .18 or more and an equipment violation. Police came across Catemaxcatemich’s car on Mamaroneck Road, where it was disabled with a flat tire, and police stopped to help. While evaluating the situation, police noticed Catemaxcatemich was unsteady on his feet and was showing signs of intoxication. While speaking with police, Catemaxcatemich said he had hit a rock and admitted to having recently consumed six beers. Police conducted field sobriety tests, which Catemaxcatemich was unable to perform successfully. Catemaxcatemich was arrested and taken to headquarters. After arrest processing, Catemaxcatemich was released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket for Oct. 6.

Stolen bicycle
A black Metro bicycle was reported to have been stolen from a bike rack at Scarsdale High School Sept. 19. It was reported to be worth approximately $737.

Identity theft
On Sept. 14, a Gaylor Road resident reported her banking information had been stolen and was being used to make unauthorized purchases at and Game Stop.

A Lincoln Road man reported he was the victim of a Con Edison bill pay scam and lost approximately $2,600 in funds that were sent via Zelle to an unknown person Sept. 15.

Landlord tenant issue
A Mamaroneck Road man reported he was being threatened by a tenant who was essentially squatting in his house Sept. 13. The tenant allegedly has posted comments on Social Media in which he admits to squatting and alludes to wanting to kill the homeowner. The tenant has not been paying rent. Then tenant has also allegedly attempted to manipulate the homeowner into investing money into the tenant’s venture. Police are investigating.

A suspicious looking man wearing dirty clothes and driving a graffiti-covered van attempted to open a bank account without proper credentials or documents at a bank located near the intersection of East Parkway Popham Road. He left after bank employees refused his request Sept. 14. Later police spoke with bank management and employees about security protocols and staff concerns. Approximately two hours later, the same man returned to a Popham Road store and viewed art in the store. He told employees he was an artist who specializes in painting animals.

A White Birch Lane woman reported two unknown men were on her property Sept. 14. They refused to answer any of her questions. The men told police they were on Village Property, regarding a neighbor’s property.

Doorbell noises on Eastwoods Lane were discovered to be from kids ringing doorbells and running away Sept. 18.

A 99-year-old Heathcote Road woman died at home Sept. 17. A doctor on scene said the cause of death was natural causes.

On Sept. 13, police mediated a discussion between Sherbrooke Road neighbors over the cutting down of a tree that had branches hanging over the property line. After speaking with the neighbor’s daughter, who explained only dead branches were being cut off to eliminate the risk of the branches falling onto gas tanks, all parties agreed to continue with the work.

Firefighters helped a resident get back in her Drake Road house after she accidentally got locked outside Sept. 16.

A man with a motorized wheelchair needed help getting out of a ditch on Depot Place Sept. 18.

Cars and roadways
On Sept. 13, a caller advised of a possibly abandoned Subaru at Ogden Road and Church Lane. The car had been damaged in the storm and was awaiting removal from the owner’s insurance company. With the owner’s permission, police towed the car to a tow lot to clear the road.

Con Edison closed Church Lane and Ogden Road to perform emergency electrical work to repair a broken cross arm on a utility pole Sept. 14.

A work truck with the keys inside was reported to be parked on Oxford Road “for a long time” by a resident Sept. 14. Police vouchered the keys for safekeeping. Police called the owner who said the truck was having a problem that could only be resolved the next day.

Dispatch advised Con Edison and Verizon about a fallen wire on Tompkins Road Sept. 15.

A couple repairing a car on jack stands on Bradley Road advised they would be lowering the jacks stands and moving the car shortly Sept. 16.

The owner of a blue Mercedes-Benz parked “for days” on Sherbrooke Road told police the car had been damaged in the recent flood and was awaiting a tow Sept. 16.

An accident was reported on Saxon Woods Road Sept. 17. A van was traveling southwest on Saxon Woods Road, with a Lexus following behind it. The van proceeded over the double yellow to pass some cars that had been involved in another motor vehicle accident. The van then caught a low-hanging Verizon utility wire in the roadway; a ladder resting on the top of the van came loose and fell off the van as a result. The ladder then struck the front and side of the Lexus, causing minor damage. Both drivers said they were not injured as a result.

Police picked up a fallen traffic cone on Brite Avenue Sept. 17.

A driver thought he was being followed by a white Honda, from the Bronx River Parkway through Edgewood, while trying to drive home Sept. 18. When police caught up with the driver, he said he was no longer being followed, was safe with a friend, and he had no contact with the driver.

Three car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

On Sept. 14, a loose pit bull dog was reported on Carthage Road.

A large raccoon was reported on Madison Road Sept. 16. It was gone when police arrived.

A woman was bitten by a dog at Tunstall and Barry roads Sept. 17. The woman said she was bitten on the neck by a leashed dog while she was out walking on Tunstall Road with her husband and her dog. The leashed dog allegedly began to lunge at her and bark at her and her dog while they were passing in front of the dog’s house. Her own dog lunged back at the offending dog and pulled the woman to the ground and dragged her to the offending dog. The dog’s owner approached her to help her off the ground, and the offending dog then bit the woman in the neck. The woman was able to get off the ground, stand up and be treated by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps members on the scene. The owner of the offending dog was able to provide vaccination records for the dog, but she did not have a dog license. Police sent all necessary dog bite paperwork to the Westchester County Department of Health. They also issued a summons to the owner of the offending dog, for not having a valid dog license.

Village code
On Sept. 15, police issued two summonses to a landscaper and a homeowner for the use of a gas-powered leaf blower, in violation of Village code, on Walworth Avenue.

On Sept. 16, police issued two summonses to a landscaper and a homeowner for the use of a gas-powered leaf blower, in violation of Village code, on Farley Road.

On Sept. 17, police issued two summonses to a landscaper and a homeowner for the use of a gas-powered leaf blower, in violation of Village code, on Lockwood Road and Church Lane.

On Sept. 17, police dispersed a small gathering of people at Black Birch Lane and Saxon Woods Road after neighbors complained of noise.

On Sept. 17, police informed an Overlook Road resident that neighbor had complained of noise. When the noise level was not corrected and neighbors complained again, an hour later, police issued the resident a summons.

On Sept. 18, police issued two summonses to a landscaper and a homeowner for the use of a gas-powered leaf blower, in violation of Village code, on Reimer Road.

A Cambridge Road resident having a graduation party lowered the volume of music playing in the backyard after police informed the resident of a noise complaint Sept. 18. Later, after a second complaint, the music was turned off. After a third complaint about loud screaming and shouting, police issued the resident a summons.

Police asked a Dolma Road resident to lower the volume of music at a gathering Sept. 18.

Police dispersed kids from Greendale Road and Oxford Lane Sept. 18.

Police dispersed kids from Edgewood School grounds at 10:30 p.m., Sept. 18.

Police issued a summons to workers who were using electrical saws and tools on Shawnee Road prior to allowed hours Sept. 19.

Lost and found
On Sept. 13, an Aspen Road resident lost her wallet containing a Columbian driver’s license and bankcard.

A passerby found a black cell phone that fell off a car at Garth and Popham roads and brought it to headquarters Sept. 14.

A Sprague Road resident reported the loss of one license plate somewhere in the Village Sept. 15.

On Sept. 15, a Sherbrooke Road man reported he accidentally disposed of license plates after a misunderstanding with a car dealership in which he thought he was being issued new plates.

On Sept. 19, a Chase Bank debit card was found at Scarsdale High School. Police contacted the owner who said she would come to pick it up.

On Sept. 13, firefighters assisted at a rollover car accident on Fenimore Road. One person was transported to the hospital with injuries.

On Sept. 13, a cooking fire was contained to its pot and extinguished in a Myrtledale house. Firefighters ventilated and confirmed there was no extension. According to the fire report, the fire was from a plastic lid left on a burner that was left unoccupied. The resident put out the fire with a pot of water. Some smoke staining occurred on cabinets.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a Brown Road gas leak Sept. 16.

On Sept. 17, firefighters responded to South Woods Lane for an odor of gas in a basement. There, firefighters found a lawnmower that was leaking gasoline in the garage, which caused the odor in the house. The machine was removed, and the odor dissipated.

On Sept. 19, firefighters assisted with a golf cart rollover accident at Quaker Ridge Golf Club on Griffen Avenue. Two people reported injuries. The golf cart rolled over into the greenside bunker on the 11th hole. No extrication was required.

On Sept. 19, a work truck left running by a garage on Rock Creek Lane activated a carbon monoxide alarm. Firefighters observed carbon monoxide readings of up to 45 ppm on the floor above the garage and lower readings throughout the house. They ventilated the structure and advised the homeowner to contact the fire department with any additional concerns.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 13-19 has been issued from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

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