Monday, Jan 30th

escaladeArrested : On Jan. 16, police observed a 2015 Prius travel on Mamaroneck Road with both front and back license plate obscured. Police conducted a traffic stop and checked the driver’s credentials. They learned the driver did not have a valid license. Police arrested the driver – Carina Susana Veloso, 45, of Tolland, CT, on charges of operation of a motor vehicle with obstructed vision, two registration plate display violations, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, and operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver. Veloso was released on her own recognizance and ordered to appear at Village Justice Court later that day.

On Jan. 16, police observed a 2010 Honda Civic on Depot Place operating with a fake temporary Georgia tag. Police conducted a traffic stop and also discovered that the driver’s license was fraudulent. Police arrested the driver – Jeremy C. Benites, 19, of Yonkers – on charges of second-degree possession of a forged instrument, operation of a motor vehicle with improper plates and operation of a motor vehicle without insurance. He was released on his own recognizance and ordered to appear at Village Justice Court later that day.

On Jan. 21, around 4:45 a.m., police were dispatched to Post Road and Lorraine Place on a report of an overturned car. There, they found a 2003 Cadillac Escalade pickup truck resting on its side, in the roadway after striking a tree. Several other drivers stopped and assisted the driver self extricate the vehicle in a stable condition. Firefighters stabilized the car with step chocks, cleaned up spilled oils in roadway and opened the car’s hood latch to disconnect the battery. Police impounded the car and arrested the driver – Jose R. Costa, 51, of Tuckahoe – on charges of first-degree driving while intoxicated, moving from a lane unsafely and operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of more than .08 of one percent.

Mail theft
On Jan. 19, a sticky substance was found on mail slots of three public mailboxes – at Nelson Road and Boulevard, at Brewster Road and Huntington Avenue and on Depot Place. The substance indicated that glue traps had recently been used to fish out mail, a tactic used by criminals engaged in “check washing.” Police informed the Postal Inspector about the incidents. As mail fraud and check washing is becoming a prevalent crime, police are urging the public to send their mail from the secure inside collection windows of the post office.

Stolen cars
On Jan. 20, a Wynmor Road resident reported his 2022 BMW X5, valued at $60,000, was stolen from his driveway. The owner said the car had been left unlocked with the key inside.

A Honda Civic, reported as stolen, was recovered on Wynmor Road Jan. 20. It was found with the windows open and personal items inside. It had been reported as being stolen out of Connecticut. It was towed to the police impound lot. Police contacted police in the reporting jurisdiction and the car was recovered.

On Jan. 17, a Chase Road storeowner reported that a $375 belt and buckle had been stolen from the store on Jan. 14.

On Jan. 18, a driver reported the emblem from his Subaru had been stolen from his car while it was parked in the Christie Place garage. The grille was cracked, but no pry marks were evident.

Identity theft
On Jan. 18, a Myrtledale Road woman reported that an unknown person withdrew $60 from her account. She also reported it to her bank.

On Jan. 19, a caller reported her debit card had been stolen and funds totaling $2,000 were taken from her account approximately 15 minutes ago in the past.

Bank fraud
On Jan. 21, a Madison Road man advised that a person cashed checks against his checking account without his knowledge or permission Jan. 21. The total of the fraudulent checks was $2,500. In addition, the man reported fraudulent activity on his Capital One account.

Domestic matter
On Jan. 21, a woman reported that a woman who was a friend of her ex-boyfriend was following her. She went into a Carman Road church and saw the woman inside; so she called the police. Police spoke with the accused woman, and she said she neither knew the woman nor her ex-boyfriend. Church staff confirmed the woman was there to speak with them.

A Paddington Road woman reported a man wearing a reflective yellow vest knocked on her door and advised he was from Con Edison Jan. 18. He said he wanted to perform a task that would take 45 minutes. She did not let him in, and he continued on his way. She called police.

A Village Center business owner called police to report that she saw a man in the Village who has a reputation of becoming aggressive Jan. 18. Police went to the scene but did not find a man matching the description.

A Griffen Avenue resident reported seeing two individuals on his rear deck, via a security camera. Patrol contacted Town of Mamaroneck police, who said that they were investigating a confirmed burglary at a nearby Murdock Woods address. Both jurisdictions are investigating.

A car with a woman and two children pulled into a Cooper Road driveway, and the homeowner called police Jan. 19. The driver said she was picking up her mother, who worked as a home health aide, and she inadvertently entered the wrong driveway because of inclement weather.

A man dressed in gray, holding a brown paper bag, was reported to be “pacing back and forth suspiciously” on Fairview Road Jan. 21. Police went to the scene and did not find the man.

Police noticed a woman searching for her car on East Parkway, while also showing signs of intoxication Jan. 18. Police seized the woman’s car keys and gave her a courtesy ride home.

An Edgewood man reported his intoxicated wife was trying to move her car Jan. 20. Police arrived on scene and convinced the woman to allow her husband to move her car for her and give him the keys for the night.

Cars and roadways
On Jan. 16, police called a tow for a disabled car at Post and Crane roads.

A man with a hoodie reported to be walking on Ardmore and Carthage roads was waiting for a Lyft, he told police, Jan. 16.

On Jan. 16, police issued summonses to a 29-year-old New Jersey driver for an uninspected motor vehicle and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, following a traffic stop on Post Road.

Tire marks on a Fox Meadow Road lawn and related damage to a stonewall indicated a car accident had taken place at that location.

Police notified the highway department about two potholes on Popham Road Jan. 17.

On Jan. 17, police conducted a traffic stop of an electric motorcycle near Bypass and Weaver Street and issued the 31-year-old White Plains driver summonses for an uninspected motor vehicle, an unregistered motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, a motorcycle face shield violation, two on a seat for one motorcycle violation, a motorcycle helmet violation and a registered plate display violation.

A Fox Meadow Road woman complained that construction workers parked their van in front of her house Jan. 18. Police informed the workers, and they said they would no longer park in that location, as a courtesy.
Police asked construction workers to remove a six-inch spike found on Greenacres Avenue, near their work site, Jan. 18.

Patrol provided traffic control for a motorist with a flat tire at Post and Mamaroneck roads.

Police collected road signs from a previous road closure at Stratton Road and Carthage Lane and placed them in a patrol car to return to the highway department Jan. 19.

Police taped of a flooded area of Sprague Road Jan. 19.

Police notified Con Edison about a fallen wire at Popham and Post roads, and then realized it was a metal support cable, and not a fallen wire Jan 20. Police secured the wire and updated Con Edison.

Police assisted a driver with a disabled car at Mamaroneck and Murray Hill roads Jan. 20.

On Jan. 21, police were conducting traffic enforcement and saw a 2021 Honda HRV speed by on Post Road. They conducted a traffic stop and issued the 32-year-old White Plains driver summonses for operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and speeding.

A driver partially parked in front of a Gaylor Road driveway Jan. 22. Police advised the driver to move her car. She apologized. Police will step up parking enforcement in the area.

Police responded to a Secor Road parking lot to check on a driver with a disabled car, at the request of the driver’s brother, Jan. 22.

Four car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

A wild deer was reported to be running loose on Morris Lane and Heathcote Road Jan. 19.

A Rectory Lane woman reported a sick raccoon on her back porch Jan. 20. Police arrived and noted that the raccoon was dead. The woman said she had already contacted a trapper to remove the animal’s carcass.

A leashed dog chased after a rabbit and ended up loose in the street in the area of Wayside Lane and Carstensen Road Jan. 20. The owner successfully retrieved the dog.

Village code
Police informed a tree-cutting service that it could not perform work prior to designated hours in the Village Jan. 16.

On Jan. 16, police dispersed a group of kids from closed Huntington Avenue fields.

Police removed an illegally posted sign at Mamaroneck Road and Palmer Avenue and discarded it.

Someone disposed of a black trash bag filled with garbage near a recreation department site on Mamaroneck Road, in violation of Village code, Jan. 17.

On Jan. 21, police advised a homeowner that a posted sign on their Mamaroneck Road property was in violated of Village code.

Police advised a Wayside Lane resident that neighbors complained of noise coming from the house Jan. 21. The resident advised he would lower the volume and close his doors and windows.

Lost and found
A wallet was found on East Parkway and brought into a bank Jan. 20. A bank employee informed police. Police were able to connect the wallet with its owner, who had called police to report the wallet missing. The owner said he could only pick up the wallet after five days.

A generator and two lawnmowers in a Potter Road garage were leaking gasoline and causing an odor, although there was no evidence of pooling gasoline, Jan. 19. Firefighters moved the equipment outside and recommending calling for service.

Grease caught fire in a cooking pan in a Stratton Road kitchen Jan. 18. The resident extinguished the fire before firefighters arrived.

Firefighters advised a Hillview Drive resident to open windows to alleviate a skunk odor inside the house Jan. 19.

Firefighters assisted at a three-car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway Jan. 19. On occupant was transported to White Plains Hospital. All others refused medical attention.

Firefighters advised a Weaver Street resident to open windows to alleviate a “rotten egg” odor, caused by floor refinishing chemicals, inside the resident’s apartment Jan. 19.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident at Mamaroneck and Post roads Jan. 21.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway Jan. 21. Injured occupants were taken to the hospital.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 16 – 22 has been compiled from official information.

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checkwashingOn Jan. 9, a Putnam Road resident reported that a check, originally written at the end of December, had been stolen and altered. The perpetrator was able to cash the check fro $18,000, creating a financial loss for the resident.

A business owner on Spencer Place reported being a victim of identity theft and check fraud. A business check issued on Nov. 30 had been intercepted, altered through “check washing” and fraudulently cashed for $9,925.13. The business owner reported the matter to the bank.

A Carman Road man reported a fraudulent wire transfer resulted in approximately $14,000 being transferred out of his bank account Jan. 12.

Later a Carman Road resident reported a fraudulent wire transfer of money out of her account totaling approximately $38,000.

On Feb. 13, a Ridgecrest North woman reported someone stole a check from her bank account, forged it and fraudulently cashed it for $8,260.

On Jan. 13, Scarsdale police detectives arrested Julio C. Sosa, 26, of the Bronx, on the strength of a bench warrant issued out of Scarsdale Village Justice Court in October 2022 for failing to appear in court on undisclosed charges. The arrest occurred after Scarsdale police were notified that New York City police, in Manhattan, had picked up Sosa on an unrelated matter and had him at their booking station. At the time of Sosa’s arrest, Scarsdale police confirmed that there was an additional active arrest warrant issued by Westchester County police. Therefore, following, Sosa’s arraignment in Scarsdale, Scarsdale police released Sosa to Westchester County. Sosa was ordered to appear again at Scarsdale Village Justice Court on Jan. 18. According to the arrest report, Sosa has a criminal history of previous arrests and warrants in Mount Vernon and the New York City.

Attempted Burglary
A Murray Hill Road man reported his back sliding glass door had been smashed in Jan. 12. Nothing was reported stolen. The evidence indicated an incident of attempted burglary.

Identity theft
On Jan. 12, a Popham Road bank employee reported a man fraudulently trying to cash a check with a fake driver’s license. He was described as a white man in his 60s, with a ponytail and a blue and gray checkered shirt. The bank employee immediately identified the driver’s license as fake. At that time, the man left the bank without conducting any business.

Car break-in
On Jan. 9, a Birchall Drive resident reported that someone entered his parked car overnight and rummaged through the car’s contents. Nothing was reported stolen.

On Jan. 15, a Gorham Road man reported that two fraudulent credit applications were made in his name, with his personal identifying information. The applications were denied.

Domestic matter
On Jan. 13, a girl called police because of a verbal dispute with her mother. The girl’s parents told police the dispute was related to an ongoing discipline issue. The girl told police she called 911 due to a “knee-jerk” reaction related to arguing with her mother.

On Jan. 9, a Rural Drive resident reported receiving a children’s toy by mail that the resident never ordered. Police advised the resident she could dispose of the item if she did not want to keep it.

On Jan. 10, an Eastwoods Road man reported seeing an Amazon driver stopped in front of Edgewood School, eating lunch and using his phone – possibly taking pictures of people on the playground on Saturday Jan. 7. Police advised the man to notify Amazon directly and to also alert police immediately about any future suspicious behavior.

A Barry Road resident reported receiving threatening phone calls from an out-of-state caller Jan. 10.

Cars and roadways
On Jan. 9, a Verizon employee reported difficulty entering a driveway due to parked cars on the street.

Police closed a section of Church Lane because of a water main break Jan. 10.

Con Edison was notified about a low-hanging wire on Greenacres Avenue Jan. 10.

Police provided a truck driver with directions from Weaver Street to the I-95 highway Jan. 10.

A car was found parked with its lights on, on Cooper Road Jan. 10. Police notified the owner who said she was en route to turn off the lights.

On Jan. 10, police observed a yellow box truck fail to maintain its position in the right lane on Post Road. Police conducted a traffic stop and discovered the rear temporary Georgia license plate attached to the truck was fraudulent. Additionally, the driver –a 42-year-old Yonkers man – could not produce a valid insurance card. Police impounded the truck and issued the driver summonses for operation of a motor vehicle with improper plates, operation of a motor vehicle without insurance and moving from a lane unsafely.

On Jan. 11, police issued a 35-year-old Othello, WA, driver summonses for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and speeding in a school zone. The summonses were issued following a traffic stop initiated after police observed the driver’s black Dodge Caravan travelling on Mamaroneck Road at 35 mph in a 15 mph zone.

On Jan. 11, police issued a 31-year-old Danbury, CT, driver summonses for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, operation of a motor vehicle without valid insurance, and lamp related equipment violations. The misdemeanor and infractions were discovered during a traffic stop on Post Road that police initiated after observing the driver’s white Mazda pass patrol’s car without any operable tail lamps or rear license plate lamps.

Con Edison was notified about a low-hanging wire on Mamaroneck and Murray Hill roads Jan. 13.

Police conducted a traffic stop of a red Suzuki Grand Vitara traveling north without a functioning driver’s side headlight on Post Road Jan. 13. A check of the 28-year-old White Plains driver’s license indicated the driver was driving without a valid license. Police issued him summonses for aggravated unlicensed driving, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver and an equipment violation.

On Jan. 13, police reported a low-hanging communications wire of Cayuga Road to the appropriate company, for repair.

Patrol removed errant Christmas trees from Murray Hill Road and Boulevard Jan. 13.

The occupants of a parked car in front of Hyatt Field stated they had pulled over to talk Jan. 15.

On Jan. 15, police observed a 48-year-old New York City driver fail to use a turn signal while making a right turn from Crane Road onto Woodland Place. Police conducted a traffic stop. After running the car’s license plate, police learned that the car’s registration was both expired and suspended. The car’s license plates were then removed and taken into evidence by police. The car was towed to the owner’s apartment building and left in a private driveway. The driver was issued the following summonses by police: operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, operation of an unregistered motor vehicle on a highway and failure to signal for a turn.

One car accident was officially reported in the Village this week.

Civil matter
On Jan. 11, a Lyons Road resident reported that a contractor, whom he fired, was back at his property. The resident said he secretly watched the contractor then leave the scene. Police offered to perform extra ridebys of the property.

Police suggested that a Brookline Road woman call a trapper because she was concerned about a raccoon in her back yard woodpile Jan. 9.

A loose, white dog was reported to be running through Olmsted Road properties Jan. 9. Police went to the location and saw a dog owner attempting to catch his dog that had broken free from its leash. Police helped the owner catch his dog and reunited the pair. The owner was reportedly covered in mud and soaking wet from trying to catch his dog in the rain. Police gave the owner a verbal warning about having dogs at large, and police provided the owner and dog with a courtesy ride home.

A Palmer Avenue woman reported that there was a dead animal in her yard Jan. 10. She asked for police to help remove the carcass. She also reported “strange things were happening to her.”

Neighbors complained about barking dogs on Heathcote Road Jan. 10. Police contacted the dogs’ owner who said he would be coming home shortly. In the meantime, police issued a summons for violation of Village code.

Lost and found
On Jan. 10, a man reported losing his iPhone at a Scarsdale Avenue location. He later called his phone and an unknown person answered. The person claimed to have found the phone on the roof of his car.

A Scarsdale library employee on Olmsted Road found a wallet and gave it to police Jan. 11. Using driver’s license information, police contacted the owner and returned the property.

On Jan. 13, a mother reported her son lost his wallet containing $50 cash on Scarsdale Avenue.

Firefighters notified Con Edison about fallen wires of Greenacres Avenue Jan. 10.

On Jan. 11, police and firefighters evacuated a Brite Avenue house and stood by for Con Edison.

Firefighters assisted with an injured hiker in a wooded area of Saxon Woods Park Jan. 11. The hiker was treated for a head injury on the scene and removed by an all terrain vehicle to an ambulance waiting on the road.

Contractors using a gas-powered saw in an Axtell Drive basement triggered a carbon monoxide alarm. Firefighters ventilated the house and stopped work for the day because the CO levels had been dangerously high. One worker was evaluated on scene and refused medical attention. Firefighters cautioned worker on the dangers of gas-powered equipment, and they also informed the homeowner.

On Jan. 13, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On Jan. 13, firefighters helped a Boulevard resident het back inside the house after being accidentally locked outside.

On Jan. 13, firefighters assisted Hartsdale fire department at a dumpster fire in their jurisdiction.

On Jan. 14, firefighters ventilated a Hanover Road garage that was found to have an elevated level of carbon monoxide due to a recently parked car.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 9-15 has been compiled from official information.

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frozen pipes 1Stolen: On Dec. 27, a Richbell Road resident accused a housekeeper of stealing items from the household in the past. The valued of the reported stolen items totaled more than $1,000.

Yonkers police asked for assistance in locating a stolen car that was pinging a location address near Carstensen Road Dec. 27. Police searched for the car but were unable to find it.

On Dec. 27, police pursued a car that pinged with a stolen license plate, as the car passed a police car with an activated license plate reader at Heathcote Road and Palmer Avenue Dec. 27. Police pursued the car into New Rochelle, where it fled in the direction of the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Identity theft and fraud
On Dec. 27, the Village of Scarsdale received a fraudulent change of direct deposit request from someone posing as a Village employee.

On Dec. 27, a Secor Road resident reported she issued and mailed a check from a public mailbox, but it was never received by the intended payee. She learned that the check had been stolen, altered and fraudulently cashed for $2,355.10.

On Dec. 27, a Spier Road resident reported that she identified fraudulent charges from the Stub Hub ticket platform on her credit card.

A Lockwood Road resident reported unauthorized charges on her Citibank debit card Dec. 28.

Cyber attack
A Crossway resident reported he was the victim of a ransom-ware attack on his computer server, which he uses for personal and business use, and he wanted to document the incident for insurance purposes Dec. 30. According to the resident, the ransom-ware caused the resident to not be able to access some files, and as a result, his IT technician paid $2,500 to the ransom-ware perpetrator.

On Dec. 27, police collected a pile of newspapers from a Morris Lane porch and placed them at the front door mailbox, as a safety precaution.

On Dec. 29, police collected a pile of newspapers from a Secor Road porch and placed them at the front door mailbox, as a safety precaution.

An unknown person wearing a mask and gloves was observed walking around a Carstensen Road property via a doorbell camera Dec. 29. Upon investigation, police determined that the person worked for a pest control company. The homeowner confirmed that she had hired pest control services. She said she would confirm employee activity with the company.

An employee said she arrived at a Broadmoor Road house, at which she works, and noticed a man in the area taking photos of the house. It was reported at 1:51 a.m., Jan. 1.

Cars and roadways
On Dec. 27, a tree fell on wires at Murray Hill and Cooper roads. Police notified the highway department and Con Edison.
Patrol reset a traffic light that was flashing at the intersection of Post and Sherbrooke roads Dec. 27.
The highway and water departments were notified about a water condition on Fairview Court Dec. 27. Firefighters and police traced the water to a burst water pipe in a Fairview Road house. They cut power and water to the house and advised the homeowners, who were out of the country.

A car’s axle snapped and became disabled, with its front wheels pointed in opposite directions, at Post and Edgewood roads Dec. 27.

Police called a tow for the car to be moved.

Police notified Verizon about fallen wires on Black Birch Lane Dec. 28 and 29.

A water leak on Brewster Road was reported the water and highway departments Dec. 28.

Police moved a fallen tree limb off of Bypass Jan. 1.

On Jan. 1, police informed a house employee of parking restrictions on Secor Road.

Police contacted New Rochelle Humane Society about a loose dog found without a leash or collar at Post Road and Wayside Lane Dec. 28.

On Jan. 1, police removed a dead cat from Post and Dickel roads. It appeared to be a stray.

Village code
On Dec. 31, a caller complained of construction work occurring outside of designated hours on Saxon Woods Road Dec. 31. Police notified workers of Village code, and the workers stopped the job to wait for permitted hours.

Lost and found
A Park Road resident found air pods on his property and brought them to police, as they did not belong to him or his family Dec. 27.

On Dec. 28, an Ogden Road woman reported losing two license plates.

On Dec. 29, a Lawrence Road resident reported losing two license plates.

On Dec. 26, firefighters turned off water to two broken pipes in a Myrtledale Road house. They informed the resident.

Firefighters assisted the water department and residents with problems caused by a broken water main at Franklin Road and Penn Blvd Dec. 26.

Firefighters shut water and power to lessen damage from a broken water pipe in a kitchen ceiling in a Colvin Road house Dec. 26.

On Dec. 26, water was leaking through ceilings on the first floor and basement of a Colvin Road house. Firefighters shut down the water supply and shut appliances at risk.

A range cooktop igniter was sparking in a Sage Terrace house Dec. 27. Firefighters shut down gas and power to the range and stood by for Con Edison.

On Dec. 27, firefighters shut water and power to a Fairview Road house experiencing a leak from broken water pipes.

On Dec. 28, a water supply link to a basement toilet in an Overhill Road house broke. Firefighters shut off water to the house and helped to drain collected floodwater. They shut electrical power to submerged appliances.

On Dec. 31, firefighters and police helped a Russian-speaking house sitter gain access to the house she was watching on Oneida Road, after she accidentally locked herself outside.

On Dec. 29, firefighters helped emergency medical technicians get inside a Tompkins Road house to help a person in distress.

On Dec. 29, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak at a barbecue grill at a Cooper Road house.

Water was shut down at Colvin Road and Greenacres Avenue to mitigate a flooding condition caused by a broken water main that was affecting residents’ properties and garages Dec. 31. Assistance included pumping water out of the flooded area to prevent it from overflowing into basement windows.

An oven fire was contained in the oven and self extinguished in a Canterbury Road house Dec. 31.

Firefighters shut gas to a malfunctioning water heater in a Stratton Road house Dec. 31.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This report covering police and fire department activity covering Dec. 26 – Jan. 1 has been compiled from official information.

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mailboxA caller reported a sticky substance on a public mailbox’s mail slot at Gaylor Road and Boulevard Jan. 6. Police confirmed the sticky substance was residue from a glue trap, commonly used to “fish” out mail from a mail collection box and then use this mail to commit fraud, such as check washing or identity theft. Further investigation found a similar sticky substance on the mail slot of another mailbox at Boulevard and Nelson Road. Police notified the Postal Inspector and made a note to increase monitoring of postal collection boxes.

On Jan. 3, around 11 a.m., a Palmer Avenue woman reported that a dark sedan had been parked in front of her house for some time, and she thought it was suspicious. She further stated she believed the driver of the sedan was taking pictures of her. The driver was described as a man in his 20s. The woman advised she would be changed her lock as a precaution.

Civil matter
On Jan. 5, a Hamilton Road woman reported a complaint about a water sprinkler system that had been installed at her house. Namely, she noticed it was leaking near a stone wall on her property. She attempted to call the company’s owner and an employee responsible for the installation of the sprinkler system to address the matter, but they told her they could not come to her house to address the matter until spring of 2023. This prompted the woman to respond to police headquarters to file a report. Police advised it was a civil matter.

A custodian of a Saxon Woods Road facility called police because patrons were not leaving the facility at midnight, Jan. 8, as per terms of their event contract. A verbal dispute resulted, which prompted the custodian to call police. When police arrived on scene, the patrons were in the process of leaving. Patrol stood by until all patrons and guests left the facility.

Bussing disputeschoolbus
A Walworth Avenue woman reported a dispute with a bus driver working for Scarsdale Union Free School District Jan. 4. The woman said her three children require door-to-door pickups and drop offs, but the driver has not been honoring that agreement. Instead, the driver stops the bus at the corner and insists that the woman walks her children to and from the bus. The driver said the corner pick-up is due to ongoing construction on the street, which prevents the driver from turning around on the street. The caller insisted there was enough room to turn around. Police advised the woman to call the bus company and the school district to come to a resolution.

Cars and roadways
A caller reported a white van and a large SUV parked at the end of Mohican Trail for an extended period Jan. 2. Police spoke to the drivers and learned the van was experiencing mechanical problems, and the drivers parked there to allow the van to cool off. There was no sign of criminality.

On Jan. 3, police issued summonses to a Cortland Manor driver after the driver was observed to be operating her car while holding a phone to her face, with the phone’s screen in an illuminated “on” position. This was observed at a police checkpoint on Drake Road. Police pulled the driver over at the intersection of Crane Road and Church Lane. Further investigation revealed the driver did not have a valid license due to the driver’s failure to answer a summons. Nor did she have a valid registration or insurance. Police issued summonses for these violations, towed the car to the police impound lot and ordered the driver to appear at Scarsdale Village Justice Court on Jan. 8.

While conducting traffic enforcement on Post Road Jan. 3, police observed a car speeding by at 54 mph, in a 30 mph zone. Patrol conducted traffic stop and learned that the Mount Vernon driver’s license had been suspended. Appropriate summonses were issued to the driver, and the driver was instructed to leave his car parked on Montrose Road while he arranged for a ride back home.

A driver with a disabled car on Weaver Street asked for a ride home around 2:19 a.m., Jan. 3. The car was being towed away, and patrol advised the driver would have to call a taxi. Patrol offered to help arrange it. The driver declined and said no further assistance was requested.

On Jan. 3, a driver reported an Asian male wearing with short, spiky hair and a dark hooded jacket took pictures of her car and license plate on East Parkway and attempted to open her car door by pulling on the handle. Police canvassed the area for the man but did not find him.

A car sitting in front of a Cornell Street house was awaiting roadside assistance for a flat tire Jan. 3.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Overlook Road Jan. 4.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Greenacres Avenue Jan. 5.

Police noticed a parked car with its door open on East Parkway Jan. 5. Police checked the car, did not discover any signs of criminality and closed the door.

Police called a tow for a driver with a disabled car at Post and Fenimore roads, in need of a jump-start, Jan. 6.

A parked car was impeding traffic flow on Morris Lane Jan. 6. Police asked the driver to move it into her driveway.

On Jan. 7, police wrote a summons to the owner of a car parked at Madison Road and Boulevard, in violation of overnight parking rules.

On Jan. 8, while on routine patrol on East Parkway, police observed a white 2019
Chevy Equinox, with a CA plate, traveling eastbound on Popham Rd. The vehicle made an improper U-turn at Scarsdale Ave. to travel westbound on Popham Rd. A traffic stop was initiated at Garth and Popham roads. The operator of the vehicle was identified and issued the following summonses: operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, an unregistered motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, an inspection violation and an illegal U-Turn from the wrong lane. The vehicle was towed to the police impound lot, inventoried, and photographed. The key fob and plates were vouchered for safekeeping.

The highway department was notified about sewage backing up into a Brewster Road house Jan. 7.

Lost and found
On Jan. 3, a caller, who lives in Scarsdale, reported losing her passport in Patterson, NJ. She said her passport was in a jacket pocket and the jacket was stolen in Patterson on Jan. 1. Police advised the caller she had to report the matter in the jurisdiction in which he crime occurred, namely Patterson. The caller alleged that Patterson police instead told her to report the incident where she lives, namely in Scarsdale. Scarsdale police called Patterson police, and they agreed to accept to report.

Firefighters shut down a HVAC system emitting an odor from its air handler in an Ogden Road house Jan. 3. They advised the homeowner to call for service.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor in an unoccupied Whig Road house under renovation. After seeing the state of the renovations, Con Edison was going to remove the meter and cap gas service to the house, as per the fire department’s log. The building department was notified for follow-up.

A car left running in an attached garage to a Madison Road house resulted in elevated carbon monoxide levels inside the house Jan. 4. Firefighters ventilated the house and the CO readings returned to normal.

Firefighters shut down a work site involving an excavation trench lacking proper shoring on Windmill Circle Jan. 4. The matter was referred to the building and engineering departments for follow-up.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway Jan. 5.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor, and suspected gas leak, coming from the sewer system and storm drains on Boulevard. A concentration of natural gas was found in a telephone vault on Boulevard. Con Edison Gas took over the situation to locate the source of the gas and address the matter.

Firefighters shut down a circuit breaker to a light fixture affected by a water leak in a Palmer Avenue structure Jan. 6.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 2-8 has been compiled from official information.

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Kudos to the Scarsdale Village Ambulance Corps who sent an ambulance crew to Buffalo on December 28, 2022 to assist with the snowstorm emergency at the request of Erie County. They anticipate a seven day deployment of one ambulance and two paramedics.

A Leatherstocking Lane resident reported three packages marked as “delivered” were stolen from her Dec. 22. The packages contained a $1,100 iPhone 14 Pro Max, a $96 digital camera and $137 worth of Birkenstock footwear. The resident further stated that she saw a UPS trick drive up in front of her house, scan packages inside the truck and fail to exit the truck to deliver the packages. Police advised her to report the matter to the UPS corporate office.

On Dec. 23, a Crossway resident reported that a FedEx driver delivered two packages, each supposedly containing an iPhone 14 Pro Max. A Ring doorbell camera showed the delivery of the packages – one was in a box, which appeared to be sealed, and the other was in an envelope which appeared to have been opened and folded shut. The resident’s wife signed for the packages upon delivery. However, when the resident opened the packages, one iPhone was missing. The resident contacted Walmart, which was the vendor, and FedEx, but neither offered to compensate the resident for the missing phone.

On Dec. 24, a Saxon Woods Road resident reported a package valued at $70, and delivered from Target, was stolen from the resident’s doorstep.

On Dec. 21, police observed a red pick-up truck pass through a stop sign on Boulevard. Police conducted a traffic stop and realized the driver – George F Thompson, Jr., 31, of Yonkers – was wanted on an active bench warrant issued out of Yonkers. Police then arrested Thompson on the strength of the bench warrant and also on the charges of failure to stop at a stop sign, operating a motor vehicle without insurance and having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle on a highway. Following his arrest, Thompson was turned over to Yonkers police.

On Dec. 23, around 6:40 a.m., police responded to East Parkway on the report of man who might be in in need of assistance. There, they encountered and interviewed Nicholas Greco, 38, of Bronxville. Investigation revealed that Greco was wanted by Eastchester police on an active bench warrant for burglary charges. Police arrested Greco, and Greco was turned over to the Eastchester police department.

On Dec. 23, a Stonewall Lane house was burglarized. Police learned of the event after an alarm sounded. Investigation of the house determined unlawful entry had been made, and the master bedroom had been ransacked. Property and at least $100 cash were stolen.

Stolen car
A Wayside Lane resident reported her car, containing her house key, was stolen from Long Island Dec. 25. She asked police to check her house to make sure it was in good order.

Criminal mischief
A driver said his 2022 Audi was tampered with while parked at an electric charging station at Freightway Garage Dec. 19. Police observed damage to the car.

Identity theft
On Dec. 22, a Lawrence Road woman reported that an American Express gift card was used to make a fraudulent purchase without her permission. The card was issued on Dec. 2, 2021 and allegedly used to purchase unknown goods on Nov. 25, 2022.

A Dunham Road man reported that someone hacked his food delivery app and ordered food without his permission. He spoke with the vendor who was going to provide him with a full refund.

Domestic matter
A Cooper Road caller asked for help with a “verbal altercation with her sister that turned physical” Dec. 22. The sister allegedly pushed a door into the caller. There were allegedly six adults home at the time of the altercation. Police responded to the scene and mediated issues between the siblings. It was determined that no physical contact was made. The sisters agreed to avoid each other until they can sit down and discuss their matters at a later time.

An 83-year-old Saxon Woods Road woman died at home, in her assisted living facility, Dec. 19. The cause of her death was natural causes.

Air tag
An Elm Road girl received a notification on her phone that she was being tracked via an “air tag” Dec. 21. The girl said she did not own an Air Tag device and was therefore concerned. Additionally, the girl reported that several fake social media accounts had been created in her name without her consent. Police advised the family to contact Apple to disable and air tag tracking associated with the account.

Missing items
On Dec. 19, a Richbell Road woman reported that a cleaning woman, whom she hired about a month ago, was moving items within the house and possibly stealing things. The woman said she was not concerned with the value of the items because they were “sentimental items.” She would not provide police with the alleged cleaning woman’s name. She said she wanted to speak to a detective later, when her husband was present.

An East Parkway bank manager reported seeing a man lingering on the sidewalk outside her window and looking in her window Dec. 22. The man left the area when the manager left the bank and, to her knowledge, never entered the bank. She reported the incident due to recent incidents involving skimming devices and hidden surveillance cameras being placed inside the bank.

A caller asked police to check the welfare of a Lebanon Road resident Dec. 19. Police made contact with an attorney via the resident’s doorbell camera. The attorney said the resident passed away in June of this year and the house was in good order. Police informed the caller of the situation.

At 11:20 p.m., Dec. 21, a Johnson Road woman was worried about her husband because he was expected to arrive home, via a train from Grand Central Station, and he was not answering his phone. Police located the man who said he was en route to his house.

Police collected newspapers and a package strewn about outside a Hanover Road house and placed them near the front door, in a location that was not visible from the road, Dec. 25.

Bank error
A caller reported having trouble with a bank ATM on Wilmot Road Dec. 22. She said the ATM “froze” and malfunctioned after she deposited cash and a check. Police helped the caller contact a bank representative to correct the error.

Civil matter
A Greenacres Avenue resident reported that a neighbor’s tree cutting crew came onto her lawn without her permission Dec. 21. Police suggested that the neighbor and the resident open lines of communication to discuss work being done on or near the property line to avoid potential incidents.

On Dec. 21, a man reported that his ex-wife violated a custodial agreement last night and would not let him see his son. Police determined the agreement was a verbal agreement and not court-ordered. Police advised the man to follow up in family court.

Pedestrian struck
A 2021 Jeep struck a pedestrian who was legally in the crosswalk of East Parkway and Popham Road Dec. 22. The pedestrian reported arm pain but was alert and conscious. He also reported that his umbrella and airpods were damaged as a result of the accident. He refused medical attention.

Cars and roadways
A car was dropped off at Edgewood School and left there overnight Dec 18 into Dec. 19. Police contacted the owner who said the car’s battery died and that her son would come to jump start the car and retrieve it. Police reminded her that no one was permitted on school grounds after dark.
Police asked a driver to move a truck that was blocking traffic on Crane Road and Woodland Place Dec. 19.
Police checked on debris outside a Boulevard house Dec. 19. The resident confirmed it was garbage and could be thrown out by the sanitation department.
Police notified the highway department about a fallen branch on Mamaroneck Road Dec. 19.
A tow truck removed a disabled car from Popham and Chase roads Dec. 19.
A car parked in Freightway Garage was observed with the passenger door fully open after midnight Dec. 20. Police could not determine if anything was missing, and they closed the door.
Patrol stood by while a mechanic changed a flat tire on Post Road Dec. 20. Patrol later stood by while another disabled car was towed from Post Road that same day.
A large SUV was not fully pulled into a parking space on Scarsdale Avenue, making it difficult for traffic to pass behind it Dec. 20. Police contacted the owner to move the SUV.
A water main broke on Garth Road Dec. 20. The water department was notified.
Police received many calls about a woman walking on the roadway on Weaver Street and Heathcote Road Dec. 20 and 21.
A caller complained about cars parked too close to a Freightway Road building in an alleyway Dec. 22. Police explained that the cars were parked on private property and not on public streets. The caller was not satisfied with the reply and said he would speak with Village Hall. Police advised him to speak with the building owner and not Village Hall.
On Dec. 22, police conducted a traffic stop after observing a 29-year-old Bronx driver pass through a red light at Popham and Chase roads. A computer check showed that the driver’s license was suspended. Multiple summonses were issued. The driver parked and secured his car on East Parkway and took a train to return home to the Bronx.
Con Edison was called to address a fallen wire on Boulder Brook Road Dec. 23.
A Village tree fell on Carstensen Road Dec. 23, knocking into a resident’s gate, pulling down wires and blocking the roadway. Con Edison and highway workers were called to address the matter.
On Dec. 24, a Lyons Road resident reported that sewage was backing up into her house. The highway department was notified.
Frozen pipes were reported at the highway department building on Ramsey Road Dec. 24.
On Dec. 24, police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Corell Road.
The water department was notified about a water main break affecting Penn Blvd. and Franklin and Stratton roads.

After a neighbor complained of loud barking, police asked a Cohawney Road dog owner to bring the dog in for the night Dec. 19.

Lost and found
On Dec. 20, a credit card was found outside at East Parkway and Christie Place. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

On Dec. 23, a suitcase found on East Parkway was collected and vouchered for safekeeping by police.

On Dec. 19, firefighters assisted at a car accident at Post and Fenimore roads.

On Dec. 20, firefighters assisted at a car accident at Boulder Brook and Saxon Woods roads.

On Dec. 20, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Fairview Road.

On Dec. 21, a broken steam pipe released steam into a Madison Road basement. A caller mistook the steam for smoke and called firefighters to investigate.

A dumpster filled with construction debris caught fire on Richbell Road Dec. 21. Because the source of the fire was so deep in the dumpster, firefighters needed to use a deck gun at low pressure to fill the dumpster with water to extinguish most of the fire. Then, firefighters opened a rear door of the dumpster to remove some debris and continue attacking the deep source of the cooling fire with an attack line. Once the fire was fully extinguished, firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to confirm that the fire was completely out. Firefighters continued to empty debris from the dumpster to overhaul it.

On Dec. 21, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on exterior piping at a Fairview Road house.

A chemical odor was reported on Ridgedale Road Dec. 21. It was traced to a fire pit. Firefighters advised the homeowner to safely extinguish the fire.

On Dec. 22, Con Edison red tagged a malfunctioning boiler in a Rochambeau Road house.

Firefighters reported to Con Edison a fallen tree limb resting on wires on Heathcote Road Dec. 22.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak in a Greenacres Avenue house Dec. 23.

On Dec. 23, firefighters were dispatched to a Spencer Place restaurant for a reported interior gas odor. The manager stated that the odor was concentrated around a gas-fired water heater, which he turned off after smelling gas. Firefighters and Con Edison checked the water heater and determined it to be malfunctioning. Con Edison red-tagged the water heater for repair. Further investigation of the building detected gas readings at the basement foundation wall, which were caused by four propane tanks stored in a basement closet. The building manager was advised to remove the tanks.

On Dec. 23, firefighters were called to a Fox Meadow Road house for reported smoke inside the house. It was caused by a flue remaining closed in the fireplace. Firefighters opened the flue, ventilated the house and advised the homeowner on proper fireplace usage.

On Dec. 24, boiler exhaust condensate froze outside a Ramsey Road building. Firefighters advised the Village on how to address the matter so it does not continue to occur.

On Dec. 24, firefighters assisted Greenville fire department with a partially extinguished chimney fire.

On Dec. 25, firefighters investigated smoke coming from a chimney at Fox Meadow School. There, they found malfunctioning boilers and shut them down, as the smoke odor indicated there was incomplete diesel combustion. While on scene, Con Edison detected a malfunctioning kitchen range, shut it down and red-tagged it.

On Dec. 25, a frozen sprinkler pipe broke in a Cayuga Road house. Firefighters shut off the water and contacted the homeowner.

Firefighters assisted with a broken water pipe in a Mamaroneck Road house Dec. 25.

A pipe leading to an outdoor sprinkler at a Griffen Avenue house froze and broke Dec. 25. The pipe was spraying water into the backyard and did not seem to be infiltrating the interior of the house. Firefighters and police attempted to contact the homeowner but were unsuccessful.

On Dec. 25, water was observed near a basement window of a Brewster Road house. Police contacted the homeowner who said arrangements were being made to address the situation. Police and firefighters asked the highway department to salt the roadway near the pooling water.

On Dec. 25, water was leaking from a Brewster Road garage. Firefighters entered the garage and turned off the water. They notified the homeowner about the situation.

On Dec. 25, firefighters shut off water in the Saxon Woods Golf Clubhouse, on Mamaroneck Road, after a leak was detected due to burst pipes and a lack of heat.

Water was leaking from an interior sprinkler system in a Griffen Avenue clubhouse Dec. 25. Firefighters isolated and shut down water pipes and performed salvage work in the clubhouse dining room.

Firefighters isolated a water leak and shut down pipes in a Mamaroneck Road house Dec. 25.

On Dec. 25, a Montrose Road house filled with smoke from a Duraflame log that was emitting an excessive amount of smoke. Firefighters extinguished the fire and moved the artificial logs outside. Firefighters examined the fireplace and found it to be very dirty with a buildup of creosote. Firefighters ventilated the house and advised the residents to inspect the chimney before using it again.

On Dec. 25, firefighters addressed a burst pipe in a Brewster Road garage.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This report covering police and fire department activity from Dec. 19 – 25 has been compiled from official information.

This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

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