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eggsStolen car: A 2012 Honda, worth $17,000, was stolen from a Garden Road driveway June 23. She said the car had been locked, and one set of keys was missing.

An Garth Road woman reported her wallet and credit cards had been stolen from her on East Parkway June 20. She said her credit cards had been used without her permission.

Car break-in
A Park Road woman reported that a man was in her driveway and attempted to enter one of her parked cars June 23. A doorbell camera recorded the incident.

Disorderly conduct
Someone was using a hot plate to cook eggs inside the Scarsdale Public Library June 20. A library employee told police that she thought the person was attempting to play a prank by using the hot plate, and other individuals nearby were interacting with the person cooking the eggs. Once the person cooking the eggs was reprimanded, the other individuals reacted, took videos, and they all left together. None of the people were making use of library materials and therefore did not seem to have any legitimate reason to be at the library. All individuals were described as male teens, and they have been seen throwing a football inside the library in the past. Police told library employees to contact them immediately if the pranksters return to the library.

On June 20, a Fox Meadow Road resident reported that he heard suspicious “muffled talking and scratching noises” outside his house on June 19 and 20. Police advised him to put preemptive security measures in place.

On June 25, a Sprague Road resident reported he was being targeted and harassed by unknown parties.

On June 20, a Herkimer Road resident reported an eight-foot aluminum extension ladder was stolen from his yard. He last saw the ladder one week ago. Later the resident called back to say he found the ladder

Domestic matter
On June 22, a woman asked for help because she alleged that her son had her car and she wanted it back. Police contacted the son who said the car was at an auto body shop following an accident. The auto body shop confirmed the story and said they were awaiting payment from the insurance company before releasing the car. The woman said she would follow up with the insurance company.

On June 20, a Clarence Road resident reported that a neighbor was habitually harassing landscapers every Tuesday. He said the neighbor sits in his car watching landscapers and then calls police for no reason, making false accusations about gas leaf blowers.

Civil matters
On June 20, a Murray Hill Road resident reported that a paving company ripped up part of his driveway. The company reported it would return to repair the damage.

On June 21, an Edgewood woman reported that her husband hired a person to walk the dog and clean the house, and the woman did not want the person in her house.

Police mediated a discussion with the woman and her husband. They agreed that the person would not clean the house, but the person would still walk the dog, due to the woman’s alleged unwillingness to walk the dog.

Cars and roadways
On June 20, a large truck got stuck on Popham Road, causing traffic to back up. Police notified proper authorities to resolved the matter.

Police helped a driver find her parked car in the area of Montrose and Farley roads June 21.

On June 21, police issued a summons to a driver who parked his car, blocking a driveway on Circle Road.

Police asked a driver to move his car from a Montrose Road parking lot June 22.

A FedEx truck struck a parked car on Broadmoor Road June 22.

Police noticed a parked car with its window down on Brewster Road June 23. Police rolled up the window and notified the owner, who said the car had been left that way.

A woman reported that someone hit her car and left a note. On June 24, she asked police to help her contact the owner of the car.

Polices issued a summons to the owner of a car parked in front of a fire hydrant on Paddington Road June 24.
Wires strung on Crane Road were allegedly blocking a clear view on Crane Road June 24. Police notified the highway department.

Polices issued a summons to the owner of a car parked in the wrong direction on Woodland Place June 25.
A large trench was being dug on Hampton Road, making the roadway impassable June 25. Police advised workers that the trench was not properly marked, and there was no permit in place for the work.

Four car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

On June 23, a person walked into headquarters with a black and white Huskie found loose on Morris Lane. The person said he knew to whom the dog belonged. Police contacted the owner, and the owner picked up the dog.

On June 24, a turtle was reportedly struck by a car on Brewster Road. Police canvassed the area but did not see a struck turtle.

On June 24, a Woodland Place resident complained that a neighbor allowed her dog to defecate on his property. The neighbor allegedly cleaned up after the dog and left, but the resident was not happy about it.

On June 26, firefighters helped a rabbit that was stuck inside a Greenacres Avenue window well. Firefighters opened the basement window, causing some minor damage with the homeowner’s permission. They then chased the rabbit into a bucket and released it, unharmed, in the back yard.

Residents were burning sensitive papers in a metal container in a Cohawney Road back yard June 26. Firefighters advised the residents to extinguish the fire.

Village code
On June 25, police issued a summons to landscapers who were using engine-driven tools prior to permissible working hours.

Police advised a Ferncliff Road resident to lower the volume of music after a neighbor complained of noise June 25.

On June 26, a Franklin Road resident reported that a neighbor put out garbage too early, and animals got into it and made a mess. The neighbor said he would consolidate the garbage and clean up the mess.

Lost and found
A Sprague Road resident reported finding lost property in his backyard in April. He gave it to police on June 25, for safekeeping.

A passerby found a wallet at Chase Road Park and gave it to police June 26.

On June 20, a makeshift outdoor pizza oven caught fire when Duraflame logs’ flames got too high at a Tompkins Avenue house. Firefighters helped the resident put out the fire using a water hose and a water can.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Brite Avenue and Fenimore Road June 20.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas alarm activation on Barry Road June 21.

Firefighters assisted at car accidents on Harcourt Road and at Post and Oxford roads June 21.

Firefighters checked a Leatherstocking Lane house for carbon monoxide after an alarm sounded in error June 22.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a potential gas leak on Carmen Road June 23.

Firefighters helped clean up spilled gasoline in a Mercer Court house June 23.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Mamaroneck and Saxon Woods roads June 24.

On June 26, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway, in which the driver fled the scene.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 20-26 has been compiled from official information.

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wristletArrested: On June 14, after encountering a suspicious car, with a flat tire and no license plates attempting to make an illegal U-turn near Weaver Street and Old Lyme Road, police conducted a traffic stop. They discovered the 2006 BMW was unregistered and lacked insurance. Also, the driver – Mahadi Mervyn Kinlow, 23, from NYC – did not have a valid license. His learner’s permit had been suspended for failing to answer 11 summonses. Kinlow was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed driving, an unregistered vehicle, driving without insurance, a license violation and other related offenses. He was released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket for Village Justice Court.

Car break-in attempted
Video surveillance at a Ross Road house captured a man walking up a resident’s driveway and attempt to open the door of a locked car at 2:52 a.m., June 15. The suspect then got into a car that had stopped on the street, and he left the scene.

A Walworth Avenue woman reported a man in gray sweatpants, black sneakers and a black and white hoodie walked up her driveway and attempted to open the door of a locked car at 1:30 a.m., June 15.

On June 16, a Carstensen Road woman reported that a man got out of a white Chevy Tahoe, walked up her driveway and attempted to open the doors of locked cars during the overnight period.

Identity theft
On June 14, a Highland Way resident reported a fraudulent business LLC and a corresponding account were opened in her husband’s name. Police provided information on how to close the account.

An Edgewood resident reported an incident of harassment June 16. She said a male acquaintance has been speaking and acting aggressively toward her, including driving his car within inches of hitting her car. She said she believed the harassment was related to her “appearing older and weaker as a female.”

On June 19, a Fox Meadow Road resident reported someone rang his doorbell in the night and ran away. Police urged the resident to report the incident quickly if it ever happens again.

Missing key
On June 13, a Sheldrake Road resident reported that a key fob to his car went missing inside the house. He said his chauffeur was the person to have possession of the key, and the car was safely parked inside the garage. The only people who allegedly had access to the house were the chauffeur, the chef and the housekeeper.

Police were called to resolve a verbal dispute between a Lyft driver and an irate customer on Greenacres Avenue June 13. The customer left the car before police arrived.

Police helped an elderly man find his parked car in Greeancres June 15. He had parked the car but had gotten confused due to construction June 15.

A Mamaroneck Road woman called police stating that a live-in aide was fired but would not leave the house June 16. When police arrived, they found the aide upstairs packing her things. She said she needed to notify her agency and the woman’s son. Police stood by while she left. The son said he would be over that evening.

A Hampton Road house’s front door was accidentally left open June 19. Police checked he house and secured the door.

Police assisted an out-of-town driver who got lost while coming from Eastchester and may have been disregarding traffic control devices while allegedly “following the precise directions of her GPS” June 19. Police provided better directions and urged the driver to obey posted traffic signs.

Civil matter
On June 16, a Christie Place business manager requested assistance with a customer who would not leave at the end of the day. The customer said he needed help with ongoing issues with a loan. Police advised the customer the business was closing.

Bicyclist hit
A car accident involving a bicyclist was reported at Mamaroneck and Murray Hill roads June 19. The bicyclist refused medial attention.

Cars and roadways
An East Parkway business owner called 911 to ask police to help two customers get out of tight parking spaces June 13. Police cleared the 911 line and dispatched an officer; however the drivers had managed to move their cars before police arrived.

On June 15, police advised workers to move their cars because they were blocking Woods Lane driveways.

Police notified the Highway Department to remove a dead raccoon from Weaver Street June 15.

On June 17, a driver complained about a parking ticket she received on East Parkway. Police advised her to settle the matter in Village Court.

Con Edison was notified about a sparking wire on Bradford Road June 16.

Firefighters set up a perimeter for safety reasons.

Police notified the highway department to remove a dead opossum from Jefferson Road June 18.

Two car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

On June 13, a Heathcote Road resident was informed that neighbors were complaining about the resident’s “barking dog.“ The dog, however, was not barking when police arrived on scene.

A Cushman Road woman reported a wolf was in her backyard June 16. Police arrived and noted a baby coyote was in the yard – not a wolf. The animal ran away when police approached.

A coyote was reported on Colby Lane June 16.

Village code
On June 14, police advised Wakefield Road residents to keep party noise levels down. Guests were dispersing.

Police advised a group of soccer players that they needed a permit to play soccer on Quaker Ridge School field June 15.

A private sanitation truck was picking up garbage from the 7-Eleven store on Scarsdale Avenue around 2:30 a.m., June 17. Police advised the crew of the allowable hours for pickups.

Police stood by while noisy kids were picked up from a graduation party June 17.

On June 18, police dispersed kids in noisy cars from Wildwood Road.

Lost and found
On June 13, a man reported losing his wallet near Fenimore and Fox Meadow roads. After an intensive search, police found the wallet and returned it to him.

A driver came to headquarters to report that his car’s license plate was missing June 13.

On June 14, a Greenacres Avenue resident reported that an unknown person unzipped her backpack on the MetroNorth train and possibly stole her wallet. It was described as a small black wristlet.

On June 15, an Archer Lane resident reported losing a front license plate.

A passerby found car keys on an East Parkway bench and returned them to their owner, who owned a nearby business June 19.

A natural gas odor alerted firefighters to a gas leak near the stove in a Garth Road building June 15. Con Edison was notified for investigation.

On June 16, a lightning strike was reported outside a Bradford Road house. The resident then reported smelling smoke. Firefighters were called to check the house.

There, they found multiple breakers tripped in the basement. The burning odor was coming from a laundry room on the first floor, where a light switch was smoking.

The resident stated lightning struck a tree in the backyard, and the light switch sparked, prior to firefighters’ arrival. Firefighters removed the light switch and found no extension. They shut off the power. Then they found an additional burning odor from a smoldering flexible dryer exhaust line and insulation in the wall. One bay of sheetrock was removed in laundry room, and no extension was found. Laundry room breakers were powered off. Smoldering material was removed from the house. The resident was advised to contact an electrician to check the panel, a general contractor to fix wall, and an appliance repairperson to evaluate the washer and dryer. The backyard area was taped off around the damaged tree.

On June 17, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Haverford Road.

An unattended fire pit was smoking on Palmer Avenue June 17. Firefighters doused the smoldering pit with water.

On June 18, firefighters stood by for Con Edison and created a safety perimeter around arcing wires on Boulevard and Bradley roads.

On June 19, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Sycamore Road.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 13-19 has been compiled from official information.

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jewelryboxArrested: On May 24, police arrested Aaron Duncan, 54, of North Salem, on charges of driving with an expired registration and lack of insurance following a traffic stop for the violations. When checking Duncan’s profile, police learned there were active arrest warrants for Duncan issued out of White Plains. Police held Duncan at headquarters until police from White Plains arrived and picked him up.

On May 26, a defendant – Kyle Joseph Mori, 20, of Greenwich, CT – turned himself in at headquarters on an arrest warrant. Mori is accused of using a Park Road friend’s $40,000 Volvo without permission and involving the Volvo in a car accident. Mori was released on his own recognizance and issued a return ticket for Village Justice Court.

A Paddington Road man reported his wife’s jewelry box, containing $35,000 worth of jewelry, was stolen from their house while contractors and telephone workers were present in the house, in the company of his wife, May 28.

Car break-ins
On May 25, a Farley Road resident reported cars parked in his driveway overnight were entered and approximately $10 in coins were stolen.

Identity theft
On May 23, a Cohawney Road resident reported someone attempted to open an account using his personal identity information. The attempts were blocked by his bank.

On May 26, a Gorham Road resident reported a previous incident of identity theft.

On May 26, a Birchall Drive caller reported an unknown person rang her doorbell shortly before midnight and left the scene.

A Coralyn Road resident received a package from Africa and called police because he thought it was suspicious May 27. The package contained a $20 Amazon gift card. The resident threw it away.

On May 27, a Sheldrake Drive caller reported an unknown person rang her doorbell around 4 a.m. and left the scene. Doorbell camera footage showed a man ringing the doorbell. Police found him in the area. He said he had been at a friend’s house and was waiting for an Uber when his cell phone died. He claimed to have rung the wrong doorbell. Police arranged for a taxi to drive him home.

A smoke detector in a dumpster was the source of an unusual beeping sound heard on Horseguard Lane May 29.

A Circle Road woman reported a portion of her fence was missing and she didn’t know why. Police spoke with the woman’s neighbor who said the fence had gotten damaged in a storm, and she threw out the portion of the damaged fence.

On May 23, a pedestrian was struck by a car at East Parkway and Spencer Place May 23. She was crossing he street in a crosswalk when a 2015 Chrysler struck her on her left side. She was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Police issued the driver a summons for failing to yield the right of way to the pedestrian.

On May 28, a Taunton Road woman reported her 12-year-old son had almost been hit by a car that failed to yield while the boy was trying to walk his bike across the street in the crosswalk at Post and Edgewood roads.

A woman claimed she was pushed by a man at the Scarsdale train station following a disagreement May 28.

Domestic matter
A husband and wife each called police to report that, respectively, they were having a dispute in Edgewood and needed assistance May 28. The wife claimed her husband would not let her eat her dinner. The husband denied the accusation.

Civil matter
On May 24, a Weaver Street resident reported an incident with a hired contractor. The incident involved an argument over services performed and monies owed, after which the contractor allegedly said words to the resident that made her feel uncomfortable about her property.

A woman reported that items were missing from her mother’s Ridgecrest West house May 28. She believed the items, including jewelry, keys and household items, were taken by her siblings who had temporarily been staying at the house from February to April.

Cars and roadways
On May 23, police notified the highway department to remove a fallen limb on wires in front of Madison Road.

A tree was struck by lighting on Vernon Road and a branch was dangling over the street May 23. The highway department was notified, and police marked off the area with caution tape.

Police issued a warning to the owner of a car parked on Chesterfield Road, blocking a driveway, May 23. The owner promptly moved the car at police request.

Verizon was notified about a fallen wire at Heathcote Road and Morris Lane May 23.

A Verizon work truck rear-ended a Ford parked on White Road May 24.

Police asked workers to move vehicles on Morris Lane May 24.

A pothole was reported on Greenacres Avenue May 24.

Con Edison was notified about branches on wires on Rock Creek Lane May 24.

Optimum was notified about fallen wires on Heathcote Road May 24.

Police advised a Fox Meadow Road resident to set up reflective curb markers to prevent cars from parking too close to his driveway May 25.

Police noted a street sign was missing from Mamaroneck and Cushman roads May 27.

Police directed traffic around a road closure due to a fallen primary wire at Weaver Street an Griffen Avenue May 28.

The highway department was notified about a fallen tree on Brewster Road May 28.

Water was flowing into Brewster Road from a clogged sump pump drainage system at a nearby house May 28.

Water was flowing out of a manhole at Secor Road and Reynal Crossing May 28. The highway department was informed for follow-up.

A large branch was removed from Myrtledale and Ransom roads May 28.

Police noted a street sign was missing from Tunstall and Madison roads May 27.

A driver reported a falling stop sign struck her car while she was exiting the Bronx River Parkway at Ardsley Road May 29. The falling stop sign allegedly damaged the driver’s car.

Police reunited a lost dog with its owner, a resident of the Village, May 24.

On May 24, a coyote was reported on Brewster Road.

Police checked on a dog inside a parked car on Bell Road May 24. The rear hatch of the car was open and the dog appeared healthy. It had a large bowl of water accessible, and the car was not excessively hot.

Kids told police about an injured rabbit in Chase Park May 24. The rabbit did not appear to be gravely injured, but it did seem to be in need of care. Police placed the animal in a clean, dark container with a bottle of warm water for warmth and contacted an animal rehabilitation specialist for assistance.

A dog was reported to be relaxing in an unoccupied car parked on Carman Road May 25. Police checked and confirmed the dog was safe with the door propped open.
On May 27, a bird got stuck in the batting cage. Police opened the cage to release the bird.

A Mayflower Road resident reported a deer was on her property and “was refusing to leave” May 27. It was gone when police arrived.

Village code
On May 24, a Rural Drive solicitor on a Segway was advised that he needed a permit to solicit in the Village.

Police asked noisy kids to keep their voices low while socializing outside on their Sprague Road back patio at night, after neighbors complained May 24.

The manager of a Mamaroneck Road stable reported loud music from a nearby house was disturbing the horses May 25. The situation corrected itself.

On May 26, a Brookby Road homeowner was ordered to obtain a permit before workers on her property could continue tree removal work. The tree in question had fallen during a recent storm, the homeowner said.

On May 29, police advised Richelieu Road residents about a noise complaint about a loud party going on at their house. The residents agreed to reduce the volume of the noise.

Lost and found
On May 24, a passerby found an Apple Air-pod case at the high school track and gave it to the police for safekeeping.

On May 27, a passerby found a purse on Greenacres Avenue and gave it to police. Police returned it to its owner.

An ID card from Guatemala and other personal documents were found on East Parkway May 27.

On May 28, a Palmer Avenue woman reported a lost credit card was placed in her mailbox. Police attempted to return the card to its owner, but was unable to do so.

On May 23, a generator was causing elevated levels of carbon monoxide in a Lenox Place home. Firefighters ventilated the house and suggested relocating the generator.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a burning wire that was falling May 23.

Firefighters assisted with a damaged tree on Sycamore Road and assisted by picking up debris from a previous car accident on Crane Road May 23.

Firefighters opened a storm drain cover to retrieve a person’s keys that had dropped into it on East Parkway May 23.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident at Boulevard and Potter Road May 24.

Firefighters investigated a burning odor coming from a Huntington Avenue dryer May 24. They detected a problem with a dryer belt but no fire. A neighbor stopped by and was concerned about the emergency. Firefighters assured her it had no impact on her house.

On May 24, firefighters assisted an Aspen Road resident with an inoperable sump pump and advised the resident to contact a plumber.

Workers were found to be using an improperly constructed trench drain on Fenimore Road May 25. Firefighters shut down he job site and contacted the building department to make sure the trench drain was safe for use. It was determined it needed addition supports to ensure workers’ safety.

On May 27, welders working on a Palmer Avenue elevator ignited cardboard in an elevator shaft. Firefighters contained the fire and promptly extinguished it.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 23-30 has been compiled from official information.

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turtleOn June 12, at 4:45 a.m., police received a report of a driver asleep in a car with its engine running at East Parkway and Popham Road. The transmission was in drive mode, and the driver’s foot was on the brake. After an investigation, the driver – Virginia Catalano, 52, of Scarsdale – was arrested on charges of driving while ability impaired by drugs.

Stolen car
On June 6, a Willow Lane resident reported his 2020 BMW 840I was stolen from his driveway. It contained $2,000 custom golf clubs. Car keys for a Porsche, the stolen BMW, another BMW, and house keys were also stolen. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the house was unlawfully entered, and that is how the perpetrators got the keys.

On June 9, a caller reported that his bicycle had been stolen from outside the Scarsdale train station. It was described as a black Diamondback with a gray helmet attached.

Car break-ins
On June 10, a Graham Road resident reported that someone entered his parked car and stole two pairs of eyeglasses on June 10.

Stolen mail
A walk-in reported finding opened mail in the roadway at Brewster and Kingston roads that appeared to have contained checks June 7. The Postal Inspector was notified.

Police helped a man get in contact with his pregnant wife who was running late to pick him up from the train station June 9. All was in good order.
Police provided a courtesy ride to a woman from East Parkway to Hartsdale June 11.

On June 6, a white man in a bathing suit was reportedly singing to himself on the pedestrian bridge on Freightway Road. Valet staff said he left the area before police arrived.

On June 6, a woman reported a car was following her while she was out walking with her two children on Boulevard toward Davis Park. The car then made a U-turn, and the driver gestured for her to come to his car. She ignored it, turned around and went home with her kids.

A male driver reported being followed by a female driver who was making obscene gestures June 7. He told police the woman stopped following him near Popham Road.

On June 12, Springdale Road residents observed two men trespassing in driveway, apparently checking out cars.

Civil matters
Police stood by while a contractor removed his tools and equipment from a Weaver Street property following a dispute with the homeowner June 9.

An Edgewood woman reported her husband threw out her groceries and the bill she needed for their replacement cost June 10. Police advised both parties to stay away from each other.

On June 11, a Black Birch Lane cleaning woman reported she was having a disagreement with the homeowner about getting pad for work already performed. The homeowner alleged that the cleaner arrived late and was not being careful with the property. He asked the cleaner to leave. Police advised the parties that their dispute was civil in nature.

Car accidents
On June 6, a car struck a house on Wayside Lane. The 18-year-old male driver apparently lost control of the car while attempting to make a turn from Fox Meadow Road onto Wayside Lane. The car jumped the curb, across the lawn and struck the house. No injuries were reported, and all parties were out of the vehicle. The electrical meter on the house was compromised. Con Edison was called to evaluate. The building department determined structural damage to the house was not likely. Con Edison disconnected the electrical service to the house for vehicle removal by tow.

A driver reportedly hit a parked car while trying to get into her driveway on Overlook Road June 7.

A caller reported his car was struck while parked and unattended on Depot Place June 9.

An accident involving a school bus was reported at Secor and Mamaroneck roads June 10.

Cars and roadways
On June 6, police called a tow for a driver whose car broke down on Brewster Road.

Police picked up branches from Palmer Avenue June 7.

A pothole on Secor Avenue was reported June 8.

Police notified the water department of a loose sewer cap at Fenimore Road and Brite Avenue June 9.

A FedEx truck got stuck on a Reimer Road lawn and damaged the grass June 9. Police notified the homeowner.

Police informed the fire and water departments about a leaking fire hydrant on Montgomery Road June 9.

People sitting inside parked cars on Scarsdale Avenue were there to use their phones June 10.

Fallen wires were reported on Overhill Road June 10. Verizon was notified so the entrance to the parking lot could be cleared.

Police asked workers on Sherbrooke Road to move their truck to clear the roadway June 10.

Verizon was notified about low-hanging wires at Penn Boulevard and Weaver Street June 10.

Police removed a fallen branch from Griffen Avenue June 11.

Police called a tow for a driver with a flat tire on Griffen Avenue June 11.

Police secured a fence around a construction site on Madison Road June 10.

A person observed on doorbell camera footage, allegedly entering a Crossway house, was a delivery person dropping off a package June 10.

On June 7, a coyote reportedly charged at her dog while she was walking her dog on Cooper Road June 8.

On June 7, police helped free a baby opossum from backyard netting by cutting the netting.

Police guided a turtle from Mamaroneck Road into a wooded area June 8.

A Springdale Road resident complained about a neighbor’s dog who allegedly attacked her dog June 8. The resident said it was the fifth time the offending dog attacked her dog.

A turtle was observed on Oxford Road June 9. It crawled into George’s Field.

A caller reported seeing a crocodile in a pond on Tisdale Road June 12. Police canvassed the area and did not see any crocodiles.

Village code
On June 8, a woman was informed of a no-smoking code on Garth Road, and police asked her to extinguish her cigarette.

Following a noise complaint, police advised a Fenimore Road resident to keep the noise down. The resident said her son had invited some friends over, and she would insist that they keep quieter.

A car alarm on a Honda Odyssey was going off on Gorham Road, and it would not stop in the early morning hours of June 9. It was determined the owner of the car lived in White Plains. No contact data was found. Firefighters disconnected battery cables to silence the alarm. A note was left on the driver’s seat explaining why the battery had been disconnected. A noise violation summons was also issued.

Lost and found
On June 9, car keys were found on Rodney Road.

On June 11, a teen advised that he lost his learner’s permit somewhere in the Village.

A resident reported losing his driver’s license somewhere in the Village June 11.

On June 8, firefighters called Con Edison about a gas leak in a Gilmore Court house.

On June 8, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On June 9, firefighters were dispatched to a Bradford Avenue house for a smoking carbon monoxide alarm. They ventilated the space.

Con Edison was dispatched to Garth and Popham roads for a natural gas leak June 9.

On June 10, firefighters entered a Spier Road house in order to turn off a stove that had accidentally been left on. They removed an unattended scorched pot from the stovetop flame, and cooled it with water.

Firefighters helped to safely release a kitten stuck in a drainpipe leader on Cornell Street June 11. Firefighters. lowered rope with a knot ball tied at end of it. The kitten was able to climb on top of the ball, and it was raised up the leader pipe. The kitten was placed in a box, and the resident was told to bring it to the Humane Society in New Rochelle.

On June 12, on Corell Road, firefighters were called to a backyard grill fire. It started in the grill’s grease trap and was out when firefighters arrived. The fire was contained in the grill and did not cause any damage to the grill. Firefighters advised the resident to clean the grill before using it again.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 6-12 has been compiled by official information.

fallentreeA fierce storm hit Scarsdale late Sunday evening May 22, 2022 and took its toll on trees, homes and powerlines. Strong winds took down trees and branches and caused a telephone pole to snap at the intersection of Mamaroneck Road and Lenox Place. Trees fell on homes on Montrose Road and Hutchinson Avenue.

Police began receiving calls at 9 pm and tens of callers continued to report dangerous conditions until 11 pm.

According to Village Manager Rob Cole, the storm left 275 residents without power and closed the following streets:

* Post Rd (Farley to Kingston Roads)

* Lenox Place (at Mamaroneck Road)

* Heathcote Road (Morris to Sherbrooke Road)

* Palmer (Secor to Bansom Roads)

* Carthage Road (at Heathcote Road)

* Brookby Road

* Saxon Woods Road (at Crawford)

* White Road (by the Eastchester border)

Stolen cars
A white 2022 BMW X7, valued at $117,000, was stolen from an Eton Road driveway May 17. The car had been left unlocked with the keys inside.

A person walked into headquarters and reported two cars had been stolen from her driveway May 17. One was a gray 2019 Acura RDX and the other was a black 2008 Lexus RX30. On May 20, at 3:30 a.m., White Plains police reported a stolen car, the Acura, had been located in White Plains.

On May 18, a Park Road resident reported his 2022 black Volvo, valued at $40,000, was stolen from the Secor Road after he had left it there overnight after walking home from a party at 2 a.m. When he returned the next day to pick up the car, he realized it was no longer there. The car was later recovered by Westchester County police.

While on patrol, a Scarsdale police officer found himself behind a car that had been reported stolen a few nights ago. Police followed the car undetected while notifying headquarters. Then, on Rock Creek Lane, the car increased its speed and fled, escaping police on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Car break-ins
On May 16, a Paddington Road woman reported that someone entered her car overnight, rummaged through it and removed a bag of change. Her dog was barking unusually during the night and she believes it might have been when the car was entered.

On May 16, a Drake Road resident reported his cars were entered overnight, but nothing was taken. Video footage showed the perpetrators wearing masks and hoods.

On May 16, a Madison Road resident reported his car was entered overnight, but nothing was taken.

A parked car was blocking a Burgess Road driveway May 19. Police asked the driver to move the car.

On May 20, a Graham Road resident reported a car in her driveway had been entered. She was at an airport and said she’d report more details after she returned home.

Approximately six dollars was stolen from a parked car in a Lawrence Road driveway May 20.

On May 20, a Graham Road resident reported his car was entered but nothing was taken.

On May 20, a Donellan Road resident reported her video surveillance camera captured someone walking up the driveway in black pants, a black hoodie and reflective sneakers. The person ostensibly attempted to enter a parked car, since a neighbor’s car was rummaged through during the same time.

Identity theft
The owner of a Kensington Road house stated that a website posted fraudulent information about house, fraudulently indicating it was the location of a 12-step drug rehab program.

On May 16, a resident received calls from someone alleging to be an IRS officer, requesting a payment of $10,000. Police advised it was a scam.

Criminal mischief
On May 20, a Boulevard resident reported his house had been egged at 2 a.m., May 19. Video footage captured a group of kids exiting a parked car and throwing eggs at the house. They then got back in the car and drove off.

Civil matter
An Olmsted Road woman reported she was in litigation with a party known to her family, and she believed the party was stalking her. She said she believed the person drove onto her street and looked at her through his closed car window. She later discovered an issue with one of her car’s fuel tanks and wondered if he caused the issue. Police advised to wait for further information from her mechanic.

On May 19, a Bell Road resident told police he was uncomfortable with his mother’s boyfriend being at their house, due to a verbal argument over the resident having friends over. Police helped mediate the dispute.

A Fox Meadow Road man reported he was disturbed by his neighbor’s lacrosse balls coming into his yard May 21. The neighbor said he would set up his lacrosse net differently in order to avoid errant balls.

A man said he had walked from Mamaroneck and was looking for the train station at 2:30 a.m., May 19. Police provided him with a courtesy ride to the station.

Storm damage
A Hutchinson Avenue resident reported a tree fell and struck the house May 22.
A tree fell and struck a house on Montrose Road May 22. The roof of the master bedroom was impacted, but no one was injured. The tree also knocked down power lines. Firefighters helped evacuate the resident and notified the building department.
A tree fell on Sycamore Road May 22.
A tree fell on Mamaroneck Road May 22.
A large branch fell from a private tree on Quentin Road May 22.
A large tree fell on Weaver Street near Quaker Ridge Road May 22.
A tree fell on Saxon Woods Road May 22.
A tree fell on Secor Road, blocking Marjory Lane, May 22.
Branches and fallen wires were reported on Carthage Lane May 22.
Police closed one lane of Bypass due to a downed tree May 22.
Large trees fell on Mamaroneck Road blocking traffic lanes May 22.
A telephone pole snapped on Mamaroneck Road and Lenox Place, pulling down primary wires May 22.
Additional fallen trees were reported on Brookby and Wynmor roads and on Palmer Avenue May 22.
A fallen tree knocked down wires on Carthage Road May 22.
Police closed Wynmor Road because of a fallen tree May 22.
A fallen tree on Heathcote Road was blocking a fire hydrant May 22.
A fallen tree struck primary wires at Brewster and Farley roads May 22. Con Edison was notified.
A large tree fell on wires at Lincoln and Carthage roads May 22. Police blocked off the area with tape.
On May 22, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of dangerous fallen wires and to ensure public safety.
Firefighters shut off utilities at a Sycamore Road house to protect the house from damage due to a split tree near the house and utilities May 23.

Cars and roadways
Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Paddington Road May 16.

A driver called police to say he was in a truck approaching a low bridge at 12:30 a.m., May 14. He could not provide his specific location. Police transferred the call to Westchester County police.

An empty, broken suitcase was left on Brewster Road May 17. Police asked the sanitation department to pick up the suitcase.

Police removed small fallen branches from Sheldrake Road and taped off an area around a large limb, pending removal by the highway department.

On May 19, police helped a driver whose car ran out of gas on Popham Road while a passerby offered to get gasoline for the car.

On May 21, police stood by a burning wire to prevent partygoers from getting too close to it on Ferncliff Road.

Police replaced a loose manhole cover on Reynal Crossing May 23.

One car accident was officially reported in the Village this week.

A coyote was reported on Hillandale Close May 16.

A dog got loose and ended up in a neighbor’s yard on Dolma Road May 16. Police leashed it and returned it to its owner. The owner was issued a warning.

On May 18, a Claremont Road woman found a loose dog in White Plains. She brought it home, and police transported it to its owner.

In the interest of public safety, police shot a sick raccoon in a Crane Road parking lot.

A caller reported a dog was inside a parked Tesla on East Parkway and was concerned about the dog’s safety May 20. Police checked on the dog and noticed the car was in “dog mode” and the air conditioning was on.

A dead dog was reported on Post Road May 22. When police got to the scene, they observed the animal was actually a dead opossum. The highway department was informed for pickup.

Village code
Police issued a summons to a landscaper for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code May 18.

A neighbor complained of loud teens in a Normandy Lane backyard May 18. Police told the parents to make sure the kids stayed quiet.

Police advised a Mamaroneck Road facility that neighbors had complained about loud music being played at the site May 19.

On May 21, police advised Franklin Road workers they were not permitted to start work until 10 a.m. on Saturdays.

Police advised a Drake Road resident to turn down music volume after neighbors complained of noise May 21.

Lost and found
A passerby found a lock-picking car on a Lockwood Road property and gave it to the homeowner May 16. Police disposed of it.

On May 16, an employee at a Mamaroneck Road kitchen used an extinguisher to put out a kitchen flat top grill grease fire before firefighters arrived. Firefighters shut gas supply to the grill and notified the health department.

Firefighters assisted with cleanup after a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway May 16.

An odor in a Fox Meadow Road house was possibly related to an overcharged sump pump battery due to the fact that firefighters could not find another cause May 17.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of elevated gas levels caused by a leak on Walworth Avenue May 20.

Power washing equipment being used near a fresh air intake into a Hanover Road utility room caused elevated carbon monoxide levels in the house May 20.

Firefighters shut off the equipment and moved it away from the house, as the ventilated the house to restore air quality.

Secondary service wires were arcing and burning between Drake Road and an event facility where a wedding was taking place May 22. The wedding event had lost power, and firefighters provided exterior and interior lighting as a courtesy. They stood by to make sure all guests were safe and awaited Con Edison.

Firefighters informed the water department about a water leak in a Saxon Woods Road basement May 22.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 16-22 has been compiled from official information.

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