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Police Report: Hartsdale Driver Charge With DWI

SpaceHeaterArrested: On Jan. 29, at 1:57 a.m., police arrested Rocael Hernandez Agustin, 35, of Hartsdale, on charges of driving while intoxicated, operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 of one percent, speeding, a registration plate violation, and an insurance violation. Police identified Agustin’s car while it was speeding down Post Road at approximately 1:30 in the morning. Following his arrest, Agustin was released with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable on Feb. 14.

Missing car
On Jan. 22, a Scarsdale Avenue merchant reported that a vehicle may have been stolen from his lot. He further stated the vehicle's owner parks in the lot daily to access the train. He said he does not know if the vehicle was removed by the owner or an unknown party. He further stated he did not have any information on the vehicle and will call back upon speaking to the vehicle's owner.

Domestic dispute
A South Rectory Lane woman reported a verbal argument with her husband over a space heater Jan. 22. She stated the heater continuously trips the power circuit. She stated she wanted to upgrade the current heating system in order to no longer need the space heater. She stated contractors are on scene in order to initiate the process. Both parties agreed to use the heater in the meantime while they upgrade their heating system. Patrol advised both parties of the fire hazards while using a space heater.

Graffiti was found on the dugout of the Little League baseball field on Mamaroneck Road Jan. 25. The public works department was advised for cleanup.

Identity theft
On Jan. 26, a Crossway resident reported an incident of identity theft resulting in a loss of $49,000. Police advised him on how to follow up with his bank to report the loss and restore the funds.

Welfare check
A person called police to check the welfare of a Weaver Street man Jan. 22. Police went to the house and the man said he was OK and the person who requested the welfare check was a person who had a history of attempting to extort money from the man.

Police checked the welfare of a man’s 77-year-old wife who was not answering the door at her Fayette Road house Jan. 22. She was OK. She said she had been in the shower and was therefore unable to answer the door.

A water pipe burst at a Brite Avenue house Jan. 22. Police isolated the pipe and notified the homeowner who was not at home.

On Jan. 26, a woman reported seeing a person exit a small silver sedan on Wildwood Road and dump trash near her home.

A man was asking customers for money inside an East Parkway business Jan. 22. The owner advised police he did not want the man to have access to the business.

A homeless man was sleeping in a Popham Road stairwell due to cold temperatures Jan. 22. He was advised of nearby shelters but refused them. He told police he would be leaving the location. Later, a Popham Road manager advised of the homeless man sleeping on his stairwell. Police went to the location and stood by while the man gathered his belongings and left.

On Jan. 24, police dispersed a man sitting on Brewster Road with bags.

On Jan. 24, a person known to remove items from an East Parkway business took items into the bathroom, and the manager called police. Police advised the man he was no longer welcome in the business.

A Fox Meadow Road resident reported someone banged on his door after 11:30 p.m., Jan. 27. Police found no signs of criminality.

Footsteps heard outside a Richbell Road house and corresponding footprints in the snow appeared to have been made by an Amazon delivery driver delivering a package to the residence Jan. 24.

On Jan. 23, a female advised that she left Scarsdale High School to go to the Scarsdale Library and was followed by a man. While walking she observed a white man wearing a green jacket standing by the sidewalk. During her walk, she advised that she walked past the man who began to walk in the same direction. After a short distance, she advised that she turned to look at the man and saw him walk to a dark colored sedan parked on the road. That female indicated she was uncomfortable during the incident but no words were exchanged between the two parties. No criminality was stated to have occurred during the incident. Patrol spoke with a library department manager who was advised of the incident.

A teen was walking home when a male driver in a black sedan pulled up next to her on Birchall Drive and started asking her questions, which made her feel uncomfortable Jan. 28. He specifically asked the teen what she was doing and if she needed a ride. The teen then ran home and lost sight of the vehicle. Patrol canvassed the area with negative results.

Cars and roadways
A parked car idling on Lakin Road was a private investigator performing his duties Jan. 24.
The sanitation department was notified about beer cans and bottles on Heathcote, Stratton and Franklin roads, as well as on Parkway and Penn Boulevard, Jan. 24.
Police advised the highway department of a large pothole on Mamaroneck Road Jan. 24.
The driver of a white pickup truck was allegedly approaching parked cars on Hanover Road and looking into windows Jan. 24.
On Jan. 26, police attempted to contact the owner of an illegally parked car on Meadow Road, but they were unable to reach the owner.
An electric car shut down on Mamaroneck Road Jan. 26. The driver turned off the car and was able to re-start it.
People sitting in a parked car on Ridgefield Road reported they were just ending a date and were concluding the evening by talking in the car Jan. 27.
A car with front-end damage was parked on Meadow Road for several days. The owner told police he had been involved in an accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway a few days ago. The accident damaged the car and left it inoperable. Police assisted in arranging a tow for the car.
Police issued a citation to the owner of an illegally parked car on Normandy Lane Jan. 27.
A delivery truck got struck in a Fox Meadow Road driveway Jan. 27. Police helped the driver by directing the truck out of the driveway.
Police issued a summons for an expired inspection to the owner of a parked car on Bell Road Jan. 27.
The owner of a parked car on Bell Road left a note on the windshield stating he would be back the next day, due to a dead battery in the car, Jan. 27.
On Jan. 28, police conducted a traffic stop of a black Jeep Cherokee with a “bleached” and illegible license plate on Heathcote Road.

Two car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

A woman reported being bitten by a dog on River Road Jan. 27. It caused laceration the woman’s hand. She exchanged information with the dog owner, and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps took her to the hospital for evaluation.

Village code
A real estate sign was improperly placed in the Village right of way on Crossway Jan. 23. Police advised the agent who moved the sign.

A worker using a power tool on Paddington Road after allowable hours was asked to conclude work for the day in order to abide by Village code Jan. 27.

A dog was barking outdoors after 3:30 a.m., Jan. 29. Police issued the Stratton Road owner a summons for noise.

On Jan. 22, a Fayette Road resident was accidentally locked out of her house. Firefighters gained entry to let her back inside.
Firefighters helped investigate a leaking water system for a sprinkler on Brite Avenue Jan. 22. No water was found to be entering the structure.
Firefighters helped an elderly couple replace smoke detector batteries in their Lyons Road house Jan. 23. One detector was broken. Firefighters advised replacement.
Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a Lincoln Road gas leak Jan. 26.
On Jan. 26, Fox Meadow Road synagogue staff advised that food being cooked in a microwave caused fire alarm activation. Firefighters found a heavily charred plastic food container taken from the microwave and a heavy odor of burnt food inside the structure. Synagogue staff declined help with the odor of smoke and successfully reset the alarm.
A Lyons Road boiler was low on water Jan. 28. Firefighters recommended a service call.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 22-28 has been compiled from official information.

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