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Police Report: Scams, Graffiti and a Lost Wallet

cockapooOn February 6 SHS Principal Ken Bonamo reported that “two Scarsdale High School teachers found a swastika on the side of a hallway locker about three feet from the floor. Though the image was initially inconspicuous, upon closer scrutiny its nature became clear. Most of the hallway lockers are many years old and can have markings of indeterminate age and meaning. Such markings can be modified or refreshed to create a new, offensive message. Because of its location and low visibility, it was difficult to determine exactly when the graffiti appeared, and hallway cameras do not include this specific area in their coverage. Also, it is possible that it was made in segments over time. “

He continued, “As I have written in the past, hate speech and scare tactics will not be tolerated and do not represent what we stand for. I ask each of you to join in ensuring that our school environment is free of words and images that offend, demean, or intimidate individuals of different backgrounds. This requires each of us to denounce such behavior and language whenever and wherever it may occur.”

On Jan. 30, a Sharon Lane woman reported being the victim of a scam. She said she was contacted via phone and was led to believe she was speaking with a fraud center in regard to an identity theft incident. The woman gave the caller basic personal information including name, address, and phone number, but she gave no detailed personal information such as her bank information or credit card information. She wanted to document the incident in case any further situations arise.

On Jan. 31, a Harwood Court businessperson reported being contacted by a potential client who advised they had been caught in a scam regarding a real estate listing. The businessperson was advised the listing had been relisted by an unknown individual on Facebook Marketplace for a lower cost, and the “listing individual” was charging a fee of $70 to view the listing. This unknown Marketplace “agent” has no claim on the listed property or any affiliation to the listed businessperson or employees. The business was advised to have the potential client contact police to create a disclaimer for their listings to avoid future incidents.

A caller requested police assistance with a lost wallet that he was attempting to return to a Franklin Road resident Feb. 2. The caller advised he was at the homeowner’s address to return the homeowner’s wallet. He said he worked for Metro North Railroad in White Plains as a coach cleaner. He said he found the wallet in a parked train in the yard of the railroad while he was performing his job the previous night. He said he took the wallet from the train and was planning on returning the wallet to the homeowner at a later time. He advised that he went to his second job at a T-Mobile store in Yonkers, and his vehicle was broken into, and the wallet was stolen from the vehicle. The caller alleged that “it was the homeowner / wallet owner who arrived in Yonkers and took the wallet from his vehicle.” Patrol then spoke to the homeowner who advised that he did in fact lose his wallet on a Metro North train last night. He advised that he did not go to Yonkers and take his wallet from the caller’s vehicle. The homeowner advised that there was fraudulent activity on his credit cards but all transactions were denied. The homeowner advised that he did not wish to pursue further action for his lost wallet at this time. Patrol advised the caller to contact Yonkers police in regards to his damaged vehicle. Patrol advised him to leave the area and not return to the homeowners address. A note was made at dispatch for extra ridebys of the homeowner’s residence.

On Jan. 30, a Bradford Road woman left her key in the front door. Then, she noticed “a man there who then left in a Penske truck.” Police tracked down the man in the truck. He was an Amazon driver who had just delivered a package to the woman’s house.

After 11:30 p.m., Jan. 30, a woman called police to say two cars were following her. She said she was pulling into headquarters for police assistance. Police went outside to the parking lot to meet with the woman. Two other cars were also there. The drivers of the two other cars said they were trying to follow their friend out of a restaurant to go to a different location to hang out. The two drivers thought that they were following their friend's vehicle and were extremely apologetic about the confusion.

Welfare check
On Feb. 4, police called a Richbell Road husband after his wife was worried about him after he did not return home on time after picking up food. Police called him, and he said he was on his way back home.

Cars and roadways
A parking enforcement officer located a parked car with scofflaw status due to unpaid parking tickets in the amount of $760 on Chase Road Jan. 29. The driver removed the car before police arrived.

Police removed debris from Herkimer Road after a caller complained Jan. 29.

On Jan. 30, police noticed a car driving on Post Road with an expired inspection sticker. Police conducted a traffic stop and issued multiple summonses for driving a car without a valid license, insurance or registration.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire at Fenimore and Fox Meadow roads Jan. 29 – and again on Feb. 1.

A car was towed from Post and Crane roads Jan. 30.

On Jan. 31, an Oak Lane nanny reported she had left her parked car on Chesterfield Road, with a male friend inside waiting for her, and the car and friend were gone when she came back to retrieve the car. She explained that she was bringing her employer’s children to Fox Meadow School and had parked on Chesterfield Road to complete the task. She also reported she had a friend in her vehicle and left him alone in the car from approximately 7:45 to 8:45 a.m. When she went back to the location she parked, the vehicle was no longer there. She began to walk around and found a police officer to explain the situation. The nanny advised that her phone had died and she had no way to communicate with her friend. A courtesy transport to headquarters was given to allow her to charge her phone. Once charged, she was able to contact her friend who advised that he moved the car and got lost so he went home to get his phone and call the woman, but he was getting no response. The friend arrived at headquarters, and police observed the vehicle in good order. Both parties left without further incident.

A car suffered a flat tire on Meadow Road Feb. 1. Police called a tow for the car.

A woman sitting in a parked car in Penn Blvd. was a local babysitter who stopped to make a phone call Feb. 2.

Lost dog
Police picked up a lost dog from bushes on Meadow Road Feb. 4. It was described as a black and white poodle. Police dropped off the dog at the SPCA of Westchester.

On Jan. 29, a person got stuck in an elevator in the Freightway Garage. Firefighters force open the doors and de-energized the elevator, placing it out of service until a repair could be made.

On Jan. 30, police helped a Fox Meadow Road resident turn off a household stove with a broken knob.

A Rock Creek Lane woman got locked out of her house Jan. 31. Firefighters entered through an open window and unlocked the door.

On Feb. 2, firefighters helped lift a patient inside a Village residence.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 29 – Feb. 4 has been compiled from official information.

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