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Hubcaps Stolen from Christie Place Garage and Lebanon Road Homeowner Issued Summons for Serving Alcohol at Youth Party

beercansStolen hubcaps: On March 10, a Rock Creek Lane resident reported two hubcaps were stolen from his parked car in the Christie Place garage.

On March 5, a Stratton Road resident responded to an online advertisement for yard furniture posted on Scarsdale Buzz. The advertisement was posted by a person claiming to be “Aracelly Enahun Velez.” When the resident asked to see the furniture, she was asked for a $200 deposit. The resident did not pay the deposit but responded to the address where the yard furniture was advertised for sale. Upon arrival, she discovered that there was in fact no furniture for sale. The posting party requested payment via PayPal. The resident reported this online scam to deter any future victims.

Youth party
A caller complained about a loud party involving about 60 youths on Lebanon Road March 8. Police broke up the party and stood by until all youths dispersed or were picked up by parents or adults. Police observed multiple empty containers of alcoholic beverages and issued the homeowner a summons for violating the Westchester County social host law, as alcohol was being proved to minors and consumed by minors.

Identity theft
A Fenimore Road man reported someone used his personal information to open a fraudulent DIRECTV account March 8.

A man was allegedly taking photos and videos of children at Greenacres School playground March 7. School official called police who questioned the man. He said he was buying a house nearby and wanted to send his kids to the school, so he came to check it out. School security will contact police if the man returns.

A caller reported an axe-throwing cage was set up in an unsafe manner on Fenimore Road March 8. Police examined the scene ad noted the cage was actually a trailer that was parked on the resident’s front law, in violation of Village code. Police issued summonses.

A Quentin Road garage was flooding due to leaves blocking a drain March 9. Police notified the homeowner.

Civil matter
Neighbors who share a driveway on Griffen Avenue were arguing about posted signage on the driveway March 7. Police determined it was a civil matter, since the signage in question did not violate any Village codes.

Cars and roadways
Patrol removed a large rock from Post Road March 4.
A tree removal company on Drake Road and Forest Lane accidentally struck a car with the branches March 4. It was in New Rochelle’s jurisdiction, so police notified that department.
A white 2020 Mercedes was parked on Scarsdale Avenue, and police noticed it had unpaid parking tickets totaling about $670 March 4. They called for a tow to impound the car.
Patrol removed accident debris from River Road March 4.
Police notified the highway department about potholes on Bypass March 4 and Mamaroneck Road March 5.
A commuter chained a moped to a stop sign at Brambach Road and Alida Drive and walked to the train station at 6 a.m., according to witnesses, March 5. Police ticketed the moped at 10:30 a.m.
A pothole on Mamaroneck Road, in front of the Weinberg Nature Center, caused a driver to sustain a flat tire March 5.
A special education bus driver reported being stuck behind four cars on Sage Terrace March 6. Police asked the drivers to move their cars so the bus could pass.
Police called a tow for a disabled car on Weaver Street March 6.
Police issued summonses for overnight parking violations on Brambach Road and illegal parking in handicap spots in a Post Road lot March 7.
Village Hall staff was concerned about a man who frequently parks in their lot March 7. Police questioned the man, who said he was an Uber driver waiting for his next local ride request. He said he does not like to park in front of houses and thought the lot would be a good and safe alternative.
A Fox Meadow Road resident complained about a Con Edison truck that allegedly parked on the edge of his lawn March 7 and caused damage. Police advised the resident to speak with Con Edison directly.
Police questioned a driver parked in a Palmer Avenue parking lot at 2:30 a.m., March 8. The driver said she wanted to make a phone call and did not want to disturb her sleeping family. Police advised the parking lot was closed after business hours and it was not an appropriate location for such calls.
Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Sprague Road March 8.
A car sustained two flat tires from a Palmer Avenue pothole March 6. Police called a tow for the car and gave the driver a courtesy ride. Highway workers were notified about the pothole for repair.
Three car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

A loose dog appeared at a Brite Avenue back door March 7. Police took custody of the dog, located its owner and reunited the dog with its family.
Police helped the Westchester County Department of Health verify a Murray Hill Road dog’s health records March 8.

A Coralyn Road homeowner put a barking dog insider after neighbors complained of noise March 8.

Village code
Police issued a summons to a River Road resident for improper placement of garbage, including placing garbage on a neighbor’s property, March 5.

An illegally posted sign on Bypass was discarded March 5.

A Wayside Lane resident was draining pool water onto the street March 8. Police advised the resident to shut off the pump and get a permit.

A generator was running and causing noise on Fox Meadow Road March 8. Police turned it off.

A discarded alarm was sounding in a Roosevelt Avenue dumpster March 10. Police
removed the batteries.

Lost and found
An Olmsted Road resident reported losing a front license plate March 6.

On March 8, a caller reported losing a wallet somewhere in the Village.

A Gatehouse Road man reported finding car keys in his mailbox March 8. He said the keys did not belong to him.

On March 4, firefighters responded to a reported truck fire at the intersection of Boulevard and Post Road. On arrival, units found a delivery truck and no fire. The driver explained that there had been flames coming from the undercarriage of the truck, near the oil pan. Units found some charred wiring next to the oil pan. The driver was advised of the problem.
Firefighters assisted with an accident involving injuries on the Bronx River Parkway March 4.
Firefighters helped EMS workers lift a patient inn Edgewood from the floor to the bed March 4.
Firefighters assisted with an accident involving injuries on Post Road March 6.
On March 7, firefighters responded to a report of an orange glow in a window of a private Madison Road house. On arrival units found a purple glow in two windows on the third floor. There was no heat signature on the structure. The glow appears to be coming from a colored light or a reptile light.
Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a possible gas leak in a Dolma Road house March 7.
The engine compartment of a car caught on fire following an accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway March 8. Firefighters extinguished the fire and made sure the driver was in proper care of EMS personnel. The driver was taken to the hospital, accompanied by police.
Firefighters helped a Hampton Road resident use a borrowed pump to extract water from a flooding patio to prevent water entry to the house’s basement March 10.
A Tompkins Road resident fell in the basement and needed help March 10. Firefighters broke into the house so EMS personnel could assist the resident.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 4 -10 has been compiled from official information.

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