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Police Report: Crime: Boulevard BMW Stolen and Birchall Drive House Burglarized

etonroadFlooding opposite George Field on Saturday March 23, 2024Stolen car: 0n the morning of March 25, a Boulevard man reported his $40,000 2020 BMW had been stolen overnight. It had been parked on the street in front of his house.

A Birchall Drive house was burglarized March 19. Two exterior doors and one interior door were damaged in the process.

Scams and fraud
On March 18, a Barry Road resident informed police he had been scammed and had delivered money to a location in New Jersey. The resident asked police to inform New Jersey police for follow-up.

On March 21, a Mamaroneck Road resident reported someone cashed a fraudulent check for $250 against her account. She reported it to the bank, and the missing funds were restored.

A Popham Road woman reported her computer had been “hacked” March 20. She reported that an unknown person logged into her Google Drive account using her credentials on February 29. She stated that the log in occurred in the confines of White Plains, NY, as stated by Google. She stated that on or about that same time frame, some of her personal files were deleted. The party stated that she did not suffer any financial loss due to the incident but would like it documented. Patrol advised the party to change all of her usernames and passwords to prevent and further incidents. The woman stated she was working with Google to recover the files.

Order of protection
On March 20, police an individual for violating an order of protection.

Domestic matter
On March 19, a Heathcote parent called police to report her child was not behaving. Patrol spoke with the child who claimed to be having a bad day and promised to behave better in the future.

An ex-husband came into town and wanted visitation with his son March 22. His ex-wife would not allow it. There was no court order requiring or outlining visitation rights. Police advised the ex-couple to work out the matter through family court.

A knife was found stuck in someone’s lawn at Crest Lane and Westview Lane March 18. The homeowner removed it and informed police it appeared to be garbage. The knife was properly disposed of.

A Rock Creek Lane resident reported receiving multiple credit card solicitations at his address, addressed to an unknown person March 22. Police advised him to report the matter to the post office.

A three-year-old Murray Hill Road girl accidentally locked herself inside a bathroom in her house March 23. She was crying. With parents’ permission, police forced open the door to reunite the girl with her parents.

Cars and roadways
On March 20, police conducted traffic control around a car with a flat tire on Post Road until the tire could be changed.

Police informed a cable provider about a low hanging wire on Sage Terrace March 21.

On March 21, a woman advised that someone damaged her vehicle while she was away. She said she left her vehicle parked on Clarence Road from March 2-9. During that time, she alleged that an unknown party broke the windshield and damaged the sides of the vehicle. She advised that she only wanted to document this incident and not open an investigation.

On March 21, police conducted a traffic stop pm Boulevard and Johnson Road when a car failed to stop at a stop sign. Police issued summonsed, including two summonses for unlicensed driving, to the car’s Yonkers driver.

Sanitation workers were advised to pick up a dead animal from Sycamore Road after a resident complained March 22

Four car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week. One involved a police car on Post Road March 19. Another accident involved a car backing into a Garth Road light pole March 21.

Village code
A caller reported that someone dumped a garbage bag near trashcans at Hyatt Field March 18. Police asked sanitation workers to pick it up for disposal.

Police checked and verified that a Clarence Road business owner had a permit to remove a tree on his property March 19 after a neighbor complained.

A neighbor complained about generator noise on Tyler Road March 19. Intermittent noise was detectable, as per police, but it was being emitted from a water pump – not a generator.

On March 22, police removed illegally posted signs from Mamaroneck Road and Griffen Avenue and issued summonses to the business owner who had posted the signs.

Lost and found
A man reported losing his wallet and Mexican ID in the area of East Parkway and Spencer Place March 23.

People were playing soccer on a closed Huntington Avenue field March 24. Police dispersed them.

People were playing softball on a closed Crossway field March 24. Police dispersed them.

Firefighters assisted Fairview firefighters with a shed on fire March 18.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway March 19.

Firefighters assisted Hartsdale firefighters with a structure fire March 19.

Firefighters removed a fallen cable wire from Brite Avenue March 20.

On March 20, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Berkeley Road.

A driver with neck pain pulled into a Mamaroneck Road parking lot March 20.

Firefighters stood by until Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived on scene to transport the driver to the hospital March 20.

Firefighters assisted Fairview firefighters with a structure fire March 20.

On March 23, Heathcote Road power lines were arcing and burning against a tree with slag dropping down to the ground below. Con Edison was notified. Firefighters established a safe area and monitored conditions while waiting for Con Edison’s arrival. Upon arrival, a Con Ed technician extinguished the burning wire and sleeved the exposed primary conductor, shielding it from adjacent trees.

On March 23, firefighters responded to a report of wires arching next to a structure on Paddington Road. Upon arrival, units found a large single-family residence under construction. The arching wires were temporary power lines that ran from the temporary outdoor meter pan and breaker panel into the structure. The wires were isolated at the breaker panel, and an electrician was dispatched.

On March 23, firefighters isolated and shut power to a light fixture that was collecting water from a roof leak on Chesterfield Road. They advised the resident to contact a roofer.

On March 23, firefighters responded to a gas odor in a Garth Road building. Upon arrival, units observed Con Edison personnel in a storefront directly next door. Con Edison advised that the building had lost power and there was possibly an electrical fire underground creating carbon monoxide. Firefighters assisted in metering the basements of nearby storefronts. Readings upwards of 35 PPM were detected in the basement. Firefighters began ventilating and assisted Con Edison Gas in entry and air monitoring while Con Edison Electric removed the burning electrical service from the electrical vault in the street. Once the burning electrical service line was removed, carbon monoxide readings began to fall.

On March 23, firefighters responded to a Montrose Road house for a reported “Soda Stream” malfunction. Upon arrival, the resident advised that the “Soda Stream” exploded while trying to make seltzer. The resident showed firefighters the broken soda stream. No other hazards were detected at the location.
Firefighters assisted a Bradford Road woman with a burned-out electrical heater, reported to be smoking, inside her house March 24.

On March 24, firefighters assisted at a car accident on Post Road.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 18 - 24 has been compiled from official information.

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