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Police Report: Mail and Check Fraud, A Death and A Fraudulent Tax Return Filed

VillageCherryBlossomsMail and check fraud: On April 2, a Heathcote Road resident reported placing a check in a blue mailbox located in the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Center in March. He stated that, approximately a week later, he was informed that payment had not yet been received. At that time, he investigated the check and observed the check had been washed. He notified the bank, and the bank required a police report in order to commence its investigation.
On April 4, a caller reported noticing a sticky substance on the mail slot at a mailbox at Brewster Road and Huntington Avenue. Police determined it was residue from a glue trap that criminals use to “fish” mail out of a mailbox. Patrol cleaned a majority of the substance from the mail slot and reported the matter to the US Postal Inspector.

Car break-ins
On April 5, an Old Lyme Road resident reported his 2021 Mercedes-Benz’s car alarm sounded around 4 a.m. At 7 a.m., he realized the car had been entered, and items were tossed from the front consoles. The driver’s side window was found shattered.

Identity theft
On April 1, an Aspen Road woman reported that someone fraudulently opened a Verizon account in her name in October 2023. The account was closed in February 2024, with approximately $1,515 in charges accrued to the account.

On April 5, a Mamaroneck Road woman reported someone used her name and Social Security number to book a residence in Georgia.

A Madison Road woman reported that someone used her daughter’s name and address to obtain a fare on a Metro North train. She discovered it when she received a bill and reported it to police April 6.

On April 7, a Kensington Road resident reported that someone filed a fraudulent tax return in her name.

On April 6, an Old Orchard Lane woman reported that an older man came onto her porch, rang her doorbell, checked her mail, and after approximately a minute and a half left the location without further incident. She advised that nothing was taken from the location, but she felt it was slightly suspicious. Patrol was shown doorbell camera footage of the incident occurring. Observed was a white male, wearing a blue sweatshirt, gray pants and brown shoes.

A caller reported his 88-year-old Circle Road mother had stopped breathing and died at home April 2.

A homeless person was sleeping outside the Scarsdale Public Library near the book drop April 6. Police provided the person with a courtesy ride to a White Plains shelter.

Civil matters
A Harvest Drive resident complained about a neighbor’s tree leaning onto her property, with partial roots exposed, April 4. The neighbor was aware of the condition and had contacted a tree removal company.

On April 5, a Black Birch Lane woman advised that a furniture company made a delivery to her neighbor but placed furniture on her property without her consent. She advised of a verbal dispute with one of the furniture delivery persons. The matter was resolved before police arrived on scene.

Cars and roadways
On April 3, police notified Cablevision about a fallen wire on Weaver Street.
Police notified Con Edison about trees on wires, with some wires sparking, on Catherine Road, Valley Road and Brookline Road April 3.
Police moved fallen branches to the side of Carman Road, Popham and Post roads, Heathcote Road, Crest Lane, Walworth Avenue, Coralyn Road, Bypass and Brewster Road to help traffic flow April 3.
A tree fell on Brown Road, taking down wires, April 3. Police notified Con Edison and advised the highway department to remove the tree.
The highway department was notified about a fallen tree on Wildwood Road April 3.
Police shut a section of Mamaroneck Road after a tree fell on wires and a small flame could be seen, while waiting for Con Edison and the fire department, April 3.
On April 3, a tree fell on Hillview Drive and caused wires to burn. Firefighters stabilized the scene while waiting for Con Edison. Police closed the affected roadway. Another tree fell onto wires on Morris Lane. Police closed the roadway and firefighters stabilized the scene until Con Edison arrived.
Police moved a fallen street sign for Fenimore and Oakstwain roads off the roadway April 3.
On April 3, police removed a fallen cable wire from Palmer Avenue and Mamaroneck Road.
Police requested the highway department to remove fallen trees from Bypass and Forest Lane April 3.
Police notified Con Edison about fallen wires on Oxford Road April 3.
Police notified Con Edison about a fallen tree onto wires on Woods Lane April 3.
Con Edison was notified about sparking wires on Gaylor Road April 3.
Police taped off the sidewalk and stood by for Con Edison at the site of a tree on wires on Mamaroneck Road April 4.
Police notified Verizon and Con Edison about a tree on wires on Paddington Road April 4.
A car ran out of gas on Mamaroneck Road April 4. Police conducted traffic control while the driver waited for gas.
Police notified Verizon and Con Edison about fallen wires on Reimer Road, Nelson Road, Bradley Road and Fox Meadow Road April 4.
A street sign fell at Ogden and Brewster roads April 4. The highway department was notified.
On April 4, police taped a dangerous area of Hutchinson Avenue where a tree was leaning on a cable wire causing a potential hazard.
On April 5, Con Edison was notified about a branch resting on wires on Carthage Road.
On April 7, police initiated a traffic stop on Olmsted Road and issued the 31-year-old Yonkers driver a summons for third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.
Five car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

Village codeLibraryPondLibrary Pond: Photo by Shelley Grafstein
On April 4, police removed illegally posted signs from the Village right of way on Heathcote Road and also on Post Road.

On April 5, police removed and discarded illegally posted signs from the Village right of way on Birchall Drive, Murray Hill Road, Crane and Post roads, Palmer Avenue, Heathcote Road and Morris Lane.

Youths were fishing in the pond located at Brewster and Olmsted roads April 6. Police advised them that it was against Village code to fish in the pond.

Neighbors complained about intermittent barking from a dog on Coralyn Road April 7. Police advised the dog’s owner of both the complaints and Village code.

Lost and found
On April 1, a Village resident reported losing her wallet, which contained her driver’s license, Social Security cards, credit cards, debit cards and house keys. Police advised her to cancel all of her credit cards and change her locks.

On April 5, a driver reported his handicap sign was missing from his car.

A pedestrian found a wallet on Freightway Road and gave it to police April 5. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

A resident found a blue iPhone on a rock wall on her property and brought it to police headquarters April 7. Police contacted a family member of the iPhone’s owner who correctly identified the phone, know the correct passcode and came to headquarters to pick up the phone.

Firefighters extinguished a car on fire on the Hutchinson River Parkway April 1. Police assisted with traffic control. On scene, firefighters determined the fire was burning in the engine and passenger compartments. Firefighters used a hose to attack the fire with about 450 gallons of water from a booster tank. The fire was extinguished, and the vehicle was overhauled. Firefighters stood by until a tow removed the vehicle. The vehicle was reported to have had trouble starting earlier in the day, and AAA had assisted with starting the vehicle. The driver said he had been driving the vehicle for about 15 minutes prior to the fire.

On April 3, firefighters responded to numerous calls for downed and arcing power
lines in the Village, as well as for flooded roadways and basements.

On April 3, firefighters responded to Seneca Road for a reported inside odor of burning. Firefighters found overheated electrical components related to recessed lighting on the second floor. Firefighters removed plywood to access the lighting components in the unfinished attic space. Electrical power was isolated at the main panel to that lighting circuit. Firefighters advised the resident to call an electrician to assess the wiring and the lighting fixtures.

On April 3, firefighters twice re-secured a loose tarp to a Palmer Avenue roof.

On April 4, a Hillview Drive generator was expelling exhaust into its house, causing elevated levels of carbon monoxide. Firefighters shut power to the generator and ventilated the house.

Firefighters helped Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps paramedics carry a patient from the second floor of a house to outside April 4.

On April 4, firefighters helped a Cooper Road resident clear a backed up drain in a basement sink to help drain water that was backing up.

Firefighters conducted building assessments of Village schools following the earthquake on April 5.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the sites of outdoor gas odors on Rock Creek Lane and Greenacres Avenue April 5.

Butler Road residents lit a gas fireplace fire and forgot to open the flue, causing elevated levels of carbon monoxide April 5. Firefighters shut down the fireplace, opened the flue and ventilated the space.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 1-7 has been compiled from official information.

(Photo Credit Shelley Grafstein)

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