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Police Report: Porsche Stolen from Murray Hill Road

IMG 5872Photo by Shelley GrafsteinStolen car : On April 9, a Murray Hill Road resident reported his 2023 Porsche SUV, valued at $85,000, had been stolen overnight.

On April 11, a Chase Road business owner reported a handbag had been stolen from the shop in March. She said she just discovered the theft.

Car break ins
On April 9, a Stratton Road resident reported that someone attempted to break into cars parked in her driveway around 3:40 a.m.

Identity theft and scams
On Aug. 8, a Meadow Road woman reported that someone requested a copy of her license at the DMV and used a fraudulent check to pay for the fraudulent transaction. This caused her license to be suspended.

A Corell Road resident reported her temporary plate was being fraudulently used, and the usage tallied over $4,000 in EZ Pass fines March 9.

On April 10, a Mamaroneck Road woman reported that her husband’s identity had been stolen, and over $1,500 in charges were made using the false identity.

A Clarence Road resident reported her personal information was being used for a rental application in Minnesota April 12. She informed the landlord that the application fraudulent.

A Heathcote Road resident reported that someone had fraudulently gained access to her computer April 14.


On April 8, a passenger reported a dispute with an Uber driver at Ogden and Fox Meadow roads.

A scooter driver and a car driver were having a verbal dispute at Fox Meadow and Fenimore
roads April 13. Police mediated the disagreement and advised the parties to not engage in arguments with unknown people due to not knowing how they might react.

Water was reported to be neon green in a stream on Richbell Road April 9. The water department was notified.

An unattended cooler bag was reported on the train station platform April 10. Metro North police were notified.

On April 10, a man rang a Madison Road homeowner’s doorbell and asked for the homeowner. When the homeowner identified herself, the man left. The homeowner thought the man’s behavior was suspicious.

On April 13, a Brewster Road man reported a noise that sounded like person in his garage. Investigating officers determined it was a raccoon.

A Sheldrake Road resident reported a man, described as Hispanic, walked onto her property and stayed there for awhile with no legitimate reason April 12. Police investigation revealed the man was a contractor who arrived at the wrong address.

Cars and roadways
On April 8, a caller reported that a Village vehicle ripped down a fiber optic cable and allegedly caused damage to a Drake Road roof.

Police advised the highway department of a dangling branch and a raised roadway plate on Palmer Avenue April 11.

On April 12, police notified Con Edison about a fallen wire on Brite Avenue.

The highway department removed a fallen tree limb from Sycamore Road April 12.

On April 12, police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire over Boulevard and removed branches from Boulevard.

On April 13, a large tree fell onto tennis courts on Wayside Lane. Police notified the highway department for removal.

Police called a tow for a disabled car at Mamaroneck Road and the Hutchinson River Parkway ramps April 14.

On April 14, a Fox Meadow Road resident advised that his neighbor was observed leaving his house even though the neighbor’s license was suspended. Police tried to contact the neighbor over the alleged incident but were unable to reach him.

Four car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

Missing person
White Plains police advised that a missing person’s property had been found in the Village. Police attempted to discover if the missing person was still in the jurisdiction, but no video surveillance had been captured April 8.

On April 9, a woman reported that she was out walking on Johnson Road when a large dog approached her child and bit the handle bars of the child’s bike. The child was not injured.

A pedestrian described that a German Shepherd ran out of a Ferncliff Road house as she passed by April 13. The dog owner apologized to police and said the door had accidentally been left ajar,

On April 14, a Leatherstocking Lane resident advised a neighbors dog got onto his property. When police arrived, the dog had returned to its owner’s yard.

Village code
On April 8, illegally posted signs were removed from Ardmore Road. Citations were issued, as appropriate.

On April 10, illegally posted signs were removed from Ogden and Kent roads.

On April 12, illegally posted signs were removed from Post Road and discarded.

After a Tompkins Road neighbor complained of noise April 13, police advised the residents of a nearby house to lower the volume of music.

Lost and found
On April 8, a Lockwood Road man reported that another person’s Rolex watch went missing from his house, allegedly after a his daughter had guests over.

A key fob was found on Mamaroneck Road April 8. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

On April 9, firefighters advised a Johnson Road resident to not burn lawn debris.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 8-14 has been compiled from official information.

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