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New Rochelle Man Seriously Injures Two Men with Baseball Bat, a DWI Arrest and a Cat Up a Tree

TulipsArrested: On May 12, about 3:45am, New Rochelle Police responded to the corner of Washington Avenue and Fourth Street regarding an assault with a baseball bat. Two male victims were located, a 36-year-old male and his uncle, a 66-year-old male. Both sustained serious injuries to the head, and the 66-year-old was breathing but unresponsive. They were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, with the 66-year-old requiring surgery.

New Rochelle Detectives were able to develop leads that led to a suspect being taken into custody. This is an active investigation and anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call New Rochelle Police at 914-654-2300. The names of the victims are being withheld at this time. Arrested was: Jose Ochoa, 28, of New Rochelle. He was charged with first-and second-degree assault, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Around 3:30 p.m., May 9, police were dispatched to the Weinberg Nature Center for a possibly intoxicated driver. Multiple patrol units arrived on scene and made contact with the operator of the involved motor vehicle – Matthew Lungariello, 42, of Ardmore, NY. Police concluded the operator was impaired by alcohol and had been involved in an accident, rendering his vehicle inoperable. The operator was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and refusal to take a breath test. He was released with an appearance ticket for May 29.

Identity theft
On May 6, a Brookby Road woman reported that someone attempted to use two of her credit cards to buy $4,000 worth of ammunition. The company called her to verify the purchases and she was able to stop them. She canceled the orders and the cards.

A Mamaroneck Road woman reported that three fraudulent attempts were made to use her credit card May 9. Each attempt was denied.

On May 11, a Ferncliff Road resident reported that someone attempted to open fraudulent accounts at two separate banks.

On May 10, a Lyft driver stated his passenger was being uncooperative. Patrol arrived on scene and made contact with both parties who agreed to go their own separate ways.

On May 6, a Lenox Place man reported that someone removed mail from his mailbox. As per a doorbell camera, the suspect – a white male – was observed wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, gray pants, and white sneakers. He was driving a black late model Chevrolet SUV. Upon the male’s exit of the SUV, he walked to the homeowner's mailbox, searched through the mail and took what appeared to be a flyer. After taking the flyer, the male entered the SUV and left the location. No license plate was observed.

On May 6, a woman advised that she, her husband, and two young children were walking on Hathaway Road on opposite curbs, each with a child. She advised that a Black Ford Bronco drove in the middle of the road past her family at a high rate of speed, and an unknown passenger yelled out "Woo" several times. The motorist did not engage in any conversation or make any threats as the vehicle immediately left the area; but she and her family felt alarmed. She stated that the motorist was an unidentified construction worker at a nearby friend's house. She said she spoke with her friend who then made a formal complaint to the construction company. The owner of the company was made aware of the complaint and apologized for the incident.

On May 6, several callers reported that a man and woman were wearing masks and running through yard. They eventually took off in a silver Volkswagen bearing s Florida license plate starting with “BQ0.”

Cars and roadways
On May 6, a car was parked on Franklin Road “for several hours” with its headlights on. Police turned them off.

A car became disabled on Popham Road May 7. Police waited on scene until assistance arrived.

Police helped a passenger exit a bus on East Parkway May 10.

Verizon was notified about a dangling transformer just over Murray Hill.

Two car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

Village code
Police removed and discarded illegally posted signs from Cushman, Mamaroneck, and Sheldrake roads May 6.
On Jefferson Road, Mamaroneck Road, Garden Road and Madison Road signs were removed and placed in legal locations May 6.
An Innes Road sign was moved to a location to be in compliance with Village code May 9.
A Meadow Road sign was moved to a location to be in compliance with Village code May 9.
A Greenacres Avenue sign was moved to a location to be in compliance with Village code and a Stratton Road sign was removed May 10.
A Franklin Road sign was moved to a location to be in compliance with Village code May 10.
Tree removal work was halted on Woodland Place, pending a successful application for a permit May 11.
On May 12, a sign was removed from Huntington Avenue and discarded.

On May 7, a caller reported a cat in the road near Fenimore and Brewster roads. It was actually a dead rabbit that police then removed to the side of the road.

Lost and found
On May 8, a woman reported losing a multicolor rectangular wallet near Palmer Avenue and Innes Road.
On May 9, a woman reported losing her wallet on Mamaroneck Road.
On May 9, a woman reported losing a diamond earring on Oak Lane.
A wallet found on East Parkway was returned to its owner May 11.


A Brookline Road resident accidentally got locked out of the house May 6. Firefighters opened the door with a Knox Box key to let the resident back inside.

On May 7, firefighters assisted at a car accident on Weaver Street.

On May 7, a truck caught fire on Madison Road. It was a Ford van with a rear power washer on fire. The fire condition was heavy in the interior of van and visible from all windows. The windshield had failed and the side cargo door was open. Workers were using a gas-powered power washer mounted in the rear of van to wash the exterior of a house on Madison Road. The vehicle had no occupants, and there were no exposures threatened by fire. Firefighters extinguished the fire with water from hose lines connected to a hydrant. Once the fire was knocked down, the hood and doors were opened to disconnect the battery and conduct an overhaul. After extinguishing the fire, firefighters asked the driver about potential hazardous materials and quantities stored in van. The driver reported: liquid chlorine bleach mixed with water as well and several gallons of gasoline to run the washer.

Firefighters investigated a gas leak at a Popham Road nursery school May 8.

On May 9, a Lee Road resident reported an inside odor of gas. The resident stated that she had returned home to find the house smelled like natural gas. Firefighters found a control knob to the natural gas stove in the open position, allowing for natural gas to free flow in the structure. Firefighters closed the valve and ventilated the structure by opening windows throughout. The resident complained that occasionally she smelled natural gas when she operated her gas clothes dryer, also located in the kitchen. Firefighters checked the appliance and confirmed an odor of gas while operating the unit. Con Edison was requested and found the same. A gas shut off valve was closed to the unit, and Con Edison advised the resident to service the unit prior to using it again.

Firefighters helped retrieve keys that fell into a storm drain on Overhill Road May 9.

On May 11, firefighters were called to Claremont Road for a “feline rescue.” On arrival, firefighters found a cat in a pine tree approximately 25 feet in the air. Firefighters advised the resident to put some food at the base of the tree to entice the cat to come down.

Firefighters assisted with two EMS calls May 12.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 6 - 12 has been compiled from official information.

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