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Babysitter Harassed in Road Rage Incident, a Dog Bite and Kids Locked in a Bathroom and in a Car

infantRoad rage: A caller reported a verbal road rage incident at Popham and Taunton Road May 24. The caller reported that his babysitter was driving his children and an unknown man started getting aggravated and was honking at his babysitter. This caused the sitter to pull over. The man then got out of his car and yelled at the sitter. He was described as approximately 20 years old.

Police dispersed a man sleeping in a vestibule at East Parkway and Palmer Avenue May 24.

A caller was concerned about an alleged incident involving a suspected babysitter who placed a child inside a car for approximately five minutes on Lyons Road for a disciplinary matter before letting the child out again to play in the park May 24. The caller was concerned because of the temperature. The babysitter left before police arrived.

A caller reported a “heavyset, six-foot-tall” man, wearing as striped shirt, walking on Weaver Street “covered in blood” May 26. Police arrived on scene and observed the man. He said he had a nosebleed and refused medical attention.

An Oak Lane woman reported receiving unwanted communication from her cousin’s ex-girlfriend who currently lives in Hawaii. She has since blocked the number, she said.

A Franklin Road resident reported returning home on May 23 to find a white sedan parked in front of her house with a man outside the car taking photos of the house.

On May 21, after midnight, police received a call from a person who was currently in Arizona and was in obvious distress. The person has has family ties to the Village with previous calls being made similar in nature. An attempt to get the person assistance with Tucson police yielded negative results due to not having an exact location. The caller expressed his desire to come to Scarsdale, however it did not seem to appear he had the resources nor the mental capacity to do so. Patrol offered to assist him in getting local help multiple times without cooperation. Dispatch contacted Tucson PD again. They advised that if an exact location for the caller could be provided they would advise the Mobile Crisis Team. The phone number for the Mobile Crisis team was also provided for future use.

On May 22, a Brown Road man reported that he believed a few of his plants had been trimmed without his permission. He requested documentation,

Cars and roadways
Patrol helped a driver with two flat tires move the car to a safe location on Drake Road to await roadside assistance May 20.

Verizon was notified about a fallen wire on Sycamore Road May 21.

On May 22, policed spoke with the owner of a car with unpaid parking tickets on East Parkway. The owner promised to respond to Village Hall to promptly pay the tickets.

The highway department removed a fallen tree from Palmer Avenue and addressed a clogged storm drain on Greenacres Avenue May 23.

Police stood by until a disabled car could be removed from Mamaroneck Road by a tow May 23.

Verizon was notified about a low-hanging wire on Mamaroneck Road May 25.

Police advise the water department of a possible water main leak on Stratton Road May 25.

Police called a tow for a disabled vehicle on Barker Lane May 25.

Con Edison was notified about a low-hanging wire on Lee Road May 26.

Con Edison was notified about a vehicle that struck supports for a pole on Franklin Road May 26.

A car was left running but locked in Autenreith Road while its owner was possibly at the farmer’s market May 26.

Five car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

A Rock Creek Lane woman advised that she had been bitten by a dog on Greendale Road May 20. The bite was not serious and medical assistance was refused. Proper health forms were completed.

Police gave a verbal warning to the owner of a loos dog observed on Heathcote Road May 26.

Lost and found
On May 21, a caller advised that his wife’s iPhone was pinging from an unknown vehicle parked at Ewart and Brambach roads. The caller left a note about the phone on the car’s windshield. Later that day, the owner of the phone reported recovering the phone.

A Secor Road driver reported losing a front license plate while driving to Queens May 25.

Village code
Signs posted in the Village right of way on Secor, Wynmor, Cooper, Stratton, Franklin and Brewster roads on May 22 were moved to comply with Village code.

Police advised a solicitor on Secor Road that he needed a permit to solicit in the Village May 22. His boss advised that he was working on it, and police advised the solicitor and his boss that they needed to stop until a permit had been obtained.

On May 23, Police advised Birchall Drive and Mamaroneck Road residents that their political signs posted close to the curb needed to be moved back out of the Village right of way.

On May 23, police advised the manager of a Mamaroneck Road establishment that neighbors had complained about noise. Music was lowered after the complaints.

Police advised youths that a Palmer Avenue playground was closed after dark May 23, and the youths left the playground.

Improperly placed signs were removed from the Village right of way on Rural Drive and Windward Lane May 24 and from Sheldrake Road May 25.

Police dispersed noisy kids from a pool party on Gatehouse Lane after midnight May 26.

On May 20, firefighters were dispatched to a Rochambeau Road house for an inside odor of burning. Upon arrival, crews confirmed the odor and evaluated the area with thermal imagers. There was no indication of concealed fire. Crews evaluated appliances, power strips, and light fixtures. They encountered an LED light bulb with a burn mark in a living room chandelier. Residents confirmed that the odor of the bulb was consistent with the reported odor. Firefighters advised the resident to check to ensure the light switch and light fixture were capable of accommodating LED bulbs. They advised the resident to check that the LED bulb could be dimmed since the circuit included a dimmer switch.

Firefighters and police helped open a locked Roosevelt Place bathroom door to release a two-year-old that accidentally got locked inside May 20.
On May 20, firefighters helped retrieve a fallen phone from a storm sewer grate on Black Birch Lane.

Firefighters were called to extinguish a commercial dumpster fire on Griffen Avenue May 21.

Firefighters helped a Harvest Drive resident change smoke detector batteries on May 21.

On May 21, firefighters assisted a Fenimore Road resident with a burnt outlet. Firefighters isolated power to the affected circuit by closing the circuit breaker located in the basement. The outlet was removed, and firefighters checked for extension, with negative results. Firefighters ventilated the structure and advised the resident to contact an electrician to repair the damaged outlet and components.

On May 21, firefighters were dispatched to Bell Road for a reported inside smoke condition with an odor of burning. Firefighters found plastic that had fallen onto the heating element inside the dishwasher and melted, causing the odor of burning and the slight smoke condition. The resident was advised to have the heating element inside the dishwasher cleaned of all plastic prior to operating it again to prevent a duplicate event. Firefighters assisted with ventilation, utilizing the whole house fan located in the second level ceiling to clear the odor and smoke haze from the house.

On May 22, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Firefighters and police helped open a locked car door on Wheelock Road to release an infant that accidentally got locked inside May 23. The air conditioning was running and the child was unharmed.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a fallen tree limb onto wires on Colonial Drive May 24.

On May 25, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On May 25, firefighters were called to a Brewster Road house for an inside investigation regarding a reported extinguished minor fire in the garage. The resident reported that cardboard boxes were stacked in their garage and one was resting against a ceiling light fixture. The light bulb produced enough heat to burn a hole in the box and to melt some plastic materials inside the box. The resident was alerted to the situation by an odor of burning and the presence of smoke inside the garage. The resident extinguished the fire by throwing water on the box and then placed it outside in the driveway. Firefighters checked the light fixture and wiring for damage and assisted the resident with ventilating the basement and garage.

A driver got locked out of a car at the Alternative School May 25. Firefighters helped
open the door.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 20 - 26 has been compiled from official information.

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