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Police Report: Manhunt for a Psychiatric Patient on the Loose in Saxon Woods

On June 3, Westchester County police advised of a psychiatric patient, dressed in a hospital gown, who fled an ambulance from the northbound lanes of the Hutchinson River Parkway. Scarsdale police assisted in searching the surrounding area for the patient – including the Weinberg Nature Center and the Saxon Woods Golf Course.
A resident familiar with the incident through a family member reported: “My son was just at Saxon Woods, and as he was walking home, he saw 10 or so police cars (and emergency vehicles). At that point, a woman on the street came up to him and said, “Do you have a ride home?” He then learned there was a person who had escaped a psychiatric facility who was ‘on the loose.’ I called Scarsdale police … [and learned] they were just assisting and that this was a matter being handled by County Police…. [My son] told me that the street right before Griffen, Barker Lane, was blocked off by a cop car.” Due to the medical issue of the incident, no further details were provided, but police believe he was found the following morning.

On May 29, police arrested Andre Gaston, 45 of the Bronx, on charges of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, having an uninspected motor vehicle and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. The arrest occurred after a license plate reader sounded a violation alert at a police checkpoint on Weaver Street. Gaston was released on his own recognizance, and the car was towed.electriccarThe Village of Scarsdale Police Department just received their first all-electric police car, a Ford Mustang Mach-E.   The Mach-E is the latest in the Village’s growing fleet of electric vehicles, which consists of 4 Chevy Bolts and a Nissan Leaf. “Transportation accounts for over a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, so electrification of the Village’s fleet is a key sustainability initiative,” said Michelle Sterling, Chair of the Scarsdale Conservation Advisory Council.   “It’s fantastic how the Village of Scarsdale has been committed to lowering its carbon emissions, addressing climate change and promoting sustainability,” continued Sterling. “Expanding its fleet of electric vehicles is just one of the many steps the Village is taking to help the environment, and it makes me really proud to be a part of this community.”   The Ford Mustang Mach-E is estimated to save a minimum of $5,000 in fuel costs over the next five years, and will reduce repair and maintenance costs by 50%.

A bail of $1,500 was set following the arrest of Gilbert Sahamundi, 51, of Mamaroneck. Unable to pay, he was sent to Westchester County Jail. He was charged with failure to attach a sticker to his car, a no inspection certificate, an uninspected motor vehicle, and unregistered motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, operation of a motor vehicle without a license, second-degree obstruction of government administration, assaulting an officer with an intent to cause physical injury and resisting arrest. The incident occurred on Popham Road following a traffic stop.

Car break-ins
An Edgewood Road woman reported that someone entered her car and stole glasses and money May 28.

On May 28, a Ferncliff Road man reported that his BMW was entered, and money, sunglasses headphones and a duffel bag were stolen.

Missing suitcase
On May 28, a Post Road woman reported a rolling suitcase had been stolen from outside her house that day. She said she placed her purple suitcase with rollers on the downward slanted driveway adjacent to her vehicle. Her father later responded to the driveway to carry her bag in the house, and he discovered it was missing. She advised that she reported the bag stolen, and provided officers with an address for the bag’s location as she located it via the Find my Device feature of the Apple IPad that was secured in the suitcase. Patrol responded to nearby Woodruff Avenue in the Town of Eastchester, and made contact with several contractors working at the residence. Due to a language barrier, Google translate was used with one of the workers who said he placed the bag in the back of his work truck after finding it on the southbound lanes of Post Road and Evon Court unattended obstructing traffic. The contractor and his boss responded back to the residence with the listed bag. A neighbor with a ring camera produced footage showing that the bag rolled down into the traffic lanes of Post Road on its on contractor stopping to remove the bag from the roadway and looking to see where it came from. The woman’s father advised that he saw the contractor pick the bag up, but he was not aware that it belonged to his daughter. The contractor stated that he removed the bag out of the roadway, and he was going to drop it off at the police station at the end of his workday. The woman thanked patrol for assistance with the matter.

On May 31, a Penn Road man advised that his email and Facebook accounts were hacked and he was receiving unwanted phone calls from a possible scam number.

On May 30, a Pinecrest Road woman reported she had been verbally accosted by a dog walker on the street. The parties agreed to avoid each other.

An Oak Lane woman reported she is receiving unwanted messages from a family member’s ex-girlfriend May 31. She said the messages have been occurring via various media social platforms for about a month.

On June 1, police dispersed a group of kids loitering at a Spier Road construction site.

Civil matters
A Pinecrest Road woman allegedly got into an argument with a dog walker who passes her house at least once a day May 30.

On May 30, a Continental Road resident alleged that her neighbor removed a fence belonging to her. The replacement fence allegedly did not have a permit.

Cars and roadways
Police notified Verizon about fallen wires on Fenimore Road May 28 and Brewster Road June 2.
Police called a tow truck for help an owner who locked his car keys inside his car on Walworth Avenue May 29.
A fallen tree took down a wire on Fayette Road May 30.
A branch fell onto wires over Ogden and Kent roads May 30.
behind in her mailbox May 30. Police discovered it was a car that had recently been returned after service – however to the wrong address.

Police helped the driver of a tractor-trailer back out of a Post Road driveway May 31.

On May 31, police directed traffic around a disabled car on Scarsdale Avenue.

At least one car accident was officially reported in the Village this week.

snakeOn May 29, a Winslow Road woman reported being bitten by a dog at Eton and Greendale roads. The owner of the dog was an Eton Road woman.

On May 30, a Black Birch Lane woman reported a snake was on her property. She advised that an HVAC technician on scene reported a snake residing in the condenser unit he was troubleshooting on the side of the house. The son-in-law of the homeowner responded to the scene with a grabber tool and relocated the snake to the other side of the river in the backyard.

A caller reported a turtle stuck in a hole on Taunton Road May 30. It was not there when police went looking for it.

A small loose dog ran into a Cohawnwy Road house May 31. Police took custody of the dog and notified its owner, who subsequently received a summons for having a dog at large.

Village code
Police notified residents about posted signs in the Village right of way on Ridgedale and Mamaroneck roads and Palmer Avenue May 28, Montrose, Mamaroneck and Cushman roads May 28 and Crossway field, Greenacres Avenue and Mamaroneck and Montrose roads May 29. A sign posted on Post Road was discarded May 28.
Kids were fishing at a pond at Brewster and Olmsted roads May 28. Police showed up after they left. Allegedly, a passerby told them that fishing was not allowed there.

On May 30, police removed an illegally posted sign from Heathcote Road.

On May 31, police removed illegally posted signs from Mamaroneck Road and issued a summons to the offending business.

After neighbor complained of noise, police asked a Park Road resident to lower the volume of music being played June 1.

Police told a group of kids riding bikes in Freightway Garage that the garage was off limits and loitering was not allowed June 1.

Lost and found
On May 28, police helped a caller find lost Airpods.

A Lee Road resident reported her son’s passport and visa had been lost May 29.

Police picked up an abandoned suitcase from East Parkway May 30.

On May 30, a person walked into headquarters to report losing his passport.

A Christie Place woman reported losing her keys while walking to the post office and back June 1.

On May 27, firefighters assessed a Doris Drive house for lightning damage.

On May 27, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a minor gas leak in a Lebanon Road house.

Firefighters assisted with car accidents on River Road, Claremont Road, Sycamore Road and the Bronx River Parkway May 28. The accident on River Road damaged a telephone pole and affected overhead wires. Con Edison was called to evaluate the situation and showed up on May 29.

On June 29, a Beechwood Lane resident called firefighters to discuss a grill incident that happened in the past. The resident stated that he had sustained severe burns requiring hospitalization after igniting his propane fed outdoor grill. The incident occurred at least a week in the past. Firefighters evaluated the grill and found it to be in good working order. Crews used a combustible gas detector and found no leaks with the main valve open and burner valves closed. The resident stated that he had actuated one burner valve and pressed the electronic ignition with the grill lid open. When he pressed the igniter, the doors at the base of the grill blew open; there was a flash, and the resident sustained burns to his legs. There was no flame noted at the grilling surface. Based on the conditions described, members discussed the possibility of a burner control valve being accidentally left on for an extended period of time prior to ignition. The propane might have migrated into the lower storage area of the grill and when the igniter was depressed was at the correct stoichiometric ratio of propane to air to support combustion. This could have caused the flash fire that resulted in the burns. Fire department personnel discussed grill safety methods with the resident.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway May 29.

On May 29, firefighters assisted a Kelwynne Road resident with a broken window.

Water entered a Depot Place elevator through the ceiling May 29. Firefighters placed the elevator out of service and notified MTA police.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor on Old Orchard Lane May 29.

On May 30, firefighters were called to the Hutchinson River Parkway for a reported car fire. On arrival units found one vehicle on the shoulder fully involved. Firefighters stretched a hand line and extinguished the fire. Units overhauled the vehicle in order to fully extinguish the fire, and they remained on scene until a tow arrived.

Firefighters were called to a Windsor Lane house for a report of an electrical issue. There they found a chewed power cord to a bed plugged in and burning in the first floor living room. The plug was removed from the outlet. Firefighters isolated the breaker to the outlet. It was found to not be damaged. Firefighters checked behind the outlet cover and surrounding area with a thermal imaging camera. No extension was found. Firefighters advised the resident to call an electrician. A female occupant of the house displayed minor black marks on her hand from plugging in the cord that was damaged. She refused the offer of an ambulance to respond.

On May 31, firefighters were called to the Hutchinson River Parkway for a reported accident.

Firefighters helped a Brite Avenue resident get back inside the house after an accidental lockout June 1.

A contractor was burning weeds on Mamaroneck Road with a torch June 1. It caused mulch to smolder. Firefighters extinguished the fire and overhauled the area.

Firefighters assisted with low-hanging wires on Brewster Road June 2.

On June 2, an unattended pot on a stove in a Black Birch Lane house caused smoke to spread throughout the first floor. The residents were not home, but an alarm sounded and summoned firefighters. Firefighters removed the pot and shut off the stove. They ventilated the space and contacted the resident.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 27 – June 3 has been compiled from official information.

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