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2019 Maserati Stolen and a Resident and the Super Locked Inside a Popham Road Apartment

cell towerContractors for AT&T made repairs to the cell tower at the sanitation yard on Friday June 7.Stolen cars: A Secor Road woman called police at 2:10 a.m., June 4, to report that her car had just been stolen approximately 10 minutes ago.

On June 10, a 2019 Maserati, worth $35,000, was reported as stolen during the overnight period from its owner’s Post Road driveway. It had been left unlocked with the keys inside.

Car break-ins
A Secor Road resident reported his doorbell camera recorded a man in a black hooded sweatshirt entering his parked car and removing an item around 2 a.m., June 3. He was not sure what was stolen, he said.

On June 6, around 5 p.m., a caller said her daughter observed an SUV driving on
Fox Meadow Road towards Fenimore Road, with a male was getting out and pulling on car door handles. The vehicle is described as a long white or light silver SUV, and the male was described as wearing a red shirt. Patrol arrived on scene and canvassed for any vehicle or person matching the descriptions. Neither suspect nor vehicle was found.

On June 10, an Ogden Road resident reported someone entered her car, took her garage door opener and entered her garage. He left in a white sedan with the garage door opener in hand.

Stolen tools
On June 8, a New Jersey contractor reported his tools were stolen from a Brown Road construction site overnight. Tools included drills, routers, batteries and bits, worth approximately $2,000.

A Popham Road business manager reported a customer was attacked by another customer who left the scene by scooter. The attacker was described as wearing a gray jacket with black pants.

Identity theft and scams
A Crossway resident reported her identity had been stolen and she was at a loss of $49,000.

On June 7, a Morris Lane resident reported that four $500 checks had been forged and cashed against her account on May 6, 16, 29 and June 6. Another fraudulent check was presented on June 7, but the bank caught it and froze the account.

On June 7, a banker reported that she believed one of her customers was being scammed. Patrol arrived on scene and spoke with the customer who advised that she had been called by a man that alleged that he worked at the bank and “needed money to stop an account closure.” The bank manager stated she observed the customer withdrawing a large sum of money, and when she questioned the involved party, she was advised of the attempted scam. The involved party advised that she was at no financial loss and would be blocking the phone number that was calling her.

A Kelwynne Road woman reported her computer had been hacked by pop-up ads June 3. The hacking allegedly occurred in May. She told police she was no longer using it and having it destroyed. She opened new bank accounts as a precaution and requested a police report for documentation purposes.

A caller reported her 99-year-old Aspen Road father died at home June 6.
A caller requested an ambulance for an unresponsive elderly Saxon Woods Road woman June 8. When paramedics arrived, the 89-year-old woman was determined to have already died.
On June 10, a Graham Road daughter reported her 98-year-old mother passed away at home.

On June 3, police helped Westchester County police search for a psychiatric patient who fled an ambulance on the Hutchinson River Parkway and ran by foot toward Mamaroneck Road and Griffen Avenue, while wearing a hospital gown, June 3.

On June 11, Scarsdale Police assisted county police on Bradford Road in a search for someone who fled a traffic stop.

A caller reported a man yelling at the train station platform June 7. Police canvassed the area and notified MTA police.

A Paddington Road man told police he was concerned about a man who had been talking to his au pair June 7. The man said that when his au pair regularly drops off his child at Fox Meadow School, she is often approached by a white male who is approximately 70 years of age who is also dropping off a child at the school. The older man engages the au pair in friendly conversation, but she feels intimidated by him. Police advised the man to inform the male that the conversation is unwanted and to contact police again if the male continues. Patrol will conduct ridebys of the location more frequently during drop-off and pick-up hours.

Police spoke with a homeless woman sitting on a Spencer Place bench June 8. She refused any assistance.

Police conducted two welfare checks of residents in the Village June 9 due to family members’ concerns. Residents were fine and in good condition.

Cars and roadways
A driver sustained a flat tire due to a pothole on Mamaroneck Road June 3. Police asked if the driver needed help.

Police notified Verizon about fallen wires on Scarsdale Avenue June 3.

Con Edison was notified about dangling electrical wires over Walworth Avenue June 7 and 8.

A driver parked his car in the Wilgrin parking lot on Palmer Avenue June 7, and another car hit it and caused damage. The incident was recorded by video surveillance, and patrol contacted the offending driver who said she drove away because she though no damage occurred. Police facilitated an information exchange.

Highway department workers removed a fallen branch from Garden Road June 7.

An SUV was parked in the middle of Brewster Road June 7. Police contacted the owner and advised him to park in a better location.

Three car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

Civil matters
Police informed a Sheldrake Road resident that a neighborly dispute with over the placement of a fence along the alleged property line was a civil matter June 3.

On June 6, a Brewster Road woman reported a dispute with a refrigerator repairperson. She stated that upon completion of the work, she asked the worker if he could open the panel so she could see the new piece he installed. The worker refused to open the panel and advised he no longer wished to complete the job. Police advised it was a civil matter.

Different caller s were concerned about a possibly injured bird observed flying into a tree on Post Road and a rabbit on the ground on Mamaroneck Road June 8. Police provided the numbers of wildlife services.

Village code
Illegally placed signs were moved on Westview, Stratton and Heathcote roads, Windward Lane, Penn Boulevard, and Market Drive June 3; and Dolma and Stratton roads, Windward Lane and Rural Drive June 4. A summons was issued to the owner of the Windward Lane signs.

An illegally posted sign was removed from Ogden and Paddington roads and discarded June 5.

Illegally posted signs were removed from Mamaroneck Road and Fenimore and Fox Meadow roads and discarded June 6.

Police advised a Bradford Road resident about a noise compliant, and music volume was lowered June 7.

Police informed a resident on Butler Road and Oak Lane that neighbors complained of noise June 8, and the resident lowered the volume of music.

A Secor Road party venue lowered the lowered the volume of music after neighbors complained June 8.

Police informed a resident again on Butler Road that neighbors complained of noise June 8, and the resident said the party was over and guests were leaving.

On June 9, Police spoke with an event coordinator at Quaker Ridge School to inform of a noise complaint. The event was concluding shortly, and staff was told to lower volume of music.

Lost and found
A Harvest Drive woman dropped off a cell phone found in her husband’s bag after he took an Uber ride home from New York City June 3. She believes the phone belonged to the driver and accidentally dropped into her husband’s bag. The phone was disabled, and police vouchered it for safekeeping.

A passerby found a coin purse on Drake Road and brought it to headquarters June 8.

On June 3, firefighters helped a locked-out Palmer Avenue resident get back in the house.

On June 3, firefighters helped ventilate a Donellan Road house after a resident successfully extinguished a minor cooking fire.

On June 5, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On June 5, firefighters assisted with a car accident at Mamaroneck Road and Crossway.

On June 6, firefighters were dispatched a Popham Road apartment to assist with a resident reported to be locked in an apartment. There, firefighters found the resident and building superintendent claiming to be trapped inside the apartment. The key was passed underneath the door to firefighters who found that the lock was in good working order. Firefighters applied pressure to the door and were able to push it open. Paint on the doorjamb and door was creating friction and preventing the door from operating properly. Firefighters scraped excess paint from the door and doorjamb and tested it a few times, with positive results.

On June 8, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a Greenacres Avenue gas leak.

On June 9, a Brittany Close resident complained of a gas odor. Firefighter found two five-gallon gas cans that were full and swollen causing vapor release. Firefighters removed the cans to driveway. They were not leaking liquid. Firefighters advised the resident to not store gasoline in the garage or house. The resident said he would take the gasoline cans to a service station for proper disposal.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 3 –June 10 has been compiled from official information.

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