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Items Stolen From Cars On Cooper Road and Walworth Avenue Dog Bites Mail Carrier

mailman dogCar break-ins
On May 23, a Cooper Road resident reported her car was broken into overnight, and her wallet, credit cards, cash and a key were stolen.

On May 26, a Walworth Avenue woman reported her car was entered into overnight, and a power station for a jump starter device was stolen.

Dog bite
On May 21, a mail carrier reported being bitten by a dog on Webster Road while on delivering mail to a house on his mail route. The dog, and another dog were pressed against a screen door while the mail carrier was delivering mail. Then, the door’s lock “popped open” and the dogs ran out. The mail carrier was bitten on the leg, but he was not sure which dog bit him. One dog’s vaccination records were up to date, but one dog was overdue for its rabies vaccine. The dog owner was told to quarantine the dogs. Appropriate health department paperwork was submitted.

Stolen bike
A Mercer Court man’s bicycle was stolen from the bike rack on East Parkway May 27.

Criminal mischief
On May 24, a Valhalla woman reported the hood of her 2008 Nissan was intentionally and “recklessly” scratched while parked at Edgewood School on May 23. Police photographed the damage as evidence.

Identity theft
On May 20, a Tompkins Road man reported an unknown person fraudulently created three fraudulent accounts in his name and ordered $683.96 worth of merchandise. He said he received a bill for these items that he did not order. He said he did not want to file a formal report, but rather have police document the incident.

A Westview Lane man reported someone opened an Old Navy credit card in his name and charged $900 worth of fraudulent goods May 27.

A Secor Road man reported being scammed out of $150 that he allegedly spent for World Cup tickets in England advertised online from a scammer posing as a New Jersey woman.

At the homeowner’s request, police checked the credentials of a Con Edison subcontractor who needed access to a Penn Boulevard house May 20.

A relator was inadvertently sent to the wrong address on Birchall Drive May 21. She opened the unlocked front door and triggered an alarm. Police arrived on scene, and she explained the mistake. Police checked the house, and found nothing out of order.

Time to leave
A Heathcote Road man asked police to help him with a guest who was no longer welcome at his house May 25. On scene, police leaned the man had invited his girlfriend over but now wanted her to leave. She told police she thought her boyfriend was not serious about her leaving, and that’s why she decided to stay. An Uber was called for the girlfriend while police were on scene.

Unfounded call
Police received a prank call from someone stating a person was trying to break into an Old Lyme Road house May 21. Police went to the house, and the homeowner said he did not place the call.

Civil matter
A Post Road resident reported a civil disagreement with a tree contractor regarding unreturned checks for work that was never performed May 21. Police spoke with both parties and an agreement was reached to meet up for the checks to be returned.

Cars and roadways
Police moved an animal carcass to the side of Post and Murray Hill roads May 20. The highway department was informed for removal.

Police called a tow truck for a disabled truck that would not start and had leaked oil on Weaver Street and Griffen Avenue May 21.

Three drivers passed a stopped school bus with its flights flashing on Popham Road May 21. Police issued summonses to the drivers.

Police moved a tire to the side of Weaver Street and Hutchinson Boulevard May 22. Police notified highway workers for removal.

Police notified Con Edison about a branch on wires on Circle Road May 22.

A person reported an “erratic” driver on Heathcote Road May 22. The driver said he was just trying to avoid potholes and driving slowly for safety.

Police assisted a gasoline delivery truck driver open a jammed side door on his truck in order to complete his delivery to a gas station on Scarsdale Avenue May 23.

Police notified Con Edison and White Plains authorities about a “popping wire” on Hartsdale Avenue, north of Garden Road, May 23.

Police removed fallen branches from Mamaroneck Road May 23.

Police assisted a woman cross Weaver Street May 23, May 25 and May 26.

Police removed two broken hubcaps from Post Road May 24.

Police impounded an abandoned car left in the parking lot of Saxon Woods Golf Course May 26.

Four car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Police reunited a lost dog with its Overhill Road owner after the owner called headquarters looking for the dog May 20. The dog had a microchip that was not registered. Police advised the owner how to register the chip.

A person, who works as a vet, checked on a friend’s Lebanon Road house and found the friend’s dog dead on the front porch May 21. She notified police and removed the dog to her animal clinic to evaluate what kind of injuries might have caused its death. The friend was advised.

A coyote was reported to be roaming on Lebanon Road May 22. It allegedly knocked over a garbage can.

Police called New Rochelle Humane Society to pick up a loose black dog on Cooper Road May 23.

Village code
After neighbors complained, police asked people to lower the volume of music at a Garth Road location May 20.

A man was issued a summons for soliciting for a pest control company without a permit May 21. Other pest control solicitors were issued warnings on Sage Terrace and Tory Lane.

Volunteers for a nature conservancy were soliciting on East Parkway May 23. Police advised them they needed a permit.

At 7:40 a.m., police ordered landscapers working on Claremont Road to shut off their equipment until 8 am. The landscapers complied.

Police advised a landscapers on Madison Road and throughout the village of the allowed times to start work in the village May 22 and May 24.

A man soliciting for work on Colvin Road was advised he needs a permit to do so May 26.

Lost and found
A red wallet was found in Christie Place garage May 21. Police returned it to its owner.

A person found a gold piece of jewelry on Scarsdale Avenue and gave it to police who vouchered it at headquarters May 23.

A fire hydrant on Brittany Close was leaking May 20. The water department was notified.

A custodian shut down an elevator system in a Mamaroneck Road building due to an overheated motor May 20. Firefighters made sure everything was safe.

A pot of eggs left boiling on the stove started to smoke in a Normandy Lane kitchen May 20. Firefighters shut off the stove, removed the pot and ventilated the house.

On May 20, Claremont Road residents evacuated their house due to elevated carbon monoxide levels. Con Edison was called and found that when the hot water heater boiler at the same time that the air conditioning unit was it, it was creating incomplete combustion due to the A/C pulling draft from the hot water heater. The air handler then circulated the CO gas from the saturated basement throughout the house. CO was collecting in voids in walls and behind outlets. The house was ventilated and a service technician was recommended to reconfigure the system.

Firefighters cleaned up spilled automotive fluids and oil from Sherbrooke Road May 20.

Con Edison was notified about burning wires on Brewster Road May 21. Firefighters stood by and assisted. Police helped navigate people safely through the area.

Con Edison was notified about a gas leak at a Leatherstocking Lane house May 22 and insulation burned off of wires on Post Road May 24.

Firefighters removed an overheated light fixture from a Donellan Road basement May 25.

Firefighters investigated a wire hanging in a Fox Meadow Road garage May 26. It was from an old garage door system.

A door lock got jammed in a Popham Road building and a resident got locked inside her apartment May 27. Firefighters forced the door open and notified the building superintendent for repair.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 20-27 has been compiled from official information.

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