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Police Report: Man Dressed in Skirt and Stockings Accused of Indecent Exposure

dogbiteOn Feb. 4, Eastchester police requested assistance locating an individual that was accused of exposing himself to a woman at a Garth Road coffee shop in the jurisdiction of Eastchester. The individual was described as a white man with gray hair, wearing a white tank top, plaid skirt and fishnet stockings. He was last seen walking toward Scarsdale. Scarsdale police located an individual matching the description at Starbucks on East Parkway and stood by for Eastchester Police who were investigating the matter. A background check of the suspect revealed no prior criminal history.

ID theft
On Feb. 3, a Highland Way resident reported an incident of identity theft in which a fraudulent Sprint account was opened in her name. A balance of $613.87 had accumulated.

On Feb. 6, a Griffen Avenue man reported someone falsified a change of address form and had all of the man’s mail forwarded to a Bronx address. The suspect also attempted to change the address on the man’s Verizon account.

On Feb. 6, a Deerfield Lane man reported someone fraudulently gained access to his account and made five unauthorized transactions. The account was closed, and the bank is following up.

On Feb. 6, a fraudulent check for $850 was written against a Lebanon Road resident’s bank account. The resident reported the matter to her bank.

Found property
Warren Township police found property on a suspect in their custody that belonged to a Clarence Road resident Feb. 6. They contacted Scarsdale police to help put them in touch with the owner of the property.

Disorderly conduct
Police were called to assist New Rochelle police with a male customer acting in a disorderly manner inside the CVS in the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Plaza Feb. 8. The customer left the store after police arrived.

Police were called because two customers were having a dispute while waiting in line at a village coffee shop Feb. 8. Police were able to mediate and resolve the dispute without any further incident.

A Dobbs Terrace resident asked police to check her house because she was out of the country and was unsure if she had locked the house before leaving Feb. 8. Police went to the house and found the door unlocked with the key inside the lock. Police locked the door after placing the key inside the house.

Car alarm
A Sprague Road resident’s car alarm went off at 3 a.m., Feb. 4. The car was not entered, and nothing was stolen. The resident reported the incident because she was afraid someone might have attempted to break into the car.

On Feb. 8, an employee of a Crane Road church reported a man in a red BMW was teaching his son to drive in the church parking lot without permission of the church. The employee said this was the second time this had happened. Police informed the man he was on private property and could be charged with trespassing if he does not refrain from using the parking lot for driving instruction.

Cars and roadways
On Feb. 4, police blocked off an area of the Bronx River Parkway so highway workers could safely inspect a manhole cover.

Con Edison was notified about sparking wires over Mamaroneck Road Feb. 5.

Police stood by for Con Edison at the site of a fallen wire on Sprague Road Feb. 5.

Police notified the highway department about a fallen tree on Garden Road Feb. 7.

A caller reported a “suspicious man” with a yellow tripod in the street at Hamilton and Richelieu roads Feb. 7. The man was a professional surveyor who had been hired to survey multiple properties on the street. He provided police with a business card.

The highway department was notified about a fallen tree on Sheldrake Road Feb. 8.

After a caller complained about potholes on Sycamore and Aspen roads, police placed roadway cones inside the potholes Feb. 8.

The building department was advised of a slate roof shingle that fell off a Harwood Court building and landed in the street Feb. 8.

Police called a tow for a disabled car on Murray Hill Road Feb. 9.W

While writing a report for a car accident that occurred on Post Road Feb. 6, police discovered that one of the driver’s had a suspended license, due to failure to answer a vehicle and traffic summons on Jan. 17 in the Bronx. Police issued the driver summonses for third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver. A licensed driver was required to show up to the accident scene to drive the car home.

Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil matter
A Paddington Road woman reported a disagreement with her daughter’s driving school instructor. Police advised it was a civil matter. The woman called back later and said she resolved the issue directly with the driving school.

A Park Road resident reported he purchased a phone from someone over the Internet and paid for it with PayPal. When he did not receive the phone, he contacted PayPal, and the seller then provided a tracking number for the shipment. However, when the shipment arrived, it did not contain a phone – only a hair tie. PayPal requested a police report to proceed with its investigation.

Welfare check
A family member requested a welfare check of a Colvin Road women Feb. 3.Police went to the house, but the woman was not there. Later the family member reported she had made contact with the woman, and she was OK.

On Feb. 6, a mailman reported he was bitten by a Colvin Road dog while making a delivery to the owner’s house. The dog allegedly pounced on the mailman after the homeowner opened the door, biting his right forearm.

On Feb. 7, an Aspen Road woman reported her neighbor’s dog comes into her yard and disturbs her cats. The dog owner reported that the woman’s cats also come onto her property at times. She also said her power was off and the electric fence was not working, so that might have been why her dog entered the woman’s yard on that date. She said she would restore power to the electric fence as soon as possible.

Police picked up an elderly, golden lab without tags on its collar from Birchall Drive and took it to headquarters. The dog appeared to be friendly and blind. New Rochelle Humane Society picked it up. Later, the dog’s owner was identified. Police directed the owner to NRHS and issued a village code violation summons.

Lost and found
A Post Road resident reporting losing a NYS license plate somewhere in the village Feb. 8.

A girl reported losing her phone and library card while walking to school somewhere near Mamaroneck and Black Walnut roads Feb. 8.

According to official information, firefighters responded to 20 incidents during the reporting period.

Firefighters assisted in getting a cat off a flat roof on Montgomery Road Feb. 2.
Firefighters ventilated a White Road house to release cooking smoke from the house Feb. 4.

A burnt water heater connection was the source of a burning odor in a Colony Drive apartment building in Hartsdale, where Scarsdale firefighters assisted, Feb. 4.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident involving a pregnant woman on the Hutchinson River Parkway Feb. 7.

Smoke on Taunton Road was traced to a Post Road resident’s use of an outdoor fireplace Feb. 8.

A faulty gas valve was determined to be the source of a gas leak on Johnson Road Feb. 8. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Feb. 3-9 has been compiled from official information.

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