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Police Report: Two Village Businesses Burglarized, Two Cars Stolen

fall6Stores burglarized: A burglary was reported from a Scarsdale Avenue business Oct. 24. According to the report, an employee arrived on scene, observed an open window and discovered that approximately $100 cash was missing from the register. Detectives are investigating.

A Christie Place business owner reported, on Oct. 24, that the store had been burglarized overnight and $150 cash had been stolen. During investigation, police found a “hammer with a broken claw” on scene.

Stolen cars
On the morning of Oct. 20, a Spier Road woman woke up to find her 2018 Audi had been stolen from her driveway overnight. She told police the car’s keys were in her gym bag, which she believed had been accidentally left near the car on her driveway.

A second incident of auto theft also was reported on Innes Road the morning of Oct. 20, following the discovery of a 2017 Audi abandoned on Innes Road following an apparent accident. The owner of the stolen car, an Innes Road resident, said she did not give anyone permission to drive the car, nor had she driven it there herself.

Check fraud
On Oct. 20, a Colonial Road resident reported a check was taken from her mailbox and cashed in another person’s name for the amount of $4,800. The resident’s bank is investigating.

Identity theft
On Oct. 22, a Benedict Road woman reported someone had fraudulently used her Bloomingdale’s card to make online purchases in excess of $3,700. She was able to cancel the purchases before any items shipped out. The creditor is following up with an investigation.

On Oct. 19, police assisted Westchester County police with a reported case of assault that involved three individuals fighting in the parking lot of Saxon Woods Golf Course. Police were able to contact the three individuals and instructed them to return to the scene for investigation by WCPD.

On Oct. 24, a Colvin Road caller alleged her sister stole a painting, belonging to her mother, from her house. The caller was unable to identify of describe the painting, but she insisted the painting had either been moved within the house or removed from the house. Patrol then spoke with the caller’s sister and mother who stated they were unaware of any paintings being moved or removed. The mother further stated that she did not believe any of her property was missing from the house. Patrol then advised the caller to develop a system to better organize and document items in the house.

Responding to a report of a man and woman arguing at Boniface Circle and Spencer Place Oct. 20, police encountered a couple who reported they were arguing over the ending of their relationship. Police advised them to find a better time and place to have their conversation, and the arguing couple left the scene.

On Oct. 25, Westchester County police advised, via hotline, that they were pursuing an individual who had failed to comply with police orders, and the individual’s car was found unoccupied behind Quaker Ridge School. Assistance from Scarsdale police was requested. Patrol responded and canvassed the area for suspects. Patrol found one suspect in a Meadow Road driveway. The suspect claimed he was staying at a nearby Meadow Road house. The homeowners of that house said the suspect neither resided there nor was a guest. WCPD notified patrol that upon a positive identification by their K9 unit, the suspect was placed under arrest. Patrol did not observe any damage to the grass at Quaker Ridge School, caused by the suspect’s vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

On Oct. 21, a Chase Road business owner reported a suspicious incident that occurred the previous day. According to the owner, an unknown person entered the store, shortly before closing time, to inquire about the value of a gold chain. The person was told the chain could not be valued at that time because the store’s bookkeeper had already left for the day. At that point, the person left the store and entered a gray minivan with Pennsylvania license plates, parked outside. The doors to the store were closed and locked. Shortly thereafter, a second person exited the gray minivan and attempted to enter the store. The employee said the store was closed and did not open the door. The second person then became agitated and accused the employee of lying about the store’s closing time. Then, the second person appeared to call the first person on the phone, and they both left the area in the gray minivan.

At 5:45 a.m., Oct. 20, a Kelwynne Road resident called police to report that a “person dressed as a delivery driver was knocking on his door.” He was concerned because of the early hour and did not open the door. When police arrived on scene, they observed an Amazon delivery truck leaving the street and a large package outside the resident’s front door. Everything as deemed to be in good order and the package delivery appeared to have been legitimate, despite the unusual hour.

On Oct. 24, a Mamaroneck Road caller reported that a bald white man, approximately 5'8" tall and wearing a yellow shirt and khaki shorts, walked through his property without permission. The caller advised he spoke with the man and was told that he walked through the property because there was no sidewalk. The reported the matter to police.
On Oct. 25, a Scarsdale Avenue caller reported that she just closed her business for the day and observed a man sitting reclined in a car, parked across the street from her business. The caller reported he was watching her and on the phone. The caller believed this to be suspicious and did not feel comfortable. Patrol responded and noticed the vehicle parked opposite the listed address in the permit-only parking lot. Upon patrol’s arrival, the vehicle left the permit-only parking lot and legally parked in front of the listed address. The driver exited the car and walked north on Scarsdale Ave past the caller’s place of business. Patrol did not deem this to be suspicious activity.

Civil matters
On Oct. 23, a caller advised that movers would be arriving at a Spier Road house to perform a cleanout. The caller also advised her two brothers were on scene and she requested they leave at noon, before the movers arrive at 1 p.m. The caller said she was the executor of the estate. Patrol spoke with one of the brothers, who advised that he and his brother, who had already left the house, have been helping their sister during the process and were granted access to the property. He produced a recent letter from an attorney, which granted him access to the property. The letter outlined that he had permission to assist with the preparation and valuation of the property before sale. Since no cause was shown to prove that he was not allowed to remain on the scene, patrol advised him that his sister wished him to not get involved with the moving company and to stay out of their way while they are working. He said he had no intention to interfere and only wished to help his sister with the process. There was no reason to believe that the brother had any ill intentions with any of the contents of the home. The caller was advised of this. She was aware of and acknowledged the letter in question and did not request anything further. Both parties were advised that any future disagreement involving the property or its contents would have to be handled in civil court.

Heathcote Road neighbors called police over a matter involving trees near the property line that were in danger of falling over Oct. 23. The neighbors were able to work the matter out through conversation.

Cars and roadways
A Carstensen Road woman reported a truck backing out of her driveway struck a stone post and broke it in half Oct. 19. She did not witness the incident, but it was captured by a neighbor’s video surveillance camera. Police looked at the footage but were unable to discern the truck’s license plate number or other identifying information.

Police asked the owner of a trailer parked on School Lane to move it to a different location in order to increase traffic flow and maintain a safe roadway Oct. 19. Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street Oct. 20.

On Oct. 20, a driver reported the mirror of his car had been struck by a passing car and broke, while the car was parked on Griffen Avenue.

On Oct. 20, police advised the highway department that a crosswalk sign at Brewster and Fenimore roads was on the ground and needed to be replaced.
Police removed a garbage bag from Post Road and contacted the highway department to pick up spilled litter Oct. 20.

Police asked workers to move their cars from Park Road and park in a more organized fashion because they was causing traffic congestion Oct. 21 and 23.

On Oct. 21, a caller reported finding envelopes on a parking machine on East Parkway. Police examined the envelopes, noted they were empty and discarded them.

On Oct. 21, a caller reported seeing the same car pass by his residence for a fourth time. The description of the vehicle was a white hatchback, possibly a Subaru. Shortly thereafter, the caller called back to notify police that he realized he knew the driver of the vehicle. The driver was reported to be a friend who was trying to surprise the caller and kept circling because the caller could be seen by the door.

After a neighbor complained, police placed a note on the windshield of a legally parked car on Montrose Road Oct. 21. The note asked the driver to leave more room near the caller’s driveway, as a courtesy, in the future.

Checking out a report of two people sleeping in a parked car on Fox Meadow Road Oct. 23, police discovered two people sitting in a car talking. They said they were area workers taking a lunch break in the car.

Police assisted a driver with a disabled car on Popham Road after 1 a.m., Oct. 24. The driver’s husband asked police to leave the car safely parked in the Village, so he could address the problem and remove the car when he finished work at 7 a.m. that day.

On Oct. 25, police informed the highway department about a damaged parking sign on Overhill Road.

A parked Mercedes was blocking traffic flow on Brook Lane Oct. 25. Police asked the driver to move the car.

One car accident was officially reported in the Village this week.

Village code
On Oct. 21, a Crane Road woman reported hearing a saw in operation, daily since April. She believed the saw was located at a neighboring house, possibly on Woodland Place. She said the saw was being used during permissible hours, but she found the noise to be disturbing because of its frequency.

On Oct. 21, police advised a solicitor on Cushman Road that he needed a permit to solicit in the Village.

A generator was running at a Dolma Road construction site at 7:30 a.m., Oct. 22.

Police advised the workers of the permissible start times for construction work, and the workers turned off the generator.

A caller complained of noise coming from Davis Park Oct. 23. Police observed the noise there and found it to be reasonable. Police advised the dance instructor there to lower the volume as a courtesy, and she complied.

On Oct. 24, police advised workers on a Manor Lane job site to refrain from using power tools outside of permissible hours, as per Village code.

A noise complaint prompted a Sycamore Road woman to turn off party music at a small gathering at 11:30 p.m., Oct. 24.

Lost and found
On Oct. 19, a passerby found a wallet on Chase Road and gave it to police. Police were unable to contact the owner and vouchered the wallet for safekeeping.

On Oct. 22, a person reported losing a chain on the platform of the Scarsdale train station. Police called MTA police who contacted the man to handle the report.

A Village resident lost a set of keys somewhere in Village center Oct. 23. She reported the matter to police in case the keys were found. Police advised her to change her locks in the meantime.

On Oct. 19, firefighters assisted at a car accident on Fenimore Road.

On Oct. 22, firefighters traced a burning odor in a Richbell Road house to a phone charger wire that had overheated and melted. Firefighters checked the breaker, which had tripped. Firefighters left the breaker in the "off" position and advised the resident to have the breaker and outlet checked by an electrician.

On Oct. 22, a power line was down and burning outside the Scarsdale Woman’s Club on Drake Road. Con Edison was dispatched, and firefighters stabilized the scene while standing by for arrival.

On Oct. 23, firefighters detected minor carbon monoxide and gas readings in a Brewster Road house, caused when the oven reached high temperatures. Con Edison was notified and advised the homeowner to call a repair service.

On Oct. 24, a plastic drinking straw came in contact with a dishwasher’s heating element and partially melted, emitting a burning odor in a Brewster Road house. The homeowner was advised.

Firefighters assisted with a rollover car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway Oct. 25.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 19-25 has been compiled from official information.

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