Sunday, Apr 14th

Student Artists of the Month

Olivia Gao Persona Persona by Olivia Gao for 3D Art (Mid Nov - Dec)Scarsdale High School art students take center stage as they are honored by Friends of Music & the Arts and recognized as “Student Artists of the Month”. Friends of Music & the Arts, a nonprofit parent booster group that supports visual and performing arts in Scarsdale schools, has so far selected three talented seniors whose work has been featured in the showcases at the Brewster entrance of the high school. The honorees and their work are displayed here.

The FMA SHS art committee explains, “To become “Student Artist of the Month”, the Senior must first be nominated by their teacher from AT 2D and/or 3D Art. The entire art department then meets to review the students’ work and agrees upon a nomination. They look at students who are considering art in some form as a major in college or art school.StretchStretch by Ben Dallal for both 2D and 3D Art (Mid Jan - Feb)

Parents are welcome to come see the showcases around the school and to visit the art gallery which exhibits works from all areas of the curriculum, Freshman through AT, throughout the year. The next student art gallery show will open February 14.

FMA will continue to celebrate different Artists of the Month throughout the school year and looks forward to spotlighting even more SHS artists at a spring gallery showing, most likely on April 16th.

Stella Canora PearsPears by Stella Canora for both 2D and 3D Art (Mid Oct - Nov)

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