Friday, Jul 12th

Preserving The Local History of Scarsdale

GlauberFrom paper to digitized images to microfilm and back to paper, Scarsdale’s rich history is being preserved for future generations.

Scarsdale Local History Librarian Dan Glauber reached out last week to let us know that he is now using the content of Scarsdale10583 to continue to archive the history of the Village.

We paid him a visit and learned that images of back issues of the Scarsdale Inquirer, from 1901 through 1977, are available to view online via the Hudson River Valley Heritage website. The Scarsdale Historical Society and the Scarsdale Library worked together on this digitization project, providing full-text searchable access to three quarters of a century of Scarsdale History. Issues of the newspaper, from the next 26 years, from 1978 through January 2024 are preserved on microfilm which is available at the library.

After the Inquirer ceased publication in January 2024, Glauber turned to Scarsdale10583 to continue to preserve a record of Scarsdale's History. Each week he saves articles from Scarsdale10583 as PDFs and also prints out color copies that are now kept in a binder and available to view. The individual PDFs will be combined into larger files encompassing periods of 6 months or a year. These larger PDFs will then be accessible in the Library and will be full-text searchable.

We’re proud to be part of the local codex and happy that Glauber’s project will ensure a permanent record of the goings on of the “Dale.

(Pictured above: Local History Librarian Dan Glauber displays PDF's from weekly issues of Scarsdale10583)