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Scarsdale Students Then and Now: 2011-2024

girls2024Maxine, Daisy, Billie, and Samantha (2024)Photographer and resident Steven Schnur has come full circle with his photographs of a Heathcote kindergarten class in 2011-12. Now 13 years later Schnur re-assembled the group in advance of their high school graduation to document them before they head off into the world.

girls2017Samantha, Maxine, Billie, and Drew (2017)

Schnur explained, “Thirteen years ago (2011-12) I spent a year photographing a kindergarten class at Heathcote. That year ended in a photo exhibit that including large portraits of each of the 19 students. Five years later, the now 5th graders met me in the Heathcote art room for a quick reunion and distribution of many of the photos I had taken of them. Another seven years passed and then eleven days ago, on June 3rd, 12 of the students (now graduating seniors) reunited in the SHS breezeway where I asked them to pose with the portraits I had taken of them in kindergarten. Present also was their kindergarten teacher, Sharon De Lorenzo, now assistant principal at Greenacres School, and Alice Yugovich, their Heathcote art teacher (now retired).

harleyandtajHarley and Taj 2017

KindergartenClass2012Lana 2017

KindergartenClass2012Kindergarten Class 2012

reunion2017Reunion five years later, January 2017.I assembled a small collection of photos from the first reunion and the one last week to send to all the parents. I include those below along with my note to them. None of this could have happened without the invaluable help of Amber Yusuf, former school board president and mother of Taj Grewal, one of the kindergartners.”

Groupshot2024Graduating high school seniors, 6/3/2024.

Here is Schnur’s note to the parents of the students: “I can’t thank you enough for helping to make today’s reunion a reality. I’m still smiling at the discovery of these beautiful teens. They were such photogenic kindergartners and have become equally arresting young adults. The photos below tell a little of the story beginning with the fifth grade reunion in January 2017, followed by today’s gathering and ending with a few distant memories dating back to 2012. Thank you for allowing me to capture a little bit of their enchanted lives.

With gratitude,




jasperand2024Rick and Jasper

alice amber sharonAlice Yugovich, Amber Yusef and Sharon De Lorenzo

schnur heathcoteOne of the last photos of the Heathcote project.






giftStudents' gift of self-portraits in 2012, assembled by Ms. Yugovich.

 A selection of the original 2012 kindergarten photos are on permanent display outside the District Offices at the high school.