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Scarsdale Forum Celebrates Winterfest

ForumFoleySusan Lee Foley, Tim Foley, ML Perlman, Linda BlairThis note was sent to us by the Scarsdale Forum Winterfest 2020 Committee.

The Scarsdale Forum welcomed over 100 members and guests to Winterfest 2020, its twelfth annual membership party at the Scarsdale Woman’s Club on Saturday, February 1. Party goers were greeted at the door by Forum President Tim Foley and Vice President Madelaine Eppenstein as Spotify set the mood for the evening in the festive music room decorated by Winterfest 2020 Chair Linda Blair. Bruce Wells held court at the popular beer tasting station featuring his home brewed beers and hot dogs steamed in dark beer for the adventurous. Plates catered a delicious buffet dinner while Forum members Merrell Clark, Eli Mattioli, Jim Pullman and Sue Wolin took to the keys to entertain guests during the dinner hour. The evening ended sweetly in the dessert room where guests enjoyed the home baked goodies of several Forum members and friends and a fruit platter donated by Standing Room Only.

ForumWellsDeidre Pullman, Bruce Wells, Anne Hintermeister, Jeff Crandall

We thank local vendors Bronx River Books, La Dentelliere, Ellen Cohen of Pampered Chef, Parkway Café, Pizzarelli’s, Scarsdale Frame Shop, Scarsdale Pastry Center, Scarsdale Woman’s Exchange, Serenity and Setsuko at Jean Claude for generously donating door prizes for the event.

ForumMichellesDeb Pekarek, ML Perlman, Michelle Lichtenberg, Michelle Sterling

A special thank you to Scarsdale 10583 for publicizing our event.
Photo Credit: Liza VanGundy

ForumSternBob Harrison, Bill Stern, Avital & Greg Soldatenko

Winter 2020 Committee
Scarsdale Forum

ForumFlisserMarjorie Meiman, Harvey & Miriam Flisser, Joe Robinowitzforumfood

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