Friday, Jul 12th

Abstract Paintings by Local Artist On Display at the Scarsdale Library

art1Among the many treats at the Scarsdale Library are regular art exhibits of the work of Scarsdale artists on the walls of the Scott Room.

You can stop by any time to enjoy the excellent work of your talented neighbors.

This week I happened on Sushma Shadaksharappa and her husband who were hanging an exhibition of her vibrant abstract artworks on the walls of the Scott Room.

Sushma explained that she is a “self- taught artist influenced by abstract designs who works with deep feelings and emotions when she paints.” She said, “I love to paint on large scale dimensions with vibrant colors. Sort of like an Indian sari (traditional women’s colorful dress on a canvas!)

She said, “I started painting at a young age, typically different styles of traditional Indian art. As an adult I evolved more towards the abstract. I grew up with an Indian background which has a rich culture and bright colors. I use color to undo form and create emotions. “

COVID inspired her to return to something she loved. Sushma explained, “When Covid hit and I stayed home I wanted to experiment and learn this technique. I have loved it ever since and made many paintings for friends and donated my art and art auction proceeds to many worthy causes.”

Who has influenced her? Sushma said, “About 5 years ago I happen to see Gerhard Richter’s art at the Tate museum in London and was absolutely fascinated by his style of painting.”paintings3

Sushma lives in Scarsdale with her husband and two children, who are all helpful and her “favorite critics.” She is very grateful for the support of the community who has encouraged her to keep painting.

Stop by the library to see her work, on view until September 30, 2022.

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