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A Joyous Celebration for Jane Veron and Maroon and White

BowlinairThe Scarsdale Bowl, celebrating volunteerism for over 80 years, shone like new at a smart, lively and contemporary celebration at Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club on Thursday night April 11, 2024.

The evening had a fun and celebratory vibe. Guests were greeted by waiters serving two specially curated Scarsdale cocktails, “Manhattans” called “Scarsdale Meets Manhattan,” and a non-alcoholic drink called, “The Raider Rooter.” They sipped drinks, mingled and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres while celebrants posed for photos in front of the maroon and white Scarsdale Bowl banner.

The evening’s honoree, former Mayor and volunteer extraordinaire Jane Veron is the perfect exemplar of a Bowl winner. She has done it all and continues to work for the betterment of the community, from service in Village government and the downtown retail environment to small businesses around the country. She has touched the lives of so many in town that she was the natural choice for this year’s nominee.

Selected to receive the Spotlight Award, booster organization Maroon and White was honored for their work to create school spirit and to enhance the experience of student athletes in Scarsdale.MaroonandWhite

The Scarsdale Bowl Committee, led by Chairman Erika Rublin did an excellent job of programming an evening that was upbeat and entertaining while giving proper due to the honorees. Rublin noted that the event was a celebration of everyone who works to make Scarsdale better, saying, “As much as the Bowl dinner is about honoring a particular volunteer, it is also about celebrating and honoring all the community volunteers who work so hard to make Scarsdale the special place it is. The Bowl dinner is the one time in the year that ALL of Scarsdale comes together.” She recognized local officials, former Bowl winners, members of the Scarsdale Foundation and the Bowl committee all in the room to toast a Scarsdale tradition.

The SHS a cappella group For Good Measure set the tone with a harmonious medley of songs.

Replacing long tributes from family members and friends was a well-produced video with kudos for Veron. Former Bowl winner Evelyn Stock said, “Jane deserves three Bowls instead of one …. We should establish a Scarsdale holiday for the day Jane Veron moved to town.”

seidenrublinklaymanSuzanne Seiden, who heads the Scarsdale Foundation reminded the room of the mission of the group behind the Scarsdale Bowl. The Foundation, now in its 101st year, raises funds to help Scarsdale college students in need to meet tuition and living expenses. She underlined the importance of the aid saying, “Some are skeptical about the need in Scarsdale – but its real. Sudden illness, death and divorce can upset the best laid plans.” She explained that last year the Scarsdale Foundation gave $200,000 to 40 worthy students who used the funds to get an education and realize their dreams.

Rublin introduced Michale Sokol, a young man who grew up in Scarsdale and benefited from the support of the foundation, earning a B.A. and two Masters’ Degrees. He now works in health care and has three children of his own. He said, “I am deeply indebted to the support of the Scarsdale Foundation.”Paulin Veron Boykin

Turning to the Spotlight Award for Maroon and White, Erika Rublin said, “In choosing this amazing organization, the Bowl Committee noted how much Maroon and White has contributed to the spirit and community of Scarsdale. From fundraising to supplement our athletes with projects such as lights at Butler Field or a score board at Supply Field, to team dinners and parades, Maroon and White has added so much to the student athlete experience at Scarsdale High School. And Maroon and White drives Raider Pride! It is on the athletic fields, with our entire community cheering on our Raiders, where we all feel connected to one another and our student athletes feel appreciated and valued.”

Photographer Andi Schreiber captured the special moments and generously donated her services as a raffle prize for the event. See more at Andi Schreiber Photography.


Accepting the award for Maroon and White, Amy Frank and Moira Crouch thanked the Bowl Committee, noting that this was the first award in the organization’s history. She said, “We are the school spirit committee, we encourage Raider Pride and work hard to honor our athlete’s accomplishments.”

Standing with Rublin, Jane Veron came to the podium to accept the silver bowl. Holding the bold aloft, the two were thrilled and so was the audience.


In her remarks, Veron said, “None of us achieve in isolation,” and thanked her husband and family for their love and support.”

She remembered her early years in Scarsdale saying, “We moved here for the schools, the parks, and the pool but later learned the real treasure is the community.”

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She recounted her earliest volunteer activities when she organized with other parents to advocated for a new playground at Willow Park. They resuscitated the Fox Meadow Neighborhood Association, planted the garden on the triangle on Church Lane and she was off and running.

Along the way she assembled a lengthy resume of volunteer service: President of the League of Women Voters of Scarsdale, Chair of the Scarsdale Neighborhood Association of Presidents, Secretary of the Scarsdale Foundation; Chair, Scarsdale Bowl Committee; Chair, Scarsdale Planning Board, a Village Trustees for four years and was eventually Mayor of Scarsdale.


In her speech she noted some of the highlights including founding the Scarsdale Business Alliance and “bringing back the holiday spirit with the “Light the Dale” event during the holidays. During her term in Village government she worked to renovate and expand the library, designed a new logo for the Village and put in Wi-fi around the high school.

VeronShe did all this while serving as the CEO and co-founder of The Acceleration Project (TAP), a nonprofit organization creating a more equitable and inclusive economy providing advisory services to under-resourced small business owners across the country.

Veron said, “My eldest daughter gave me a map of Scarsdale in 1910. When I look at it I think of all the places where this group has left its mark. I imagine a pinpoint of light for all the spots you made a little better…. when I think of this groups impact, Scarsdale is bathed in light.”

It was beautiful imagery of the light Veron shined, shining back on her.

Scarsdale Bowl Committee Members (in attendance)

Leah Dembitzer
Isabel Finegold
Carl Finger
Tim Foley
Ronny Hersch
Sharon Higgins
Lori Rothman Kaplan
Susan Ross
Ryan Spicer

Scarsdale Bowl Committee Fundraising Team

Randi Culang
Angela Manson
Cynthia Samwick
Stephanie Stern
Xue Su

Scarsdale FoundationanneandSuzanne

Tom Giordano, Treasurer
Marc Greenwald
Seema Jaggi
Elyse Klayman
Jon Leslie
Jennifer Love, Secretary
Anne Lyons, Vice President
BK Munguia
Tracy Tang

Past Bowl Recipients in Attendance

Evelyn Stock
Carol Stix
Jill Spieler
BK Munguia
Jon Mark
Michelle Lichtenberg
Kathy Steves
Carl Pforzheimer
Terry Singer
Janice Starr

Photos by Andi Schreiber: See more at Andi Schreiber Photography.

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