Friday, Jul 12th

july4bannerpoolThis year, Scarsdale celebrated Independence Day with a series of vibrant events at the Scarsdale Pool, bringing the community together in joyous festivities. The events drew a record breaking crowd. Recreaction Department Supervisor Brian Gray said, "The Department of Parks and Recreation estimates we had in excess of 3,500 people within the pool complex to view the Fireworks and another estimated 2,000 people on surrounding athletic fields, riding stables and the Saxon Woods Golf Course. It was the biggest crowd I have witnessed at the complex."

The celebration began on the evening of July 2nd with a spectacular display of fireworks. Families and friends arrived early to secure the best spots on the grass, setting up blankets in excitement for the evening’s affairs. As they waited for the sparkling show, the tantalizing aroma of hotdogs and fried chicken tenders filled the air, with many taking the opportunity to enjoy these fresh delights.

Acting Village Manager added, "In order to accommodate the crowds, the Village closed portions of Mamaroneck Road and advised residents with a press release and through the use of Everbridge Communications the day before and day of the event to increase awareness about the traffic pattern and road closures."


The wait was made even more enjoyable by the Westchester Band, which delivered captivating performances of over a dozen pieces, including patriotic classics like "American Overture" and "Stars and Stripes Forever." The band’s rendition of "Y.M.C.A.” was a highlight of the evening, as the crowd enthusiastically joined in, performing the iconic dance moves with gusto. The music, combined with the community’s energy, set the perfect tone for the night’s grand finale.


“I love how we’re all able to come together as a community to enjoy a mutual holiday of the country,” commented Santi Zraick, a student at Scarsdale High School. “Events like this provide a shared experience where people from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate a common heritage or occasion… they can create memories that Scarsdale residents can cherish together”.

fireworks1As darkness filled the space, so did a sharp silence as anticipation rose. However, the quiet was soon replaced by cheers and sounds of awe as the fireworks lit up the sky in a dazzling array of colors and patterns. Streams of sparks cascaded down, creating an amazing spectacle that danced in the background of the night sky. Each explosion seemed to outdo the last, filling the air with reverberations that echoed throughout the park. Phones were out, capturing every mesmerizing moment. The traffic on the drive home was well worth it.

The celebrations continued on July 4th with a full day of activities once again at the Scarsdale pool. The smell of sunscreen and chlorine wafted through the air. As adults settled in their chairs and soaked in the sun, children’s laughter rang all around as they bounced around in the bounce house and had their faces painted by high school students on the job.fireworks2

The pool area was particularly busy with kids participating in relay and pool noodle races under the supervision of trustworthy lifeguards. The competitive spirit was friendly and fun, with parents cheering on the children from their lawn chairs. A DJ provided lively music throughout the day, keeping the energy high and the dance floor busy. It also provided the perfect backdrop for families enjoying an ice cream to cool off or for the games ongoing in the water.

“I’m always so impressed with the events that Scarsdale pulls off,” said Cindy Yau. “The way they organize everything, from the fireworks on July 2nd to the many activities today – it really shows how committed our community is to creating amazing experiences."

lifeguardsScarsdale once again has demonstrated its ability to host vibrant and spectacular celebrations. A shout out to the following for making the event a success:

Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation
Scarsdale Police Department
Scarsdale Fire Department
Scarsdale Department of Public Works
Scarsdale Managers Office
Westchester County Police Department
Westchester County Parks Recreation and Conservation

Photos and text by Eian Tsou.


dairyRumors are abuzz about DeCicco’s in Scarsdale. Customers are finding empty shelves, limited supplies of dairy items and very few essentials like eggs and butter. As you can imagine, they are concerned.

We spoke with store manager Walter Wadwick today, who confirms that the store is here to stay. DeCicco’s has a long-term lease and he insists they will not go out of business.

Wadwick says the reason there are empty shelves is that the store is in the process of seeking new distributors with more reasonable prices. While they make these changes, there will be some gaps. He conceded that they have been hit with competition from the DeCiccos in Eastchester along with the bigger supermarkets on Central Avenue. Rising food prices have also hurt them.

However they are looking to be back in full swing and fully stocked by the Jewish holidays and hope to be able to sell food at reasonable prices.

The store is still receiving food, just smaller deliveries. He said that three truckloads arrived today and the store will continue to be supplied. The fish department, meat department and deli have good inventory of fresh products.

He asked for your patience and loyalty as they make this transition. He said, “We are here for the community and here for older residents who depend on us for deliveries.”

He asked the community to disregard any claims on Facebook and repeated, “We are here to stay.”

GirlScoutsAdelia Bandsma, Charlotte Blotner and Kyra MontgomeryThough scouts missed their opportunity to march in the Memorial Day Parade this year due to stormy weather, they had their night in the limelight at Village Hall on Tuesday May 28, 2024. Two boy scouts who received their Eagle Awards and three girl scouts who received Gold Awards were recognized by the Village Board for achieving the highest scout awards.

Scarsdale Edgemont Girl Scout Volunteer Service Unit Manager Donna Caro announced the three girl scout awards explaining, “The Gold Award is the highest national leadership award a high school Girl Scout can earn. She must identify an issue that matters to her and then develop and execute an innovative and sustainable solution with measurable impact. She must log at least 80 hours with a minimum of 16 hours directly leading others. Only 5.4% of eligible Girl Scouts nationwide earn this prestigious award.”

ghozzi30 banners honoring hometown heroes have been posted around the Village.Charlotte Blotner and Kyra Montgomery have both completed their projects. Adelia Bandsma still needs to submit her paperwork and have an interview.

Charlotte Blotner’s project, "Accessible Art" aimed to address the negative effects of continued cuts to programming in the arts in schools. She taught children about art and art history, donated art supplies and created a printable journal to help children and adults find their own creative outlets.

Kyra Montgomery’s 'project, "Your Vote is Your Voice" aimed to increase civic engagement and voting among young people. She created a voter registration club at her school which runs regular voter registration drives throughout the school year and also ran voting workshops for younger girl scout troops to educate them about the women's suffrage movement and the election process in the U.S.

Adelia Bandsma has worked with numerous officials in the Scarsdale Village Government to bring the Hometown Heros flag project to Scarsdale Village. There are now 30 military tribute banners honoring veterans with a connection to Scarsdale hanging in the Village due to Adelia's work. Discussing her project, Bandsma said, "I was inspired by the Hometown Hero banners in Eastchester. They are such a heartwarming sight to drive by and I thought Scarsdale needed that too. I decided to do it as my Girl Scout Gold award project so I met with Mayor Arest and he said it was a nice thing to do. We decided to put the banners up in the village along the Memorial Day parade route. The Scarsdale Historical Society sponsored three banners for Scarsdale Historical veterans. Colonel Alexander Baxter Crane, Major William Popham and Captain Caleb Tompkins. Colonel Crane is on Crane road and Major Popham is on Popham road. I hope this project makes Scarsdalians who serve our country feel valued and cherished."

Eagle Scout Awards for Zachary Finkel and Noah MillardFinkelandMillardZachary Finkel and Noah Millard

Zachary Finkel, along with members of Troop 4 Scarsdale constructed twelve Mobile Boot Brush Stations. The Boot Brush Stations will help prevent the transfer of invasive plant and insect species. The stations are transportable and will be rotated around different locations seasonally and for special events. Finkel learned basic woodworking and workshop safety skills in a professional studio in Manhattan. He designed and custom built twelve sturdy wooden bases, including measuring, cutting, drilling, sanding and sealing the platforms. Finkel, who serves as a Patrol Leader with his Troop, is a Senior at Eastchester High School. He is on the High Honor Roll and will be graduating in June. He is interested in studying Political Science or Medicine.

Noah Millard's project involved the painting of the side of a flight simulator at the White Plains Youth Bureau and the construction of a wind tunnel. The side of the flight simulator was painted white then had decals added to resemble a plane. The wind tunnel is about the size of a folding table and is made up of a box fan, a funnel, an air straightener made with PVC pipe, and a test chamber that has a wood frame and clear acrylic. Inside of the wind tunnel is an air foil that is used to demonstrate lift. The wind tunnel can show the properties of lift and will help the Aviation Academy at the White Plains Youth Bureau.

coachroaneScarsdale Coach Jennifer Roane has been named the Coach of the Year by the National Federation of High Schools for her coaching of Boys Tennis. Commenting on the honor, Roane said, “I'm honored to receive the recognition. I have enjoyed coaching at SHS over the past 29 years.”

Announcing the award, Scarsdale’s Athletic Director Ray Pappalardi said, “Jen Roane has been named NFHS Coach of the Year in New York State for Boys' Tennis. While Jen could be recognized for any of the sports she coaches, her accomplishments in Boys' Tennis span decades. Please join me in congratulating Jen for this incredible level of recognition.”

Roane’s record has been truly exceptional. This year she took the boys doubles team of Jack Reis and Sam Saeed to the state championships at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens where they prevailed.

Even more impressive, for the past two years the Girls Varsity Tennis team, under the direction of Coach Roane won the New York State Team Championship at the National Tennis Cente. The team has not lost a match in the past five years. The girl's team now has a record of 77 straight wins and they have been team champions in 2021, 2022 and 2023. It doesn’t get much better than that.

But the criteria for the Coach of the Year Award is not just about winning. Here is the list of what is considered to win this award:

1. Having coached during the 2023-2024 school year or having been retired no more than one year.
2. Having coached 10+ years, BUT not a must
3. Have a good win / loss coaching record, BUT not a must.
4. Have served on league and / or sectional committees for their sport
5. Be a positive role model within their school and community.

The committee is trying to recognize coaches that have made outstanding contributions to their sport via their school, section, and community over their years of coaching.

Congratulations to Coach Jennifer Roane!

WOOD1Three elementary schools held their carnivals on Saturday May 11 – one of the most beautiful days of the spring. Here are some photo galleries from Fox Meadow, Greenacres and Edgewood Elementary Schools.



Fox Meadow Elementary School


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Melissa Saffer was one of the chairs of the Fox Meadow Carnival and she said, “I helped chair the fair last year as well and with a little trial and error, I think we finally found the perfect recipe for a successful and fun event!”

This year’s fifth graders' set up Caine's Arcade in the gym with games that they created on their own, using cardboard, other recycled materials and a whole bunch of creativity. The other FM students really enjoyed playing those games during the Fair. In addition, the music, photo booth, airbrush tattoos and a bubble show were a hit!
Also chairing the event were Melissa Saffer and Katy Goldman who said, “Our Fair this past Saturday was wonderful! The weather was picture perfect! The games, activities, community service opportunities, and food trucks were all great but the best part was our community showing up and enjoying time with their families and friends.”

Greenacres Elementary School

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At Greenacres, the community enjoyed playing field games, Gaga, and a variety of carnival games. Arts and crafts, food trucks, and a talent show added to the overall fun atmosphere. Kids enjoyed performing on the outdoor stage, where they displayed their talents doing magic tricks, singing, dancing and delivering comedy routines.

Edgewood Elementary School

On May 11th, Edgewood school's courtyard transformed into a vibrant fair ground, as the PTA orchestrated an extraordinary fair that captivated attendees. With its student-chosen theme centered around the boundless wonders of space, the event soared to new heights under the banner of "Out of This World."
The fair, a culmination of months of meticulous planning by the dedicated members of the PTA, offered a plethora of activities and attractions to suit every age and interest. Among the highlights was a large alien ball game, a whimsical creation by the art teacher Mr. Fitz, that drew children like magnets, eager to experience the cosmic challenge it presented.

Children, eyes wide with anticipation, formed lines that wound around the red carnival booths and games adorned with cosmic motifs. What made these booths and games truly special was that each one was handcrafted by volunteers from the Edgewood community. From the intricate designs of the moon rock toss to the meticulously painted red booths, every detail reflected the craftsmanship and dedication of those who had poured their hearts into making the fair a memorable experience.
As children eagerly awaited their turn at a game, their laughter blended harmoniously with the melodies of the parent-led band known as the “The Chompers.” Their spirited performance drew cheers and applause, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Excitement soared as participants eagerly purchased raffle tickets, hoping to win stellar prizes generously donated by local businesses and residents. The anticipation reached its peak as winners were announced, adding an extra layer of joy to the festivities.

The carnival atmosphere was electric, fueled by the enthusiasm of both young and old alike. With each successful toss and every victorious game, cheers erupted, echoing across the fairgrounds like shooting stars streaking across the night sky. It was a sight to behold—a tapestry of joy woven by the hands of the Edgewood community.
Amidst the whirlwind of excitement, the local volunteer fire Company 1 made a grand entrance, as three vehicles rolled up to the fair. Children's faces lit up with awe and admiration as firefighters showcased their equipment and shared valuable safety tips.

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No fair is complete without a feast for the senses, and the Edgewood Fair delivered on this front with flying colors. From cosmic cotton candy to meteorite-inspired popcorn, the culinary offerings were as diverse as the galaxies themselves. Families gathered around picnic tables, sharing stories and laughter over cuisines from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

What truly set the Edgewood Fair apart was the unwavering support of volunteers from the community. From manning the game booths to serving refreshments, every aspect of the event was made possible by the selfless dedication of parents, teachers, and local residents.

As the day drew to a close, the fair reached its pinnacle with the highly anticipated 5th-grade pie eating contest. With eager determination, the students plunged into their pies, amidst a chorus of laughter and encouragement from the crowd. After the final pie was eaten, attendees reluctantly bid farewell to another enchanting chapter in the Edgewood Fair’s history.

The line from the Edgewood School song, "And the Fair in May by the PTA! Is the highlight of the year," resonated through the minds of those departing, a testament to the enduring tradition and cherished memories that the Edgewood Fair brings to the Edgewood community.

Photos by Matthew Hill. Hill is a Senior at SHS. He has studied photography for several years. He was a four-year varsity wrestler and captain for the last two years. Next year he will be attending The College of Arts and Sciences at NYU and be part of their NCAA wrestling team.