Friday, Jul 12th

DeCicco's in Scarsdale Says They Are Here to Stay

dairyRumors are abuzz about DeCicco’s in Scarsdale. Customers are finding empty shelves, limited supplies of dairy items and very few essentials like eggs and butter. As you can imagine, they are concerned.

We spoke with store manager Walter Wadwick today, who confirms that the store is here to stay. DeCicco’s has a long-term lease and he insists they will not go out of business.

Wadwick says the reason there are empty shelves is that the store is in the process of seeking new distributors with more reasonable prices. While they make these changes, there will be some gaps. He conceded that they have been hit with competition from the DeCiccos in Eastchester along with the bigger supermarkets on Central Avenue. Rising food prices have also hurt them.

However they are looking to be back in full swing and fully stocked by the Jewish holidays and hope to be able to sell food at reasonable prices.

The store is still receiving food, just smaller deliveries. He said that three truckloads arrived today and the store will continue to be supplied. The fish department, meat department and deli have good inventory of fresh products.

He asked for your patience and loyalty as they make this transition. He said, “We are here for the community and here for older residents who depend on us for deliveries.”

He asked the community to disregard any claims on Facebook and repeated, “We are here to stay.”