Sunday, May 29th

The Miracle League Hosts Scarsdale Little League

miracle1(Letter to the Editor from Peter De Lorenzo)
October is championship baseball time and it definitely was no different at the Miracle League of Westchester. On October 17th the Miracle League of Westchester Skills team hosted Scarsdale Little League for a friendly game of baseball. The game started with both teams giving it their all. The ML Crushers lived up to their name and hit some bombs over the fence and had some aggressive base running with 3 stolen bases, but Scarsdale answered back with some impressive hits and plays of their own. At the end of a very exciting game with much cheering from the crowd, the game ended in a tie. However with all the smiles on the field , both teams were winners.

Thank you very much to the Scarsdale little league families and players for joining us for a fun filled afternoon, we look forward to doing it again.

The Miracle League of Westchester is a not for profit organization that gives children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play baseball and enjoy social events throughout the year.

Peter De Lorenzo


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