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Letter to the Editor: George Latimer for Congress

Latimer(This letter was submitted by Ari Sternberg of Tunstall Road)
George Latimer, Westchester County Executive, is running in the upcoming democratic primary to challenge Congressman Jamaal Bowman. Mr. Latimer is an effective leader who has focused his three decades of public service on addressing the issues that impact the lives of our community.

Congressman Bowman is not just a disappointment, he has betrayed my trust. He has done little for our community.
Congressman Bowman focuses on headlines to position himself as the leader of a small radical faction of the Democratic Party.

Congressman Bowman was one of only six democrats to vote against the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Instead of fighting to secure much needed resources to help repair NY’s roads and bridges, upgrade Westchester’s water infrastructure and help address flooding, he preferred to grandstand for headlines.

Congressman Bowman is one of the only nine Democrats who voted against resolution HR-771 condemning the barbaric attack by Hamas against Israel on Oct.7. To truly understand what Congressman Bowman voted against condemning, please read:  ‘Screams Without Words’: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7." Please note, this is not an easy-to-read article.  A person who voted against the condemnation of rape, mutilation and extreme brutality cannot, should not represent our community, should not represent any community.

Politics should be about serving others. Congressman Bowman’s myopic focus on self-promotion has done little for his constituents.

I was ten years old when I hid my teacher’s reading glasses. I became a “leader” of the pranksters. However, the teacher did not think it was funny and I was sent to see the headmistress. For a TEN year old the prank was marginally acceptable.

Congressman Bowman is not ten years old, Congressman Bowman became a national punchline after he intentionally disrupted the proceedings of the House by pulling a fire alarm and then lying about it during the investigation (I did not lie when I was asked about the reading glasses.) This level of immaturity resulted in him becoming one of only 28 Members of Congress censured in the history of the US Congress.

Congressman Bowman sent a dangerous message to our young people: if you do not get what you want, become disruptive, and when caught, lie. In the last few years lying has become more or less the norm.

I regret that I voted for Mr. Bowman in 2020. It will not happen again. Congressman Bowman is not fit to represent our community.

I support George Latimer for Congress.

Under his leadership, the County’s bond rating was upgraded and the county is in good financial shape. Mr. Latimer has been a leader on local infrastructure projects and focused on real progressive issues like affordable housing, electrifying the bus system, maternal health, and increasing access to childcare for those who need it most. His track record of delivering results for our community, coupled with his thoughtful and collaborative leadership style, will be a welcome change in our representation in Washington.


Ari Sternberg
Tunstall Road

Voter Information:

New York’s 16th congressional district will hold its democratic primary on June 25, 2024. The race will feature incumbent Jamaal Bowman and several other candidates including Westchester County Executive George Latimer. In order to vote in this primary you must be a registered Democrat. The deadline to change your political party affiliation or select a political party if you are currently independent is February 14, 2024. You can check the status of your current voting information at You can change your political party by filling out a new voter registration form either on line or by returning the completed form to The Westchester County Board of Elections BY FEBRUARY 14.

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