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RubyMy name is Ruby and I am a 6 year old Cavapoo. I love to hang out with my Dad Marvin under the tent in Scarsdale and enjoy an occasional latte at Starbucks. I hate it when my people leave me at home - I make a sad dog face and they cave.

Me also likes long walks, squirrels, and bunny rabbits. I sun bath every morning in my courtyard at my house in Edgemont. And I love to watch Animal Planet on TV when they leave me home alone. The favorite part of my day is when my people come home and I squeal with joy and kiss them all over.

Your friend Ruby,

Submitted by Ruby’s mom.
Lynn Hamberg, long time resident of Edgemont

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ArchieThe following was submitted by Gregory Seiden of Greenacres Avenue:
Archie, our 11 year-old golden doodle, has a long list of well-deserved nicknames: (Fluff-ball, sheep dog, butterball, Mr. D). But King is the most appropriate of all the names we shuffle through each day. It is not just that he rules the roost, but how he rules. Archie is regal. In his slightly pompous way, he demands love and attention from everyone he meets. The mailman wouldn’t dare come to our home without dog treats and most delivery men spend a few minutes giving Archie a belly rub before dropping off their packages. Archie parades through dog parks with his head held high, keeping pace with my mother (his human mother) demanding respect and appreciation from the other dog owners. Neighborhood dogs are eager to play with him, but Archie generally ignores them – instead favoring his human subjects.

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Pigs2guineapigsMeet Brooklyn and Bella. They are 2 year old Guinea pigs that belong to fifth grader, Ellie in Quaker Ridge. They were adopted during Covid as a 9th birthday present, and are a wonderful addition to the family.

They love to cuddle with people and are very gentle. You know when they are happy because of the high pitch squeaks and squeals they make when you enter the room, and their purrs when you pet them. Favorite foods include strawberries, carrots, bell peppers, spinach, brussel sprouts, and apples in addition to hay, and pellet food.


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MaceyWhen the Solers’ beloved 14 year old Cocker Spaniel, Lily, passed away in February of 2021, parents Felicia and John thought that they, and their boys Dillon (10) and Reed (7), wouldn’t be ready to welcome a new pup into the family for a long time. After a couple of months though, it became clear that a new puppy’s love, cuddles and kisses might be exactly what the family needed to mend their broken hearts. Since the Covid-induced demand for puppies was still incredibly high, and because Felicia and John knew that they wanted another Cocker Spaniel (which are hard to find), the search for the family’s new puppy involved numerous phone calls, emails, waitlists, and persistent follow ups.

Enter Macey Coco Soler (quickly nicknamed “Ma-hoo” by Dillon and Reed), born on April 10, 2021 in Fulton, New York, near the Canadian border. After an almost 5 hour drive up to Fulton, the Solers picked up baby Macey on June 10 and brought her back to their Greenacres home, which the family had fully stocked with doggy gates, play pens, doggy beds and new dog toys in anticipation of Macey’s arrival. It had been nearly 15 years since the couple had a puppy in the house, and it didn’t take long to remember that raising a puppy meant many sleepless nights, many bathroom training accidents, and many chewed dirty socks!

But it also didn’t take the family long to remember the feeling of companionship, love and happiness that only comes with dog ownership. Despite the many differences between Lily and Macey that the Solers have noted over the last year since they picked Macey up – Lily was buff colored, a city dog at heart (e.g., tried to pick up used cigarettes, peed on concrete and loved social visits to the dog park) and fiercely independent (it was hard to get a single lick out of her), while Macey is white with red markings, a suburban girl through and through (e.g., only pees on grass and, although very interested in other dogs, is a bit more shy) and a Velcro dog (there is no shortage of cuddles and kisses for the family and she never wants to be excluded from any family activity) – Lily and Macey share the same ability to make the Solers feel incredibly lucky and loved. Macey is a bundle of love, and Dillon and Reed have already developed a very special relationship with her!

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Pet Needs a Home:

shepherdmis(From a reader) We are fostering Alex, a 5-yr old Australian shepherd mix, through NY-petrescue. Alex was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia a few months ago. He is a sweet guy who is completely housebroken, loves to go for walks, plays with his toys, and will cuddle with you on the couch. Alex needs to find his forever family. If interested, please go to to learn more.

RoxieMeet Roxie, a 2 year old black & white Havapoo, who is one of the many pandemic puppies of Oak Lane!

Driven to New York from Texas in June of 2020, Roxie quickly acclimated to life in Scarsdale. She likes long walks through Fox Meadow, peanut butter treats, playing fetch and eating living room rugs. A patterned black and white, Roxie does not like to get her coat wet - she will stay inside on rainy days to avoid a mess.

Roxie loves her brother and sister, Spencer and Harlie, and follows them around the house so she is never alone. Roxie can often be found napping under a desk or lying on the couch in the sun. One of her favorite activities is sitting under the kitchen table waiting for crumbs to drop during dinner. Inherently playful, Roxie is always up for a play date with her neighborhood friends, and will jump over and around them to get their attention if they are feeling shy!

Spencer and Harlie love playing with their puppy...Their parents wish they could say they loved feeding, walking and cleaning up after Roxie!

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