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PennyMeet Penny, an adorable 2.5 year old cavapoo (50/50 Cavalier and Poodle). Penny is a pandemic dog, having joined the Blatter family in September 2020. The initial plan was to bring a dog to their family when they bought their first home in 2015, but those plans changed when the Blatters welcomed twin girls in 2016!

Given that the Blatter family consists of mom, dad and four young kids, they knew they wanted a smaller, kid-friendly dog. Penny fits the bill perfectly and is friendly, affectionate and so good with the kids. She is adored by all who meet her, including the mailman!

If you walk past the Blatter house during the day, you will see Penny’s little head peeking out from their bay window. She is likely barking at other dogs passing by or at the leaves blowing in the wind.

Nothing makes Penny happier than taking long walks around her Heathcote neighborhood. Penny has three younger siblings in Scarsdale and loves meeting up with them!

Here is a fun fact about cavapoos – they carry a fading gene. When the Blatters got Penny, she was the color of a penny! Now she is more blonde, but they love her even though her coat no longer matches her name!

Penny can be mischievous! She knows she is supposed to sleep on her dog bed at night, but always sneaks onto her mom and dad’s bed quietly while they are sleep. She also prefer to sleep in, usually belly up snoring away! She loves to snuggle and doesn’t like to be alone.

If mom and dad are out for the evening, you’ll often find Penny sleeping with one of their four children (Morgan 11, Logan 9, Avery and Emily 6).

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HarperMeet Harper Tuber Handwerger, a 6 1/2 year old English Yellow Labrador Retriver. She has been a gentle, loving, strong, capable and FOOD OBSESSED dog since the beginning. She was named after singer Ben Harper.

Harper loves to be outside and is often taken for long walks in the woods. She searches out all bodies of water she can find - no matter how big or small, clean or dirty. When given the chance, she will wallow like a hog and dunk her head in the mud! You can also find Harper walking the streets of Fox Meadow. She will always lay down if she sees another dog, even from afar. She is more comfortable with smaller dogs as she finds them less threatening.

Harper is very protective of her mom, dad and two big brothers. She will not go upstairs in the house until everyone is settled at night. Once everyone is upstairs, Harper will make her way there and start in her mom and dad's bed, fighting for a spot between them. She finds herself being sequestered to the foot of the bed.... Ultimately, Harper works her way downstairs and sleeps on the couch snuggled in blankets.

Much to her family's disbelief, Harper often jumps up to the kitchen table and snatches food -- silently! She somehow never moves a plate or silverware. When she is caught, she puts herself in her crate knowing that should not have stolen food. Her family laughs because Harper's crate is her happy place and they have not found a way to reprimand her!

Local delivery guys are loved by Harper. Be it the postal worker who comes with a treat, the UPS guy whose gloves she tries to steal, or the crossing guard who also gives her treats, Harper doesn't tire of putting herself out there. She always remembers who gives her time and treats.

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doggieplaydateScarsdale families understand that playdates are a wonderful opportunity for moms and dads to get to know other moms and dads while their young children make friends of their own. With the right activities and a few well-chosen snacks, everyone enjoys a fun, relaxing afternoon with friends – relationships that may last a lifetime.

But, what happens when the children go off to the Scarsdale Middle School, high school or college and moms don’t have an excuse to sit in the backyard or around the kitchen table with a their posse of friends anymore?

Sloane Worth, a Greenacres resident for 18 years and real estate agent from Houlihan Lawrence, shares that she and her friends now arrange playdates for their dogs. Instead of toddlers playing Simon Says or Tag in her backyard, Sloane’s caramel red Austrian Labradoodles, Whiskey (3-years old) and John B (still a puppy), play fetch and tug of war with their doggie pals. Supervised backyard fun allows the dogs to get the exercise and socialization they need to thrive. “I have had as many as seven dogs chasing a ball in the backyard,” says Sloane. If you don’t mind a little poop and digging, a doggie play date is a great excuse for pet owners to connect over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Whiskey and John B love each other as if they were littermates and can spend hours in a park or big yard with or without their neighborhood friends. Originally Labradoodles were bred as therapy dogs, so when Whiskey and John B aren’t chasing each other, they love to cuddle together in a cozy, living room chair. Sloane confides that her Muppet look-alikes on occasion have been known to get into mischief. “They crave eating paper towels and tissues. We are not quite sure how they swallow down the Charmin, but usually what they eat today comes out tomorrow,” Sloane says with a chuckle.

Sloane and her family are frequently seen walking Whiskey and John B on Kingston, Brite, and Huntington. “Walking a dog is a great way to meet your neighbors,’’ Sloane tells us. Going on she shares, “But having a doggie play date is a great way to make friends.”

ollie1Rescue dog Ollie joined the McCabe family in Fox Meadow in February 2021. After a wonderful 13 years with their previous Australian rescue dog Scout, the family knew they wanted to save another life. They searched for months and made several unsuccessful applications on to adopt a rescue dog. Ultimately, daughter Maddie who is 13 years-old came across Ollie online.

Then known as Di Er, Ollie was rescued from China where there is an inhumane dog meat trade. There, sadly, dog paw soup is a delicacy. Ollie and his brother were rescued from the rear of a restaurant, while awaiting their slaughter. The small rescue organization cannot be named due to concerns of it thwarting their rescue attempts. Suffice to say, they do a wonderful job of saving many dogs from China and finding them homes in the US and Canada. Ollie spent 5 months in Canada with a foster family before coming to Scarsdale.

Despite his rocky start to life, Ollie has settled in well with his new family. He is very loving, enjoys neighborhood walks and is always ready to play with one of his many stuffed toys. Girls Sydney (9) and Maddie (13) enjoy dressing him up. He is incredibly protective of his new home and family and has recently taken to shredding up the mail when it comes through the door! The vet has estimated him to be around 2-3 years of age but is unsure of his breed. She suspects Ollie’s two missing teeth are due to his treatment in China.ollie2

Dogs are wonderful companions who quickly work their way into our hearts. So many are in need of a home and the family encourages others to adopt from a shelter or rescue group. Anyone who is interested in learning more, can reach out to Jennifer McCabe at

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welcomebacktotheofficeSusan Douglass, President of the Scarsdale Forum, and her family create a holiday card every year featuring their dogs. The theme of this year’s card is "welcome back to the office." Last year's theme was supply chain delivery issues, and the prior year's theme was taking care of yourself during Covid. The cards usually feature a poem or text to bring out the nuances in the theme. Above is this year's photo featuring their dogs Benny (left) and Sadie (right), along with their grand-dog Wally (center).

Here is the text that goes with the card:

Wally: The boss says we have to return to the office five days a week.
Sadie: I like being virtual.
Wally: False! There’s no such thing as a “virtual dog.”
Benny: Next thing you’ll tell me, there’s no such thing as Santa Claus.
Sadie: At least I'll get to dress up in something other than sweats.
Benny: More importantly, I can take clients to lunch again ...
Wally: While the rest of us stay in the dog house.
Sadie: How 'bout we celebrate being together.
Wally: Yes, it's good to return!

Wishing You Joy As You Return To Doing The Things You Love!

A bit of background about the dogs. Benny, who is 8 1/2 years old, is an Australian Shepherd. He was certified by Therapy Dogs International (TDI) as a therapy dog when he was 15 months old. He has volunteered at White Plains Hospital since then, except for a 2 1/2 year hiatus due to Covid. Sadie is a miniature Australian Shepherd who is 6 1/2 years old. The family adopted her when she was 2 ½ and took her to school so she could become a TDI-certified hospital volunteer. As with Benny, Sadie passed her test on the first try, and is a popular volunteer at White Plains Hospital.

Grand-dog Wally is a 5 1/2-year-old Aussie Doodle who belongs to Douglass’s younger son Martin and his family, and lives in Harrison. Wally is a frequent visitor, where he plays with his dog cousins.

Susan explained, “although we would love to feature our two grandsons in the holiday cards, their parents prefer that we not do so (our sons Nathaniel and Martin were "tortured" by being featured in our hilarious themed holiday cards until they were teenagers).

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