Friday, May 24th

Howling Winds Down Trees and Power Lines

April24EA severe storm with howling wind and driving rain on Wednesday April 3 caused many downed trees and wires, fires and street closures in Scarsdale. Scarsdale Police, Firemen and employees of the Department of Public Works answered scores of emergency calls from about 3 pm to 1 am on the morning of April 4.

A fire from a downed utility pole at the intersection of Mamaroneck Road and Griffen Road caused closure of the route just before 5 pm and it remained closed on the morning of April 4. Power in that area was knocked out and was not restored as of the morning of April 4, 2023. Houses on Haverford Road and Penn Boulevard were hit by trees and many more streets were closed.

As of the morning of April 4, many around Scarsdale are still without power though schools are open.

Take a look at the call log from the Scarsdale Police for April 3, 2024.

Starting at 3 pm on Wednesday April 3, police received the following calls about downed trees and wires:

3:21 pm: Downed wire at Catherine Road

3:35 pm: Tree down on Brookline Road

3:27 pm: Tree down blocking Carman Road

3:49 pm: Tree fell on wires at Valley Road

4:10 pm: Large wire fell on Brown Road

4:11 pm: Tree branch fell in Brewster Road

4:33 pm: Tree branch fell on Heathcote Road

4:33 pm: Tree down on Wildwood Road

4:52 pm: Tree down on wires at Mamaroneck Road and Griffen Avenue. Wires on fire, road closed.

5:59 pm: Tree branches down at Post and Popham Roads

6:54 pm: Cable wire down at Palmer Avenue and Mamaroneck Road

6:57 pm: Tree fell on house and powerlines on Haverford Road, Fire Department called

7:04 pm: Tree fell on wires on Morris Lane. Morris Lane closed between Heathcote and Richbell Roads

7:05 pm: Tree fell on Heathcote Bypass blocking one lane

7:08 pm: Wires sparking on Weaver Street at Wilmot Road.

7:14 pm: Tree fell and blocked Forest Lane

7:29 pm: Tree fell on a house and wires on Penn Boulevard

7:32 pm: Tree on power lines on Oxford Road between Park and Cambridge Roads

8:14 pm: Large tree blocking Saxon Woods Road

8:16 pm Branches fell on Walworth Avenue

8:17 pm Large tree fell and blocked Coralyn Road taking down wires. Con Edison was notified and the street was closed

8:52 pm: Tree fell and blocked Weaver Street between Copper Beach Lane and White Birch Lane. Police blocked off the street.

9:45 pm: Wires sparking on Woods Lane

10:09 pm: Wires sparking on Gaylor Road

12:29 am: Large tree and branches resting on utility pole on Mamaroneck Road between Cushman and Garden Road.

1:09 am: Large tree on power line on Paddington Road

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