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Scarsdale Lax Now at 6-5 After Defeating White Plains

Lacrosse vs White Plains 1The SHS Boys Varsity Lacrosse team started the season with high hopes for matching their record for the past two years when they secured the regional titles. But for now, this year’s results are mixed and time will tell how the season ends up. On Wednesday, May 1 they added another win to their 5-5-record when they met the White Plains Tigers at home.

The team’s dominant players include Senior Captain, #25 Rhett Needleman who is one of the best scorers on the team. Additionally, #24 Tommy Iasiello is one of the most versatile players who can both score, assist, and take faceoffs.

The first quarter began with a back-and-forth battle between the two teams. White Plains was first to score, but Needleman quickly made the score 1 to 1. This same situation repeated itself when White Plains scored and Needleman tied it up once again. However, the tables turned when the Tigers scored two consecutive goals. While goalie #30 Nick Ebner-Borst had some great saves, the Tigers had too many opportunities and ended the quarter leading the Raiders 4 to 2.
The mistakes of the first quarter were clearly recognized by the players and coaches and in the second quarter, the Raiders began to take control. Midfielder, #23 Harry Wolf was able to shorten the Tiger’s lead with a goal and Needleman achieved a hat-trick to tie the game. White Plains then regained the lead toward the end of the second quarter, but the Raiders were quick to respond. Face-off taker, Tommy Iasiello evened up the score once again and then sophomore, #22 Colin Brennan scored and gave the Raiders the lead.

The half ended with a score of 6-6 due to a later goal by White Plains. At this point, it seemed that the teams were evenly matched and it was going to come down to who wanted the win more. The question was who was going to rise to the occasion.
Scarsdale was in absolute control during the third quarter on both sides. Defensively, Ebner-Borst had multiple clutch saves to prevent White Plains from scoring any goals. Additionally, the defenders and midfielders did a great job of making sure the Tigers didn’t get too far on offense. On the offense end, the Raiders were led by Senior Captain, #15 Trevor Knopp who had three straight goals to put the Raiders up 9-6. This was the turning point where it was clear that Scarsdale was the more dominant team.Lacrosse 1 on 1

Like the third, the fourth quarter consisted of control by the Raiders. Senior Attacker, #5 Jared Hoffman scored two consecutive goals to make the score 11-6. While White Plains scored their first goal of the half in the fourth, it was too little too late and Iasiello was able to quickly score right after the Tigers. Therefore, the final score was a victory for the Raiders: 12-7.

It’s also worth mentioning some of the other game stats. Specifically, Knopp, Hoffman, Iasiello, and Midfielder, #9 Anders Burrows each had 2 assists. Additionally, Needleman and Midfielder, #2 Leo Wetzstein each had 1 assist. Ebner-Borst had a total of 12 saves throughout the game and Iasiello won 12 out of the 20 faceoffs he attempted.

The Raiders are now 6-5 and will continue to play at home against Rye on May 7th at 4:30 pm. 

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