Thursday, Dec 08th

Meet Lucky and Thor

LuckyLuckyMeet the Freitas family’s pups named Thor and Lucky! They are both one year old. The Freitas family moved to the states three years ago along with their beloved Golden Retriever Duke. During the pandemic, Duke, 9, was diagnosed with cancer and died in July 2020. The family was devastated. Their kids began asking for another dog, so eventually they decided it was time to get not one but two pups. Thor and Lucky arrived at the same time as “brothers” but are different breeds. Thor is a Siberian Husky, and Lucky is a Border Collie. We met Lucky and Thor on a walk. They are two of the most striking pair. They are beautiful and very friendly!

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ThorThorDukeDuke, the family’s dog, passed away during Covid after a battle with cancer.

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