Thursday, May 19th

Meet Hank of Crane Berkeley

HankMeet Hank! He is a four year old yellow lab mix who was adopted by the Schwartz family almost a year ago. He was found living on the streets of Louisiana, but now he loves the streets of Scarsdale. You might spot Hank playing fetch by the pond in Crane Berkeley, walking around Fox Meadow and Edgewood, and driving around town with his family (he loves to sit up front).

Hank loves treats but also eats pencils and stuffed animals when given the opportunity! He is a friendly dog who brings a lot of energy to the Schwartz's home, although he does enjoy winding down at the end of the day by listening to Amazon music's "Meditation" station! Hank's siblings, Jake, Carrie and Anna, are all in love with him.


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