Saturday, Nov 26th

For Ajax Age is Just a Number

ajaxAjax is the grande dame of Fox Meadow, having just turned 17 (although she doesn’t look a day over 12). Ajax is a sweet, smart, affectionate, and exceptionally well-traveled Coton-de-Tulear. Originally residing in New York City, she much prefers spacious, suburban Scarsdale. Ajax joined Allyson and Jonathan Simon just after their honeymoon in 2005, before her human brothers, Chase and Lance, were born.

Although Ajax used to be more energetic, she has adjusted to the senior lifestyle nicely. She no longer races up and down the stairs or jumps on and off the furniture. However, she enjoys her strategically placed cozy beds where she naps peacefully. And instead of long walks, she now prefers to stand and sniff. But she still has a great appetite – she especially loves sliders, salmon, chicken, sweet potato, broccoli, and treats. She’s at her happiest when everyone is home and she has her normal routine. However, she’s been a jet setter since four months old and even spent this past Spring Break in Palm Beach. Ajax wants to let all of her doggie friends know that age is just a number.ajazboxajaxasleepajazsuitcase

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