Friday, Aug 19th

Luca: Worth Far More Than 1,000 Pesos

LucaLuca is by far the best addition to the Glik household during the COVID years! He turns two in July. While his size can be intimidating, he fits the stereotype of his bark is worse than his bite. He is very protective of his family unless someone is willing to say hello to him and scratch behind his ear. Luca loves ruff-housing with larger dogs yet is more than happy to lie down and let smaller dogs jump on him. With his gentle and kind demeanor, Luca loves to visit the park, play tug of war, sleep, and bark at every bunny he sees!

For those of you wondering how he was named, Luca means 1,000 pesos in Argentine slang and we thought that Luca was going to cost us many lucas over his lifetime. He’s well worth it!

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