Wednesday, Sep 27th

Maggie's Paws

Maggie(This was written by Andrea Seiden of Greenacres Avenue.) We should have guessed that Maggie would be a big dog given her large paws. During our evening walks, our neighbors with their dogs in tow, would stop and comment, “Wow. What a cutie, but look at those paws! She is going to be huge.” Even our vet seemed a bit surprised. While checking between her toes during her first well-puppy check, he looked up and said, “For a little pup, she sure has big feet!” In no time she doubled in size and weight and then doubled again and again.

Feeling a little defensive about Maggie’s size, I insisted to anyone who asked, that her parents only weighed about 30 lbs. But what did I know about her lineage? (After all I never met her father). Was she really a Golden Doodle or rather, a Shetland pony? Would little kids want to saddle her up and ride her around the Greenacres school yard?

Like Clifford the big red dog, Maggie has grown on a steady diet of love and care. As predicted, she is physically big, but her largest feature is her loving heart. Her size is only exceeded by her sweet disposition. We adore every inch of Maggie and are grateful for the large imprint her paws have already made on our lives.

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