Tuesday, Nov 29th

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Fall

winstonThe Love family's Havanese, WinstonMushrooms, chrysanthemums and candy can dangerous for your dog

Fall can be fun and festive but beware of the potential dangers to your dogs. With leaves covering lawns it is important to stay vigilant when walking your pups. Mold and mushrooms thrive on the ground in the fall and can be highly toxic. Many curious dogs will try to eat them. If you notice that your dog has eaten either mold or a mushroom, carefully collect a sample and notify your veterinarian.

Chrysanthemums are popular landscaping plants in the fall but are also toxic if ingested by dogs and cats. Eating mums can result in vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and shaking. Call your veterinarian immediately if your pet eats these flowers.mushroomsif your dog eats a mushroom, call the vet.

Halloween candy can also be dangerous to pets when left low to the ground. Trick or treaters often drop candy when going from house to house so it is important to pay close attention when your dog lingers during their normal walking route in early November. Chocolate is especially dangerous and can be fatal if ingested. Make sure to store candy inside your home in closed containers away from where pets might access it.

It is very important to be aware and alert when walking your dogs in the next few weeks. Dogs can ingest things quickly and fallen leaves tend to camouflage hidden dangers that exist low to the ground where your pets are.
chrysanthemumsChrysanthemums are toxic for dogs and cats.

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