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Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party Candidates Meet Voters

candidates pic copyMichael Curti, Jeremy Wise and Ken Mazer: Photo by Lisa VanGundyOn Sunday, March 10th the Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party (SCNPP) held a “Meet the Candidates” event at the Scarsdale Public Library. The SCNPP candidates for Village Trustee and Village Justice met Scarsdale voters in an informal, “up close and personal” setting.

Approximately 40 Scarsdale voters chatted with the SCNPP slate in anticipation of the upcoming Scarsdale Village election on Tuesday, March 19.

Michael V. Curti, the current Village Justice of the Village of Scarsdale is seeking a full term on the bench. Prior to his appointment as Justice, Curti was Associate Justice for the Village from April 2022-December 2023.  Justice Curti chatted with several voters, who also met the Curti family. When asked about his legal background, Curti shared that his public service includes tenures as Corporation Counsel of the City of Yonkers, Westchester County assistant district attorney and principal law secretary in New York State Supreme Court.

First-time Trustee candidate and 33-year Scarsdale resident Jeremy “Jerry” Wise spoke to a number of attendees about his deep experience in local government. Jerry’s interest in good government began in high school and was honed throughout college at Columbia and law school at Boston College. Wise was appointed and served 23 years as the Chief Legal Officer of the NY State entity created to assist in the financial recovery of Nassau County. His responsibilities included long term financial planning, review of budgets and contracts, and facilitating bond issuances.

Jerry Wise joins current Trustees seeking second terms, Jeremy Gans and Ken Mazer on the SCNPP ticket. Gans and Mazer have served on the Board of Trustees since April 2022.

Trustee Mazer met the voters and discussed his experience on the Village Board. Ken chaired the Village Board committees on Personnel and Parks, Recreation & Conservation. In addition to discussing Village government, Mazer was asked about the Scarsdale Volunteer Fire Department, which he has served for 24 years with Company #2. During this time, Ken was a Lieutenant for 12 years and President for 8 years.

Trustee Gans could not attend the event. Prior to becoming a Trustee, he served on the Zoning Board of Appeals from 2016-2022. Jeremy was President of the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club 2016-2019. The Gans family includes Jeremy’s wife Lisa, and children Jason, a sophomore at Cornell University, Aaron, a sophomore at Scarsdale High School, and Evan, a seventh grader at Scarsdale Middle School.

Joe Zakierski, Chairperson of the SCNPP Campaign Committee was pleased with the turnout and thanked the many voters in attendance. In closing, Joe reminded everyone to vote on March 19 and that detailed biographies of the candidates are posted on the SCNPP website, (

Zakierski noted that several attendees were new residents interested in knowing more about our Village government and the election process. Since 1930, Scarsdale Village elections have been held under the Non-Partisan System. The Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party (SCNPP) is the principal element of the Non-Partisan System. For information about the Non-Partisan System and the SCNPP, visit their website here.

The upcoming Village Election is Tuesday, March 19 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Polls for all Election Districts are at the Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road. All registered voters who are also Scarsdale residents may vote. Early Voting and Absentee Ballots are also available.

Early Voting Ballots (all voters eligible) and Absentee Ballots (voters must meet eligibility requirement) are available at Village Hall and on the Village website. Visitors to Village Hall may fill out the appropriate application, receive the ballot and submit their vote in one trip.

Tuesday, March 12 was the last day for the Village Clerk to receive applications for Absentee Ballots to be mailed to qualified voters. Voters can still get an Absentee Ballot application (1) online from Village’s website, (2) in-person at the Village Clerk’s Office in Village Hall by Monday, March 18, or visit the SCNPP website “Voter Information” page and scroll down to the links for Voter Registration and Absentee Ballots.

Drop off Early Voting and Absentee Ballots in-person (1) in the drop box at the Scarsdale Public Library any time before polls close at 9 pm, or (2) in the drop box at Village Hall any time before it closes at 5 pm. Completed absentee ballots sent via mail must be received by Village Hall by Election Day before 5 pm.

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