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FenimoreTraffic has come to a standstill in Greenacres, where the installation of a high powered gas transmission line has closed Walworth Avenue between Fenimore Road and Greenacres Avenue on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. Work began in August and appears to be progressing slowly. With so many people accustomed to using this primary north south route to travel to and from White Plains and over the bridge to Hartsdale and the train station, the road closure has proven to be a major headache.

Because alternate routes are in heavy use, they are often the scene of difficult traffic conditions as well. Drivers are now using Brite Avenue to travel north and south. But since cars are parked on both sides of the narrow street, drivers often have to stop and alternate passage with dangerous maneuvers.

The situation is further exacerbated by additional road and home construction in the area. Last week, a crew was repairing a gas leak on Greenacres Avenue, large cement mixers were blocking one lane of traffic on Kingston Road, construction equipment was blocking a portion of Brite Avenue at Butler Road and large machinery was also obstructing 38 Brite Avenue further into Fox Meadow where the Village is relocating a stormwater pipe.

One day last week at 4 pm, we found 25 cars lined up to get through the light at Feminore Road and Walworth Avenue, and drivers waiting on roads leading to Fenimore trying to turn onto it, only to be blocked by exasperated drivers attempting to get to Hartsdale.

The blockages turns what is usually a ten minute trip to the Village into 20 to 30 minutes either way.

What’s worse, is that this is just the beginning of what was originally a six month project that will disturb residents throughout. Con Edison already appears to be behind schedule.

We asked Allan Drury, a spokesperson for Con Edison, about the schedule for the project and here is what he shared:

“We are currently working between Fenimore Road and Greenacres Avenue. To wrap up work on this stretch as quickly as possible, we will increase our crewing and may bring in new equipment. The excavation along this first stretch has been more difficult than expected.Our goal is to be done by Nov. 18."

"Once we complete this stretch, crews will work from the intersection of Walworth Avenue and Greenacres Avenue north to Colvin Road. We’d like to finish that stretch by early January. Then we will work from Colvin Road to Brayton Road. We plan on completing this stretch by late February or early March. The winter weather could affect the pace of the work.
We will update residents on the schedule shortly.”roadclosed

Commenting on the disruption, Andrew Sereysky, who heads up the Greenacres Neighborhood Association called the project “Unacceptable.” He said, “Here' what I've been hearing from my Greenacres neighbors affect by the work with a bit of my own commentary.

1) The Con Ed workers and Scarsdale Police officers assigned to the project are extremely courteous and cooperate in all ways possible.

2) With the project going into its’ fourth month for only one block, this seems to be an extremely long time. How long can this go on?

3) At this rate, with the pipeline scheduled to go from the White Plains border to Fenimore, the Greenacres' residents living on and depending upon Walworth Avenue will be inconvenienced for years to come. This is really unacceptable.”

Village Engineer Dave Goessel explained that this segment of the project is just a small piece of a larger project that will expand the pipeline from White Plains to the Bronx. The utility will apply to extend the pipeline north from Brayton Road to White Plains and south on Fox Meadow Road to Popham Road. Goessel estimates that Scarsdale will be living with this construction for up to five years.

In order to install the 30 inch high pressure line four to eight feet under ground, crews are having to remove rock and displace other utility lines making the work slow and challenging.

And what benefit is there to residents who are forced to endure the disruption? Goessel pointed out that Con Edison pays to repave any roadways they disrupt, allowing the Village to do more repaving than usual this year. But unfortunately the gas that will be transmitted by the line is targeted for other end users. The current gas moratorium that prevents residents and businesses from getting new gas service in Scarsdale will remain in force. What about a price cut to compensate Scarsdale users for the inconvenience of this major infrastructure project right in their neighborhood? No one has mentioned anything of the kind.

We also spoke to Scarsdale’s Mayor and Village Manager who were both sympathetic but explained that Con Edison is not accountable to the Village, only to the state who regulates the utility. They suggested we kick this complaint upstairs or upstate to our State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin or State Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins. So if you want to write a letter, please do!

Commenting on the situation, reader Russ Kopp said:

"I admit to not knowing the law or rules as it pertains to a mandatory police presence at road closures like the one at Walworth Avenue between Fenimore and Greenacres Avenues.

Still more, I don't know if such police presence mandates the officer on scene be solely restricted to road closure duties—something their accompanying Police vehicle, with emergency lights actuated, and additional signage, seems to be more than capable of enforcing from my experience.

But if permitted, said officers should also, in my opinion, be directing traffic at the Fenimore Road and Fox Meadow Road/Walworth Avenue intersection when such construction occurs; something I've asked the Police Chief and Mayor (the latter has not answered me) to make happen, without success on my part —precisely to avoid the kinds of traffic reflected in pictures from this article.

All too many times in my experience at this location, said traffic has been back up in both directions on Fenimore Road because the traffic light was red for such traffic, despite the absence of Northbound traffic on Fox Meadow Road to grant right of way (i.e. a green light) to.

Police or Traffic Officer presence directing traffic here would keep this intersection flowing but for the infrequent times that the light is green for, AND Northbound traffic on Fox Meadow Road exists, that an officer can grant momentary right of way to.

It's not like I'm asking the Police to dedicate limited assets to this endeavor. There is already an officer on scene literally standing there."

Russ Kopp

PaulinOctober21Below are remarks from State Assemblymember Amy Paulin about the recent challenge to abortion rights in Texas:
For years anti-abortion states and “pro-life” politicians have tried to chip away at Roe v Wade and abortion rights for women. For years they have sought to shut clinic doors and make it difficult, if not impossible, for women to access the reproductive health care they seek. Now in Texas we have seen what a pro-life governor, coupled with a pro-life majority on the Supreme Court, can do.

We all know that it is not pro-life to have sky-high maternal and infant mortality rates, to incite violence with lies about abortion, and to strip reproductive healthcare away from millions of women. Which is what is happening in Texas, Mississippi and other states that may soon follow. What is pro-life is supporting women in making decisions about their own bodies and helping them gain access to the health care they need.

The governors of Texas and Mississippi should be ashamed at how they have wasted money and resources on a fight whose only goal is to take away a woman’s personal right to make the best decision for herself and her family.

Of course, these new anti-abortion laws won’t curb the need for abortion care. They will, however, make it much more difficult, costly, and dangerous to obtain one. And the people who will bear the brunt of the horrific effects of these laws are communities of color, low-income communities, and youth.

This story has been around since I was a teenager in Brooklyn. There I had friends and classmates whose lives were changed forever due to lack of abortion access. And it is why I have spent a lifetime fighting to protect women and their rights to privacy and to control their bodies. Which is really what this is all about – curtailing abortion rights is a way of controlling women.

We must help women in the states where their right to abortion is under attack. This encompasses the courts, legislation, massive outreach, donations – everything we can do to help women in states with these draconian laws gain access to the services they need.

I am using the courts. Last month, I signed an Amicus Brief with legislators from 45 states which challenges the constitutionality of the new Mississippi abortion law, which bans abortion after 15 weeks.

I am also working on this in the NYS Legislature. I’ve just authored a bill which directly opposes and undercuts the Texas abortion bill. My bill makes it so that no claims can be made on NYS property which stem from an “aiding and abetting of abortion” verdict under the Texas abortion law. If it passes we will be the first state in the country to have directly attacked the Texas bill with our state law.

I will continue to use every method possible to fight for every woman’s right - regardless of their zip code - to a safe and legal abortion.

DaleDollarsThe Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA) has launched the ‘Dale Dollars eGift Card Program, a community-based digital gift card that makes it fun and easy to keep local spending local.

Purchase a ‘Dale Dollars eGift Card here to use at any of the participating shops in the neighborhood. With this card, you can write a personal message and send it to family, friends and colleagues via email, text, or physical copy. Recipients can choose to spend it at one of many participating merchants in Scarsdale —or mix it up and spend flexibly at multiple locations.

All-digital and always available on your phone, the ‘Dale Dollars eGift Card is great for birthdays, holidays, teacher appreciation, coach gifts, or just to show your appreciation to a friend. Now you can give back to the community while you celebrate the holidays and special occasions!

The ‘Dale Dollars eGift card is the perfect way to show love for your community and delight a friend!

Why supporting local businesses is so important

Participating in this program means supporting the heart of what makes our community unique. By supporting local businesses, more money continues circulating through the local community—this is achieved through a combination of profits paid to local business owners, wages paid to local workers, goods and services procured locally for internal use or resale, and charitable giving within the community.

If you’re looking for a way to do some good or want to know how you can help the community you love, while also delighting a friend or colleague, send a ‘Dale Dollars eGift Card today! For more information or to participate as a merchant in the program, please contact the Scarsdale Business Alliance here.

About the Scarsdale Business Alliance: The Scarsdale Business Alliance is a non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting the Village of Scarsdale and its local businesses. The SBA works with local merchants, government, property owners, real estate corporations, community members and other local groups to help make Scarsdale a thriving village.

IMG 5653

The Scarsdale Concours d’Elegance returned to the streets of Scarsdale on Sunday October 3, 2021 for their 18th annual car show, after a one year hiatus due to COVID.

A beautiful fall day drew a crowd to the Village and the streets were crowded with local residents and car aficionados from far and wide. The show hosts reported their biggest turn out in history, especially by people from outside Scarsdale! In addition to the colorful array of cars, visitors enjoyed live music and a tasty barbeque sponsored by the Scarsdale PBA.

ferrarisThe show had such a wide range of vehicles from vintage collectibles to two monster trucks, a great addition to the Concours this year.

Many of the registrants were regulars who look forward to attending the Concours every year.

Local resident Joe McGee displayed his bright green Porsche to the show. He has won awards in other shows, but he personally likes to come to the Scarsdale Village show to see the different cars and meet the owners, especially on such a nice day.

Corvette collector Larry Sachs has been coming to the Concours d’Elegance since the very first show that was started by SHS students Evan Cygler and Denis O’Leary back in 2003. He brought three to this year's show He has won awards at some of the past shows, including Best Race Car and Best Corvette. He got his first car, a Corvette, at 18 and believes that “Corvettes are superior to any other car. They’re faster, sleeker, and lower to the ground.”1979

One of the most talked about cars at the show was Lorenzo’s 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, that he purchased from David Lee Roth of Van Halen! The car has been featured in movies such as Smokey and the Bandit and Rocky II.

Many of the cars were older than the people that came to see them. The owner of a 1979 Cadillac with blue velvet seats posted this sign on his windshield to let viewers know what was going on in the seventies when Carter was President, gas was .86 cents a gallon, McDonalds introduced the Happy Meal, Sony came out with the Walkman and inflation was 13.3%.

The top was down on a 1976 blue Cadillac and inside the owner displayed his collection of 8 track music cartridges including Jethro Tull, Elvis and the Eagles.

This Year’s Best in Show award went to a light green 1949 Riley MC.

The show raised funds for local groups including the Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association, and Scarsdale & Edgemont Family Counseling Service.

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scarsdalepool1969The pool complex opened in 1969 on 7.6 acres previously owned by the American Legion. Pictured above: Mayor Saul Horowitz Jr., Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, Robert Eldridge and Village Trustee, Hartselle Kinsey. When the Scarsdale Pool Complex opened in 1969 the four pools, volleyball court and locker rooms were state of the art facilities. Now 52 years later, it’s a struggle to keep the pools and equipment functioning as it has outlived its useful life and is in dire need of an overhaul.

But how much of an overhaul is in order? Do the pools need to be renovated or replaced? Should the complex include water features like sprinklers and slides? How much is the community willing to spend on the work?

According to Mayor Jane Veron, in order to find answers to these questions the Village developed an RFP “to identify outside experts who could lead the study and condition assessment.” They received proposals from nine firms, narrowed the field to two and conducted in person interviews and unanimously selected Lothrop Associates who will partner with Ballard & King for the Market Survey Report and The ETC Institute for a statistically valid survey.

The $114,000 bid includes an assessment of the existing pool conditions, a statistically valid survey of residents on their views on the pool and an in-depth analysis of demographics, expected usage and pricing. Once all this information is gathered and parsed, Lothrop will come up with three pool concepts and associated costs for consideration by the community. The consultants said, “The main point is to come to a conceptual design at a cost that everyone would like to build.”mtpleasantPool and Communnity Center in Mt. Pleasant

At this point, the Trustees are only deciding on whether or not to hire the firms for the feasibility study. They are not giving the go ahead to do any work at the pool complex.

At a work session at Village Hall on Tuesday night September 21, 2021 the three firms were invited to present to the Board and the public in Village Hall and via Zoom.

William Simmons explained that Lothrop Associates LLP is based in White Plains and has built many municipal and facilities in Westchester and beyond including the Mt. Pleasant Aquatic and Community Center, Kittrell Municipal Pool in White Plains, Leewood Golf Club in Eastchester and the Larchmont Yacht Club Pool Complex. Nine years ago they created a division called Aquatectonic dedicated to pools and are responsible for 80% of all commercial pools in the greater NYC region. They are currently replacing the pool at Playland Park and doing a scoping report for Twin Oaks Public Pool in Chappaqua along with work at many New York City school pools.

LarchmontYachtClubThe Larchmont Yacht ClubTheir first step would be to do an existing conditions survey of the pool complex at the same time that Ballard*King Associates does a marketing survey report. Their survey would identify the demographics of potential users, expected participation rates, how much they would be willing to spend and include information about the presence of backyard pools and use of local country clubs. In order to cast the widest net they would use both mail and online outreach to get community input.

They will conduct focus groups and also host open houses with residents to get feedback on what residents want from the pool. The survey results will be analyzed by ECT Institute with the end goal of coming up with a program recommendation based on what the community said they are looking for.

Based on this information, Lothrop will present the Village with three pool concepts and estimated costs. The first might be the most minimal to repair the existing facility, the second might include some bells and whistles like water features and the third could include larger enhancements like water slides, a lazy river or sprinklers. All three schemes will include modern and efficient systems that will save energy.charles cook memorial pool cortlandt manorCharles Cook Memorial Pool in Cortlandt Manor

Along with the schemes ,Lothrop will provide operational plans on what it will cost to maintain and run the pools, along with projections of associated revenues, membership rates, penetration rates, anticipated usage for special events and parties etc.

The entire project from approval to final presentation is expected to take 23 weeks or about six months.

The next move is for the Trustees to place a resolution to approve the $114,000 market study and existing conditions survey on the agenda for an upcoming Village Board meeting.

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