Friday, May 24th

A Dramatic Rescue for Casey the Cat

catintreeA cat caught high up in a tree for days, brought neighbors together for a heartwarming rescue on May 2, 2024.

Carolyn Earthy of Fenimore Road resident heard a cat’s cries, coming from a tree between her house and her rear neighbors on Cohawney Road. The cat was up in the tree for several days before it was so exhausted that it stopped calling for help but could still be seen on a branch high above the roofline.

Concerned that the cat would die in the tree, Earthy and neighbor Shilpa Spencer called the fire department who recommended that they place a can of tuna under the tree to see if the cat would be lured down. Apparently the fire department does not send firefighters up trees to rescue cats in case the cats get nasty – and potentially cause an accident.

Another neighbor remembered seeing a post about a missing cat on Facebook and was able to track down the owner who turned out to be a Cooper Road woman.

When the Fire Department declined, some contractors who were working in the neighborhood came to the rescue. Franklin Rodriguez of Frank R. Home Improvement said he would help. He placed a very long ladder on the tree, first to see if the cat would climb down. When it did not, he went up himself, and rescued the cat whose name turned out to be Casey.catladder

Neighbor Shilpa Spencer said, “This was such a fortuitous turn of events for little Casey the cat. First he was spotted by a vigilant neighbor even though he was very high and hard to see. Then through phone conversations and the very effective use of social media, the owner was located. Finally, it took the bravery and willingness to help of a wonderful group of men, to risk their own necks to save Casey’s.”

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