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Why Are You Grateful?

ThanksgivingLooking out at the colorful fall leaves in our bucolic Village there are few signs that the world around us is in turmoil. So at least for a few minutes today, let’s pause and remind ourselves of all the good we see and why we’re grateful to live in this benevolent community.

We asked some local leaders to express why they are grateful at this time of year and here is what they shared:

County Executive George LatimerGeorgeLatimerGeorge Latimer

I’m very grateful for all my neighbors and friends who contribute time and effort to help others in the community. Scarsdale, and Westchester, is blessed with an ethic of volunteer spirit that enriches our lives.

State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

AmyPaulin2022Amy Paulin I am grateful I am going on a solidarity trip to Israel leaving Sunday. When the war broke out I just wanted to be there and now I will be. I am also grateful that after hosting Thanksgiving for 39 years for 35 people, my daughter, Sarah, is hosting.

Scarsdale Mayor Justin Arest

I’m thankful for my family, friends, village staff who execute the services we rely on seamlessly, and a community of volunteers that comes together in challenging times. I am also thankful that some of the hostages are being released but they all need to come home, now. Justin ArestJustin Arest

Village Trustee Dara Gruenberg

With everything going on in the world, this year, I am particularly grateful for my family, our three pups, my friends, and our wonderful community. I am hopeful that the hostages will come home. I pray for their safe return.


Rabbi Jonathan Blake from Westchester Reform Temple

I’m thankful for the strength, solidarity, and interconnectedness of our community, which has demonstrated tremendous resilience and activism in the face of rising antisemitism and intimidation.groupRabbi Blake with local clergy and leaders in Chase Park

Reverend Dr. Kelly Hough Rogers

This Thanksgiving - I am grateful for a supportive and engaged community and thankful for all who make our community safe. We count our blessings daily - for our schools, our first responders, for our houses of worship, our village leaders and most of all - we are thankful to be raising our children in a place where they are accepted and cared for. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

School Board President Ron Schulhof

I am thankful to live in a community that supports each other. Every day I am fortunate to see acts of kindness, big and small, throughout our schools and community. I am also grateful to volunteer with such caring and hardworking colleagues on the Board, administration, and faculty and staff throughout our schools as we all work on behalf of our students.

Schulhof2Ron Schulhof

Scarsdale Library Director Elizabeth Bermel

I am grateful to work in a community that treasures its public library and plays an active role in its future. I am grateful for the wonderful volunteers, past and present, from Library trustees, to the Friends of the Scarsdale Library, to the Village trustees. I am deeply grateful to work with smart, dedicated and caring professionals on a daily basis. On a personal note, I am thankful for the continued health and happiness of my family and friends, especially my 16-year-old dog, Diego!

James Genova, Executive Director, Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service

Being in partnership with community organizations such as the Scarsdale Village, the Scarsdale Police GenovaJay GenovaDepartment, and the Scarsdale School District. Partners who work every day to keep Scarsdale’s children healthy, safe, and well.

For a highly professional staff and dedicated board of directors who give tirelessly to further the Mission of SFCS.

For a generous community. Through their continued financial support, SFCS is able bridge the delta between baseline services and excellence.

Joanne Wallenstein, Publisher Scarsdale10583

On a personal note, I’m grateful to live in a town with so many interesting and thoughtful residents who create great subjects for the news. I thank all of you who contribute to the site and those who read it each week. A shout out to my friends who act as roving reporters and alert me when they see news happening. And I am fortunate to have a dynamic family who helps me each week, with proofreading, copy editing and tech support –and my three terrific kids and their partners and two beautiful grandchildren in town who make every day a treat.

Last, I am thankful that we have so many wonderful medical professionals here in town. On Monday I hit myself in the face with my paddle racquet and knocked out a healthy chunk of my front tooth which I found lying on the court. My paddle buddies quickly came up with the names of dentists to help before the holiday. I ended up in the office of Scarsdale Smiles at the Five Corners on Tuesday morning where Dr. Cox made my tooth look better than new.

Happy Thanksgiving to Scarsdale10583.

What are you grateful for? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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