Friday, May 24th

4.8 Earthquake Rumbles Scarsdale

earthquakemap(Updated 4-6) Mother Nature is making her presence known. After high velocity winds and driving rain on Wednesday, Scarsdale was hit by an earthquake on Friday morning April 5 around 10:20 am. According to the Yonkers Police the quake was measured at 4.8 and it originated in Lebanon, New Jersey.

Initially the rumble caused some to think that winds had picked up, something had fallen on their roof or an airplane was overhead. But when it continued, the shaking sent many out into the streets to avoid potential injuries inside.

We contacted the Scarsdale Police who have not heard about any damage now. An emergency notification from Scarsdale says, “A regional earthquake just occurred with a 4.7 magnitude. At this time, the Village of Scarsdale is not aware of any hazards or earthquake-related emergencies. If you experience a gas leak or odor of natural gas, please contact 1-800-75-CONED and the Scarsdale Fire Department at 914-722-1217.

An email from Eric Rauschenbach from the Scarsdale Schools sent at 10:50 am says, "As you are aware, the area just experienced a tremor which shook the buildings. At this time all students and staff are safe. We have put the District into a hold in place to allow our facilities crew to check all of the buildings and utilities to assure there is no damage or danger. We will communicate once we have additional details or the hold in place is lifted."

Yonkers Police also say, “there is no reported structural damage or injuries in Yonkers resulting from this incident.”

Westchester County Executive George Latimer sent the following email: “Westchester County, along with the rest of the tristate area, experienced 4.7-magnitude earthquake around 10:23 a.m. according to the US Geological Survey. While we are still checking in with County Departments and municipalities, at this time we have received no reports of damage. Holtec is reporting no damage as well as ConEdison, and the electrical grid and Department of Environmental Facilities (DEF) plants. Residents should check for gas or water leaks, or any structural damage to their homes. Airport operations are continuing uninterrupted. Understandably, this is an unnerving experience, but Westchester County appears to have no ongoing emergencies due to the earthquake. While the earthquake was prolonged and noticeable, it is not dissimilar to what we have experienced in the past with other earthquakes. The Westchester County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will remain activated as a precaution, and provide updates as needed. As aftershocks are common following an earthquake, residents are advised to stay alert.”

The earthquake was felt in Manhattan and as far as Vermont and Philadelphia.

A tweet from Governor Hochul said, “A 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit west of Manhattan and has been felt throughout New York. My team is assessing impacts and any damage that may have occurred and we will update the public throughout the day.”

At 6 pm that night a 4.0 magnitude aftershock hit the area and shook the walls again. This one seemed shorter but rattled windows and confidence in the earth under our feet.

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