Friday, May 24th

Vote for Leah

LeahDembitzer(This letter was written by Tracy Tang)
Dear Scarsdale10583,

I'm writing to express my enthusiastic support for my friend and neighbor, Leah Dembitzer, in her candidacy for the Board of Education.

When I first moved to Scarsdale six years ago, Leah was the first neighbor I met. Her kindness and consideration quickly made her a good friend. Our bond deepened as we discovered that her two boys, Lucas and Noah, are the same age as my two boys, Harry and Charley. However, beyond our personal connection, I want to highlight Leah's remarkable dedication to volunteerism in our community.

Leah introduced me to the Scarsdale League of Women Voters, where she served as the president. Attending a lunch event she hosted for the league, I was immediately impressed by her meticulous organizational skills. Despite the immense effort she put behind the scenes, Leah made everything look effortless. Her leadership inspired me to become a member right away.

Five years ago, when our older boys, Lucas and Harry, started 7th grade, Leah stepped up as the PTA president for the middle school. I volunteered as the co-chair for the PTA’s Multicultural Committee, and Leah's support was invaluable. Our largest event, the annual international luncheon, was a testament to Leah's dedication. With over 1200 attendees, Leah ensured everything ran smoothly with her kind and encouraging emails and hands-on assistance during the event.

Leah is a tireless volunteer who serves in various roles within our community. Despite her demanding position as PTC president this year, she still finds time to contribute to initiatives like the Scarsdale Bowl Committees. Her unwavering commitment to volunteerism and community is truly admirable. I believe the Board of Education would greatly benefit from having more dedicated volunteers like Leah. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for the Scarsdale Board of Education.


Tracy Tang
56 Harvest Drive

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