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Legally Blond Jr.: A Hit for the SHS Class of 2024

Blonde5The SHS Class of 2024 presented three performances of Legally Blond Jr. on the weekend of May 17-19, 2024 and it was a hit for those who participated and those in the audience. The musical was the work of the students – with student directors, student choreography, set design, production and a student led orchestra.

In lead roles were Ariana Koenig as Elle, Dillon Harris as Emmet, Peter Silver played Warner, Matthew Kolb played Callahan and Kyle Pidedjian who brought down the house as the heart throb UPS man.


The play was directed by SHS Seniors Oryna Bludova and Jack Finegold who managed 90 of their classmates who participated in the production.

Commenting on how it went, Bludova said, “Jack and I are overwhelmed with how well the play went. We've directed together before in the winter, directing Return of the Script as one of Drama Club's winter plays, but directing the senior show is a completely different experience.


As people who are pursuing theater in college, we obviously cared about the quality of the show, but that wasn't our main objective. The senior show is about bonding with the grade, we wanted to make the show the best that it could be without sacrificing the fun. We were over the moon to see how proud everyone looked in their final pose on stage.
Directing had its ups and its downs, but we were really proud of how increasingly committed the cast grew to the show throughout the process. We remember how hard it was to get through the first couple of run throughs, making the cast remember something they learned over a month ago. But eventually we started getting videos from cast members practicing their parts on their breaks at senior options.


The energy that the cast brought out during the Friday performance was electric and they were able to keep it up there all the way through Sunday. We are so proud of the way that it turned out and are thankful so many seniors decided to take part in it.”

Directors: Oryna Bludova and Jack Finegold
Choreography: Caitlin Higgins and Lily Quirke
Vocal Musical Direction: Rebecca Gross and Samantha Loeser
Costume Designer: Ava Shandler
Producers: Mr. Kevin Viviano and Maya Orad
Pit Orchestra Direction: Vasilije Dragovic
Technical Director: Dr. David Graybill

Margot-Drew Siegel
Serena-Randee Smith
Pilar-Monica Afran
Kate-Caroline Calvert
Gaelen-Sasha Levenson
Elle Woods-Ariana Koenig
Saleswoman-Kay Fitzgerald
Store Manager-Taylor Mann
Warner-Peter Silver
Grandmaster Chad-Thomas Kronenberg
Winthrop-Matt Rothenberg
Lowell-Yelena Sahakyan
Emmett-Dillon Harris
Aaron-Matthew Margolin
Padamadan-Etel Malka
Enid-Julia Kosakowski
Vivienne-Abby Underweiser
Callahan-Matthew Kolb
Paulette-Rachel Coplan
Whitney-Ella Mulfinger
Dewey-Matthew Knudson
Brooke Wyndham-Taylor Mann
Sabrina-Sydney Geringer
Prison Guard-Constance Argenson
Kyle-Kyle Pidedjian
Kiki The Colorist-Maya Regenstreif
Cashier-Etel Malka
Stylist-Ariella Fishman
Judge-Constance Argenson
Chutney Wyndham-Lana Wesier

Ensemble: Lola Ansell, Constance Argenson, Harmony Bowes, Abby Etra, Sammy Fenigstein, Kay Fitzgerald, Will Gettinger, Sydney Geringer, Ellis Geringer, Sophie Hoffman, Shayna Klingsberg, Thomas Kronenberg, Jade Kraut, Matthew Knudson, Tamara Latzman, Ella Mulfinger, Matthew Margolin, Julia Kosakowski, Etel Malka, Braden Matsuz, Griffen Miller, Riley Meltz, Abby O’Conell, Kaitlyn Perry, Yelena, Sahakyan, Kate Sanchez, Ava Schnipper, Hadley Shearer, Dylan Stein, Arianna Makrakis Toniolo, Cameron Weismer.

Photos by Michelle Sterling

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