Friday, Jul 12th

Latimer Thanks Scarsdale Voters for their Support

paulin latimer(The following was submitted by Westchester County Executive George Latimer following his win in the primary for Congressional District 16 on June 25, 2024.)

Dear Editor,

I’d like to thank the Primary voters of Scarsdale for their large vote of confidence in the June primary for US Congress. I’m deeply indebted to those who were supportive of my effort to serve us in the House of Representatives; having previously served many of these communities in the NYS Assembly and NYS Senate, as well as Westchester County Executive, I fully intend to continue to work as hard as always, to be present in the community, and to deliver results that help people.

I will be on the ballot in November on the Democratic line; Election Day Is Nov 5. I ask for your support, and promise to earn it every day.

George Latimer

Note: The final vote count is not yet in, but the unofficial tally shows that Scarsdale went for Latimer with a ratio of about 10:1.