Wednesday, May 29th

Parents Resolved to Continue to Search for Lauren

robertspiererFour weeks after their daughter’s disappearance, Robert and Charlene Spierer are determined to continue the search in Bloomington, Indiana. At a press conference at Bloomington Police headquarters on July 1st, he called the event “our worst nightmare, one that we don’t want anyone to ever have to go through.” In an update on the investigation, he said that police are now conducting specific investigative searches rather than sending out the general search parties that have been at work over the past four weeks. Spierer thanked the thousands of volunteers, some who have travelled four to six hours to participate, taking leave from their jobs to assist. He expressed their gratitude to the people and merchants of Bloomington, law enforcement, the police and the national organizations who sent in teams to help.

Speaking on the eve of the holiday weekend, Spierer urged the parents of Lauren’s friends to cooperative with the investigation. He said, “July 4th is a time for family and friends to get together. We are appealing to the parents of the children who may have first or secondhand knowledge of what happened to Lauren. Please take time to sit down with the children and find out if they know anything. Help your children find the courage to come forward…. help them find their moral compass. They need your guidance and your strength to do the right thing.”

Choking back tears, Charlene Spierer came to the mike and assured listeners of their resolve to find their daughter. Sending a message to those who know where Lauren is, she said, “To the person who has knowledge of Laurent’s whereabouts, if you think our determination is any less, it's not. If you think that our hope and our belief that we are going to find Lauren has changed, it has not. We are just as determined now as we were from day one.” She ended by speaking directly to her daughter, saying, “We love you… we’re here for you.”

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