Tuesday, Jun 25th

Assembly Drives Home Safety for Teen Drivers

shssealScarsdale High School seniors and their parents attended a Driver Safety Assembly at the school on Tuesday night September 20th. Attendance at the assembly was required for all seniors who want a permit to park at the school. The program was co-sponsored by the SHS Youth Outreach workers, the SHS PTA and the school, because in the words of Interim Co-Principal Fred Goldberg, "While we take great pride in your academic achievements we cherish your safety and well-being."

The Blank family of Rye Brook were invited to tell the heartbreaking tale of how their 16 year-old son paid the ultimate price for driving too fast. Although the Blanks said that recounting this nightmare was the last thing they wanted to do, they chose to share their experience in the hopes that teens will learn from this tragedy and drive safely.

Scarsdale junior Jamie Tanzer described the "Hang a Tear, Prevent a Tear" project she did that won her a Girl Scout Gold Award. Jamie has made over 700 tear drop -shaped pendants that hang on a car's rear view mirror. The Tear is a constant reminder to drive responsibly at all times to avoid the great sadness that can result from accidents caused by irresponsible driving. The Tears, which come with a pledge to drive safely, were handed out at the end of the assembly.



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